Pretty incredible the World Economic Forum is classified as a nonprofit...

$333mil net worth EOY 2018
Klaus pulled in a cool $1.1m

What’s the 🇺🇸 POTUS get paid? 500k?

What about kickbacks? If 🇺🇸 politicians were limited to their salary, think outcomes would be so poor for us?
Board of Directors and Managing is your global government, folks:
$298.6mil from:
Participation fees

...maybe you should ask your participating corps why they’re paying to undermine national sovereignty🧐
Olivier? Sure is! Klaus’s son, who he appointed to be the MD for the Beijing office.

Here he is talking about how WEF seeded GAVI.

Board member, Jim Yong Kim - World bank, had Dr. Melanie Walker (Gates/Epstein/Rockefeller/Microsoft) working directly for him. Here is a thread on her:

(She’s known Epstein since 1992)
Board member Al Gore (Club of Rome who conducted Limits to growth 🌎overpopulation study, Former VP, Epstein Island/Flights)
Mark Carney (UN “Climate Envoy”, Inclusive Capitalism board member, WEF board member, Anti-USD, pro-CBDC)

Thread on Mark & a few other associated cronies (forgive me, it’s an unorganized hodgepodge, as I didn’t have the whole picture yet)

Another one, Christine LaGarde:
Speaking of Carney, and being on Epstein’s friend, Lynn Rothschild’s inclusive capitalism Board

Marc Benioff, (WEF Board member/Time magazine owner/Sales Force CEO/fellow💉enthusiast w/Gates), is also on her inclusive capitalism board

Remember, she introduced Epstein to Clinton
WEF & UN Memorandum of Understanding signed late 2019...when 🦠 kicked off...
UN, Clintons, Club of Rome, CNN Ted Turner, Ghislaine, and Epstein’s brother (thread)
Ghislaine’s dad attended WEF
WEF Gates/Epstein associated scientists👇🏼

I see a lot of people w/vested interest in dissolution of nation states, who have been blessed handsomely by this 🦠
Pope Francis, WEF, UN, WHO, Gates, Clintons, Epstein & Ghislaine families...

👀👂 Journalists?

You guys have loved ones too...

Are you all bought off? Blackmailed? Threatened?

• • •

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15 Oct
The fact that Americans aren’t doing this & more is a slap in the face of every veteran that ever wore the uniform (even if some of those vets don’t grasp it).

Stop thinking something or someone, other than each individual standing up, is gonna save you.
Thanks...but, the point still stands. 👆🏼the only “wrong” part, is we aren’t realizing we need to be fighting w/that kind of fervor.
Agreed. Truth is imperative in a world of lies...
Read 4 tweets
15 Oct
Tell me why I should be worried about a loner w/an AR-15?

Better get involved in the political process at every level...yesterday.

The CCP of the West is out of control.
“Haha, Get those dirty MAGA’s for ‘insurrection’!!!”

As we’re watching this horror show play out in front of us, does it make sense why they felt a need to put up a fence w/razor wire?

When they’re done w/you useful idiots, you’ll wish you’d stood by your fellow plebs. ImageImage
The establishment is rogue af...
Read 4 tweets
15 Oct
I know people are looking for solutions. There is no easy fix. Trying to grasp what is happening is difficult enough.

@RosaKoire “Democrats against UN Agenda 21” was sounding the alarm for years.

She offered some solutions. Gen Flynn suggested similar.

Here was a brief convo on other solutions.

Briefly, people who never wanted govern, or be governed...are getting governed, by the twisted people who wanted to govern...

👆🏼that needs to change no matter what people think on these👇🏼
People need to be sophisticated enough in their thinking to be able to sort through things from people they disagree with...

The main message to be taken from Gen Flynn was that people need to get involved, aggressively, at all levels.

Rosa’s wasn’t much different.
Read 5 tweets
14 Oct
🧐for pushing BLM, CRT, gender inequality, I see a lot of white&male😉

Board of Trustees
Managing Board
Executive Committee
Executive Fellows

Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Gates, Soros&Clintons...

Kinda how the👆🏼Epstein/Ghislaine crews support females… Image
It’ they used these people as propagandists to separate plebs from their(national identity) constitutional protections...and instead embrace identities that don’t come with 👆🏼🧐

Because their agenda requires you losing individual civil liberties. ImageImageImageImage
Read 5 tweets
14 Oct
Some things to think about in @laninaleone’s thread.

Even for the non religious people out there, you can’t deny the merger of diff faiths + the oddity of the pope teaming up with one of Epstein’s main coconspirators (Lynn Rothschild)

Or Klaus Schwab’s praise of Hélder Câmara
Read 32 tweets

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