Just ran across this endorsement of Arthur Jones in the Christian Identity/white nationalist newsletter "The Torch" from March 1984. He ran as an "America First" candidate. On the right is a pic of Jones in a MAGA hat from his 2018, also America First campaign.
Just a reminder that while the phrase "America First" has resonances of many different sorts, one major meaning of the term has long been that it's a way for white nationalists to signal allegiance to that cause.
I find it hard to believe that not a single person in Trumpworld when he chose that slogan was aware of that resonance.
Anyway, the Blues Brothers knew how to deal with Illinois Nazis like Art Jones all the way back in 1980.

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13 Oct
Here’s a little something I wrote about the long history of GOP extremism.
This thread contains some video footage related to the points I make in that piece.
Thx to @jewelearth for clueing me in to the existence of that website.
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12 Oct
Richard Hofstadter on the US far right ca. 1955. "He believes himself to be living in a world in which he is spied upon, plotted against, betrayed, and very likely destined for total ruin. He feels that his liberties have been arbitrarily and outrageously invaded."
"He sees his own country as being so weak that it is constantly about to fall victim to subversion; & yet he feels that it is so all-powerful that any failure it may experience...cannot possibly be due to its limitations but must be attributed to its having been betrayed."
Hofstadter concluded by saying he did "not share the widespread foreboding among liberals that this form of [far right] dissent will grow until it overwhelms our liberties altogether and plunges us into a totalitarian nightmare...HOWEVER, in a populistic culture like ours..."
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11 Oct
Working up a script for a film about a 2000 pound dumpling that obliterates Shanghai. It’s called “One Ton of Wanton Won Ton Destruction.”
Gonna lose followers for that I’m sure, but you know what they say, easy come easy gyoza.
Unfortunately my initial idea for a title was taken already—The Full Manti.
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11 Oct
Asking why there is no conservative New York Times or liberal Newsmax is like asking why there is no soccer equivalent of a field goal or an American football equivalent of a penalty kick. The two sides are playing distinctly different, largely incommensurate games.
The US right doesn't have to be overly (or even slightly) concerned with data or evidence, because you only need evidence if you're actually trying to implement concrete changes that will positively impact the world at scale.
If obstruction is your primary goal, then any old "facts" or narratives (alternative or otherwise) will suffice as long as you can get enough of "your people" to believe them.
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11 Oct
As historian DJ Mulloy notes at the end of this article, who needs an actual John Birch Society when the mainstream GOP has in many ways embraced its messaging and world view?
One continuity in the history of the far right that the JBS helps is see is their willingness to aggressively sabotage local institutions (like schools and churches) they think pose existential threats to their fringe idea of “Americanism.”
The JBS has long been a presence on the right edge of the Oregon GOP. Here they are staffing a table at a big annual gathering of conservative activists, aspiring GOP candidates, and elected officials near Salem.
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10 Oct
This silly piece of authoritarian propaganda would fit right in at Newsmax or The Epoch Times. Worth noting that the author is venerable conservative "intellectual" Roger Kimball, Chair of the Board of Directors at Yale's William F. Buckley, Jr. Program. imprimis.hillsdale.edu/january-6-insu…
This points to how fuzzy the line has historically between the "respectable/intellectual" right and the hysterically reactionary far right. Here's Kimball offering a sneeringly retrograde introduction to a talk by his friend, George Will in 2015.
The institution of which Kimball is the Chair of the Board of Directors was founded by an alum of the Romney 2012 campaign. It's named after the illustrious Buckley, and it's located at Yale. This is not some "fringe" outfit. buckleyprogram.com/staff
Read 17 tweets

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