1. In this video, Pakistani children are asked to say:
▶️"After we conquer India, the Indian Army will be given the job of cleaning streets. And I'll ask my abbu to buy me a big house in Goa.
▶️"It'll be great fun when we eat cow kebabs in Delhi."
▶️"We will read kalma at Taj."
2. This is why Pakistanis grow up to be delusional individuals. In the 1971 War, the commander of a Pakistan Army armoured regiment that was moving towards Longewala in Rajasthan boasted that he would have breakfast in Jaisalmer, lunch in Jodhpur, dinner in Delhi.
3. This attack force comprised Pakistan's 51st Infantry Brigade backed by the 22nd Armored Regiment. They had around 4,000 soldiers, dozens of trucks, artillery and several dozen tanks. Opposing them were 120 Indian soldiers with only assault rifles and 3 anti-tank rifles.
4. They were led by Major Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri of 23 Punjab. Chandpuri and his company held the Pakistanis at bay for a full night until the Indian Air Force arrived to provide air support in the morning.
5. Chandpuri inspired his men, moving from bunker to bunker, encouraging them to beat back the enemy until reinforcements arrived. These 120 soldiers inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy, destroying 12 tanks, thus stalling the offensive. The enemy still had 33 tanks left.
6. The Pakistani advance then attempted to surround the post 2 hours later by vehicles getting off the road, but many vehicles, particularly armoured personnel carriers and tanks, became bogged down in the soft sand of the area surrounding the Indian post.
7. In the morning, the Indian Air Force was finally able to direct some HAL HF-24 Maruts and Hawker Hunter aircraft to assist the post; they were not outfitted with night vision equipment, and so were delayed from conducting combat missions until dawn.
8. IAF jets attacked the Pakistani ground troops with the 16 Matra T-10 rockets and 30 mm cannon fire on each aircraft. Many IAF officers later described the attack as a "turkey shoot" signifying the lopsidedness.
9. By noon the next day, the assault ended completely. The invading Paki force was in full flight, having lost 22 tanks by aircraft fire, 12 by ground fire, and some captured after being abandoned, with a total of 100 vehicles destroyed. Over 200 Pakistani soldiers were killed.
10. Indian Army's 20th Lancers, along with 17th Battalion, Rajputana Rifles, then launched their counter offensive to end the six-hour engagement. Total number killed on the Indian side - 2.

Pakistan Army has never been defeated in Pakistani textbooks. The record stays.


• • •

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12 Oct
Sabarimala is not a social activity. Kerala Hindus offer pilgrimage only for personal gain. They care nothing for Hinduism.
1. My aunt & uncle went to Sabarimala for 40 years. But when VP Singh, Advani or Vajpayee would appear on TV, they'd say, "Why doesn't someone shoot him."
2. They had absolutely no sense of Hinduism or nationhood. For them it was all about the Gandhi family and the preservation of Congress rule. They said, "India doesn't need opposition parties. Congress should be allowed to rule freely so they can take India to prosperity."
3. When The Hindu exposed the Bofors bribes scandal involving Rajiv Gandhi, my uncle cancelled the subscription and started reading the Indian Express. When the Express started exposing the Gandhi family's links to Bofors, he cancelled its subscription too.
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12 Oct
Why Kerala Hindus will not elevate role of temples.

1. Temples in Kerala don't care about people. In Tamil Nadu I've seen the Brihadeswara Temple hold poetry competitions and dance festivals for children. But in Kerala, temple-going is a purely mechanical activity.
2. Devotees go and blindly offer donations in the hundi which go to the govt to be distributed to Christians and Muslims. These so-called bhakts don't care about anything except personal 'gain'. Most of my family members are like this - mechanical with zero bhakti.
3. They offer a mechanical prayer to the deity to help them:
*enter heaven
*get their son into engineering college
*daughter married to a doctor
*health of their parents
*maybe win the weekly lottery. There is no bhakti in Kerala. Will temple managements care about such sheep?
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10 Oct
Why I should have gone to Harvard

1. When I was in Kerala during my PG years, my Christian neighbours played good cop, bad cop. They were extremely nice, brought me good things to eat, their sons were my friends, but their extended family would try to convert me.
2. One of them was the Paulose family who were Pentecostals - a radical American church. Paulose and his wife were great people and since we had adjoining homes, we chatted often. They never tried sell me Christianity.
3. Once I saw a priest at their front gate. Paulose introduced me to the guy who said he was a priest at their Pune and he had come for a holiday. He invited me to pray inside. To know more about their tactics, I said, sure.
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10 Oct
Wrong and right: Lessons from The Mahabharata

1. The Mahabharata is my favourite book. I have read it several times. The part that makes me furious is Draupadi's disrobing. Those who dishonour women should be shown no mercy. Everyone who was present there deserved to die.
2. However, the event that is most painful is Abhimanyu's killing. All those who danced around his body and refused to give water to the dying 15 year old warrior deserved the terrible deaths that the Pandavas meted out to them.
3. Strangely, Hindu liberals are ever ready to forgive everyone, especially Karna, who in their eyes is the "real hero" of the epic. They also want to forgive Bhishma because he's old. Weird logic that is typical of liberals and leftists.

Here's what Lord Krishna said. (Via FB)
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10 Oct
Why some people should never be forgiven.

1. In the mid 90s I and my girlfriend were looking for a house to rent in South Delhi. The real estate broker was a middle aged Punjabi Hindu who got us a two-bed flat in Vasant Kunj. This guy lived in the same area and was a big pain.
2. Vasant Kunj those days was a deserted place so I used to run into him frequently. He would stop me with the excuse for small talk and then throw in a snub. "Rakesh ji, you don't spend any money on clothes." "Rakesh ji, you don't spend on travel." "You don't drive a fancy car."
3. "Rakesh ji, South wale log use too much oil in your hair. You use coconut oil? South Indians are not very cool."
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9 Oct
Marks Jehad.

1. Prof Rakesh Pandey says Kerala students are dominating DU because anyone can get 100% marks in Kerala Board. This is true. After II Class in Eng Hons from Hansraj, DU, I easily topped MA Eng in Kerala as Kerala standards were pathetic.
2. During PG, I partied 2 years, traveled, became a champion quizzer, never looked at the books, walked out of boring lectures and in the last month crammed 18 hours a day. Got First Class, topped college, topped uni in viva. Kerala syllabus was a joke.
3. At least in uni, there was a semblance of standards. In schools, Kerala Board is beyond pathetic. I studied ICSE. Anyone who studied it knows how tough it is. It's equal to British O Level. Compared to it, CBSE was a joke. Compared with CBSE, Kerala Board was a joke.
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