Procrastinating from writing Angels player recaps, so we'll do this. 1 like = 1 baseball take of varying hotness.
btw i spent way too much time thinking of takes to use for this.
1. universal DH good
2. I didn’t have a problem with the zombie runner in 2020 because it was harder to activate/demote players bc COVID, I did have a problem with it in 2021 though and I’m glad its going away.
3. If Manfred really wants to not have infinite inning games just end games in ties after a certain number of innings, I’d rather they just play but ties >>>>>> Manfred runner
4. Don't limit the shift
5. Players should learn to bunt against the shift but bunting is harder than you think – for most players swinging away normally is the more effective move
7. I would be perfectly fine switching to a system where the regular season determines the best teams and the playoffs are just for glory
8. Central division suckiness is real but fixing it through regular season schedule changes is bad because it would require far too much travel
9. The Mariners, Angels, and A’s get screwed hard by travel rules, they travel almost twice as many miles as NL central teams
10. In terms of fixing the playoffs, increasing the incentive to compete and disincentivizing tanking are more important than giving advantages to the best regular season teams
11. Don’t make unfounded negative comments about players’ makeup – you’re either being racist, making stuff up, or both.
12. Most red/blue uniforms are uncreative.
13. People who argue for the consistency of human umps are just wrong - in addition to racial biases there are way too many cognitive biases involved in the ball/strike calling process to ever say that humans can be consistent
14. I don't do the wave but I don't have an issue with it the way some do - there's more to the spectator experience than just the game, and you shouldn't get in the way of people enjoying themselves.
15. team ownership =/= front office

don't blame the GM or POBO for the team being cheap in free agency
16. Game attendance is not a way to measure how much fans care about their team.

Sincerely, an East Bay resident.
17. Many teams would make more money by making weekday upper deck tickets free
18. There should be an NBA-style salary cap where the salary floor is ~90% of the cap.
19. All defensive metrics are unreliable, but Statcast metrics have the highest potential because they can track stuff like exact distance to the ball and route efficiency.
20.The defensive eye test good, but broadcasts don’t show enough of the play to tell from watching and most fans are bad at using it because they wayyyyyy overvalue errors in a small sample size
21. the gap between the best and worst managers at in-game strategy is very low, and every org has tons of information guiding decisions that the public never sees
22. lineup construction barely matters and we’ve known that for a long time. on the other hand, being in a lineup spot you’re comfortable with can have tangible impacts on results.
23.Any team who says they can’t afford to spend up to the luxury tax is lying through their teeth. This isn’t a hot take, it’s just a fact – go look up how franchise values have increased over time regardless of team success or market size.
24. No form of pitcher WAR is good
25. Increasing reliever innings is good, actually, and you don't need 2 starting pitchers going deep to create a "narrative" around a game - in fact, baseball is the sport *most* reliant on team wide contributions from many players.
26. Re: #25 - HOWEVER this should come from relievers pitching more innings, not more relievers getting cycled through AAA
27. Teams should use more platoons
28. Teams should empty their benches in most games even if its just defensive subs in the 9th
29. Multipositional third catchers will become more valuable with the universal DH
30. OPS+ should replace OPS on broadcasts, and RBI should go away
32. even if #31 is wrong OPS+ is a better stat to put on broadcasts because casual fans are more likely to know what OPS is than wOBA
33. night games should start later, and weekday day games suck except for the fact that very small children can go to them
34. Catcher throwing and blocking is far less important than people think
35. whoever decided sprint speed > home to 1st time was a better way of displaying speed using statcast does not know ball at all, and i genuinely have no idea what they were thinking.

36. stop complaining about park dimensions, both teams are subjected to them
37. the would it dong bot should disable comments because the people who don't understand #36 make me lose so many brain cells
38. Daron Sutton was a good Angels broadcaster, but no one will replace Victor Rojas for me
39. stop hyper-focusing on longevity for hall of fame cases, especially for pitchers.
40. "XXX player got into the hall, therefore everyone like him should get in too!!" is a horrible argument, whether it be about roids, undeserving players, or anything else. if you believe someone's induction was a mistake you should be against them doing it for similar people
41. people who crap on peripheral stats for pitchers just don't understand them.
42. Get rid of the draft and replace it with hard bonus caps for each team depending on their record from the previous year, then teams are free to sign anyone they want.
43. Adopt the tank tax:…
44. Casual fans’ knowledge of how the draft works (and arguably all of prospects in general) is mind numbingly bad and produces really horrible discourse online
45. its disgusting to assume that whenever a player/team is good that they’re cheating
46. the Astros should have had to vacate the 2017 championship
47. Jose Altuve doesn't deserve anywhere near as much hate as the rest of the Astros hitters from 2017. Trash can bangs only happened for him against his will and there's zero evidence he used he used other methods of cheating
48. John Olerud would be a Hall of Famer if Shohei Ohtani had debuted before him
49. "3 true outcome baseball is more boring" and "3 true outcome baseball is sabermetrically favorable" are not mutually exclusive beliefs - you can dislike the trends in the way the game is played while understanding it's the best way to play in terms of success
50. baseball has a serious lack of demographic and ideological diversity in its broadcasters that needs to be fixed. how do you expect new fans to enjoy the game if half the color commentators hate it?
51. I don't get why managers ever agree to do interviews in the middle of games (except spring training and the all-star game). Postgame media appearances are a thing for a reason.
52. Teams shouldn't be under any obligation to release any information that could hurt them from a competitive standpoint (player injury status, who will be available to play the next day, etc.)
53. I don't like the 3 batter minimum but it didn't have *that* much of an effect on the game in 2020 and 2021
54. I am a big believer in makeup as a big contributing factor to player development and success, but I don't think "on-field competitiveness" means anything
55. National playoff broadcasts should, in some way, involve the local broadcasters from the teams playing in the series
56. Cleveland picked the right new name with Guardians, I like it more than Spiders or the other names considered. I've been pro-Guardians since even before the team announced the rebrand.
57. every stadium needs a good center field camera, not one that's like 70 feet off center
58. every minor league stadium needs a center field camera for milb tv, it's 2021 and we still have tons of stadiums who only have a home plate camera or just no feed at all.
59. minor league players deserve a living wage and housing provided to them.
60. Arizona fall league games should be televised, they already take place at spring training stadiums so they have broadcast equipment.
61. I don't get the insane hype around Luis Robert *yet* - he was excellent this year but he also had a .23 BB/K and .394 BABIP. I think there are All-Star appearances in his future, but saying he's a top X player in the league already is incredibly premature.
62. player comps for prospects are bad in almost all cases because most fans don't know what to do with them. i watched the MLB network draft broadcast and the comps they were throwing out were INCREDIBLY irresponsible.
63. people need to learn what "top of the rotation", "mid rotation", and "backend starter" mean. no, a 90 ERA- pitcher is not a "#5 guy", there have been very few rotations *ever* with 5 well above average hurlers.
64. in the days where we're finally getting exact answers to questions like "how exactly do fastballs move?", any player who doesn't embrace analytics and sport science to improve is a huge step behind the curve.
65. only using minor league stats is a terrible way to judge prospects.

ex1: jo adell lowered his K rates in AAA in 2021 and everyone clamored for him to get called up, and while he struck out less his swing decisions didn't improve
ex2: every single time someone slugs .800 in the DSL and people on twitter start calling him the next David Ortiz, then I look the guy up and find out that he's physically maxed out and mashing off of lanky 17 year olds who can't throw strikes
66. I don't like Rob Manfred but I don't get why he's considered to be uniquely worse than any other commissioner. All commissioners are shills to the owners and therefore suck but Manfred isn't any worse than the rest.
67. Anyone who defends people who have harassed athletes online after poor performances by saying "this guy's a millionaire, he can take a few death threats" can go to hell.
68. I don't have much evidence to back this up but imo position players should be able to have more positional versatility, like I don't see any reason why a SS can't move to 2B, or why a CF can't move to either corner
69. Get rid of the closer, the best place to use your best reliever is in the best late game matchup or when the opponent's best hitters are up late in the game.
70. I don't care how bad your team's bullpen is, it's surprisingly hard to blow a 3-run lead in the 9th inning. Also get rid of the save stat for this reason.
71. I want Shohei Ohtani to go to arbitration in 2023 and win his case with an absolutely absurd contract value to set precedent for the value of future two-way players.
72. "this team is built for the playoffs" is really dumb in most cases and is totally reliant on hindsight bias. the only things that make a team uniquely more equipped for the playoffs are top-heavy pitching, both in the rotation and bullpen.
73. there is no such thing as a shift-enabled shortstop, but there is a such thing as a shift-enabled second baseman (see: Ty France, Max Muncy). however, good shifting can help certain shortstops more than others (see: Carlos Correa)
74. Steve Cishek was an above average reliever in 2021 even considering his struggles with runners on base.
75. examining this *purely* from a major league success standpoint, there's no reason for a 1st round talent high school hitter to go to college.
76. Yankees fans unfairly hate on Giancarlo Stanton - he has a 134 OPS+ as a Yankee, and I don't get where the myth of him being a bad defender comes from, he has 50 career DRS and 15 in New York
77. the true cutter is one of the most aesthetically pleasing pitches in baseball (when I say true cutter I mean a sharp one like Rivera's, rather than a sweeping cutter/slutter like Ohtani or Lynn)
78. Jose Iglesias was a bad defender for the Angels but you're kidding yourself if you actually think he was worth -21 runs as his DRS would indicate
79. Nathan Eovaldi deserves so much more respect from non-Boston fans for what he did in the 2018 WS, I give zero shits that he lost game 3, he threw 97 pitches on one day of rest after appearing in games 1 and 2.
80. On a similar note Eovaldi should've been allowed to close out that WS instead of Sale, I get all the analytical and baseball reasons why not but still it would've been absolutely amazing.
81. Service time clock should start when someone is added to the 40-man roster, it's really dumb that there are guys who debuted in 2015 who haven't hit arbitration yet.
82. cheating scandal and racism aside Yuli Gurriel would be a future HoF if he had played his entire career in MLB. he has a 5% swinging strike rate and .150 ISO at age 37, imagine him in his 20s as an above average SS with even more bat speed.
83. Edgar Martinez >> David Ortiz
84. Johan Santana and Felix Hernandez should be Hall of Famers
85. drafting by positional need in the first 3 rounds of the draft is incredibly dumb and there's a reason that no teams do it.
86. George Kirby is just a little bit of secondary pitch development away from being an absolutely incredible pitcher.
87. I would have taken Sal Frelick or Kahlil Watson with the 9th overall pick of the 2021 draft if I were the Angels
88. The Royals drafted really well in 2018 but none of those pitchers will ever be All-Stars.
89. College baseball should adopt some form of pitch count rules, currently college coaches don't really have any incentive to preserve the long-term arm health of their players.
90. The high school showcase circuit has done more harm than good when it comes to player health/injuries and accessibility to players who can't afford it.
91. Make the bases a few inches bigger, it incentivizes stolen bases and reduces the risk of injury
92. Roberto Clemente day should be more of a spectacle around the league, I went to a game on that day and it took me 5 innings to realize that a bunch of players were wearing his number
93. Continuation of #25 and 26 - the highest used relievers should be able to throw 120-140 innings in a season.
94. Shutdowns and meltdowns should replace the save and blown save as a surface-level stat to answer the question "how effectively has this reliever preserved leads"
95. Statcast should make a lot of stuff publicly available, including route efficiency, H-1st time on individual runs, outfield throw speed, etc.
96. Lots of people on this site have memed about Adam Wainwright's "lol Fangraphs playoff odds" comments, but many of those same people have very little understanding about how the playoff odds, and projections in general, work.
97. on a similar note I have no issue with Wainwright saying those things no matter how wrong he is, he's a top level athlete using things to try to fire up himself and his team. i don't think he actually believes that the projections were specifically biased against his team.
98. I can't believe that it took me 98 takes to say this, but 15 second pitch clock at the major league level please.
99. Pitchers need some form of head protection and MLB won't act until it's too late. I don't care how uncomfortable it makes pitchers on the mound, acting sooner on this will literally save someone's life down the line.
100. the MVP should be renamed to the Most Outstanding Player or something like that, people try to contrive idiotic definitions of value that make no sense so just get rid of the word valuable altogether
101. If you think Shohei Ohtani's second half "slump" was caused by his participation in the Home Run Derby you're objectively wrong. I'd like to introduce you to this concept called "most hitters take big daddy hacks in BP every single day".
102. Stop overreacting to rookies struggling in their first few months after being called up. Guess what, playing major league baseball is really freaking hard. Angels fans did this a ton with Brandon Marsh, then he OPSd above .800 in his last 30 games.
103. Individual batter vs. pitcher matchups don't matter. At all. There are far better ways to project how a batter will do against a pitcher, like modeling that hitters performance against the specific pitches that pitcher throws to batters of that handedness.
104. Trey Sweeney will be a part of multiple future All-Star games.
105. I don't think steroid users should be allowed in the Hall, but this is an opinion that I feel like I may change my mind on at some point.
106. Angels fans will hate me for this but I absolutely loved Ramon Laureano before he got popped for PEDs.
107. All newly constructed stadiums should have a roof, rain delays/postponements shouldn't be a thing in 2021 and there will be a time sooner than you think where climate change will start causing early games to be postponed due to extreme heat.
108. Award voting is far less important than many make it out to be.
109. It's honestly astounding how many people don't understand the purpose of the Bill James Cy Young predictor. I've seen multiple blue-checked accounts (some of whom should *really* know better) improperly using it this season.
110. The ESPN Statcast broadcasts for the postseason have been EXCELLENT. My only complaint is that there's a far better way to explain that + stats are indexed to 100 than saying "100 is league average", as if the league average OPS+ just randomly happens to be 100.
111. Pulling Blake Snell was the right move. Putting in Anderson probably wasn't, but removing someone who had major struggles the 3rd time through lineups was the correct move. Plus, the Rays had 10000x more information than me or anyone reading this post about that.
112. On a similar note, "he's dealing" is not a reason to keep a starting pitcher in the game longer than they should be unless there are tangible improvements in the way the pitcher is pitching independent of results, like spin rate or better command.
113. Fans are far too biased by result oriented bias, or in my words, "winning bias". Just because something was done and a team won or lost doesn't mean that thing affected the game results.
114. No one under the age of 18 (and many older as well) should be called a team's "shortstop of the future" - even if you knew a prospect would have the bat of Mike Trout, it's impossible to know how someone's body will project with enough certainty to say they'll stick at SS.
115. Teams are still drafting too many high school pitchers too early.
116. I really want to believe in Baseball Prospectus' DRC and DRA numbers and I get that they've been proven to be better than other peripheral stats, but it's hard to put stock into them when we don't know what factors go into them.
117. I support rule changes to limit the number of pitchers on the roster, but I don't think that limit should ever be lower than 12.
118. More players should be developed as two-way players, both at the college and pro level. I'm not naive enough to think every team can have a Shohei Ohtani, but there can be far more role contributors on both sides of the ball.
119. Bobby Witt Jr. will be an incredible hitter but won't stick at shortstop.
120. Hitting for the cycle is still a special accomplishment even if there are outcomes (ex. single, double, 2 dingers) that are better but not a cycle. It's cool because of the novelty of it, not because it's the most elite possible performance.
121. We need some method of creating multi-year park factors that properly adjust for the juiced ball era. Angel stadium, for example, was one of the most affected parks because balls started flying over the fences in the corners.
122. If you dropped prime Jered Weaver into 2021 he wouldn't do well because he wouldn't be able to maintain a low HR/FB rate with the modified ball.
123. More people should be talking about the fact that Tony Kemp ranked 13th in the league in OBP among hitters with at least 350 PAs, and was one of only 3 players who walked more than they struck out.
124. "Clutchness" is a real thing psychologically, but no players can "take it to another level" in high leverage situations. Rather, clutch players are able to maintain their true level of performance even under pressure.

BTW David Ortiz had a negative career clutch rating.
125. Staying with a single team throughout your entire career shouldn't improve your Hall of Fame candidacy - players should be able to get paid and play in places they want to play.
126. Curt Flood should be a Hall of Famer, and he arguably has one of the biggest impacts on society outside of baseball ever, alongside people like Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson.
127. When it's all said and done, Jack Leiter will be the best player from the 2021 draft class. He combines all the traits of elite fastballs (low VAA, high spin, high speed, high location) with an incredibly polished secondary package.
128. The Orioles draft strategy of underslot first round picks and overslot model darlings on Day 2 is incredibly effective, and in 2021 there are serious arguments to be made that Cowser *was* the best player available at 1-5.
129. Joey Votto's conscious decision to sacrifice plate discipline for power in 2021 was a good one - sure, he struck out more, but he only walked a little bit less and he put up otherworldly batted ball data, and cemented his Hall of Fame case.
130. More rebuilding teams should try the Blue Jays' Elvis Luciano strategy, aka taking super raw players in the major league Rule 5 draft, letting them get knocked around in the bigs, then having them as a prospect to develop.
131. Andrew Heaney could fix a lot of his home run problems by throwing the fastball higher, even if he walked more batters the fastball would play better and his overall success would increase.
132. Kenley Jansen had a far better 2021 than you'd think if you hadn't looked at the stats and only scrolled through Twitter while he was on the mound. He had a 54 ERA-, 72 FIP-, and 38 shutdowns compared to just 8 meltdowns.
133. Kenley is the second biggest Dodgers legend of this century behind Kershaw - he leads the franchise in saves all-time (by a LOT) and has a 2.37 ERA over 700+ career innings.
134. The most important lesson other teams should try to figure out from the Rays is how to get pitchers comfortable pitching without a specified role. Many pitchers who are designated as a closer or setup man pitch worse outside those situations, but the Rays solved that.
135. I subscribe to the theory that the percentage of idiots in each team's fanbase are roughly the same, and that teams with more fans tend to have more idiots show themselves online just because there are so many of them.
136. New understanding of pitch movement through the lens of seam-shifted wake will be the biggest analytical revolution since the "Moneyball" era, aka things like learning the importance of OBP and the unimportance of RBIs.
137. If Quinn Priester can either improve the spin rate and shape of his 4-seam fastball OR improve his changeup to an average level, he'll be a future All-Star. The cutter and curveball are already great.
138. The draft should have a minimum bonus in the $50k ballpark to prevent senior signs from being forced to take $5000 bonuses or leave baseball altogether.
139. Even if robo umps aren't on the way, framing is less important of a skill than it's ever been because every team teaches framing nowadays, so that the gap between the best and worst framers is far smaller than it used to be. Game calling is more important.
140. Rockies ownership is horrible for trading Arenado for so little, but people got far too outraged over the cash added in the deal. They basically just paid 1/5 of his contract.
141. The 2021 Arkansas Travelers may be one of the most prospect-stacked minor league teams ever, with Kirby, Hancock, Brash, J-Rod, and many others I'm forgetting about.
142. The World Baseball Classic produces some of the most exciting baseball there is, even better than the MLB playoffs.
143. MLB did Eric Thames dirty by not inviting him to the Home Run Derby in 2017. He hit 23 bombs in 79 games in the first half, and would have been great for growing the game because he has a huge Asian fanbase from his time mashing in the KBO.
144. Yoshinobu Yamamoto has the potential to be one of the all-time greats in NPB, and in MLB if he chooses to play in the future. He's tiny, but in his experience so far has remained durable despite not looking like a prototypical elite starting pitcher.
145. Tanner Houck has incredible raw stuff but he needs to use his splitter more or learn a new third pitch if he wants to remain a starter in the long term.
146. If their experiments go well, MLB should start using the pre-tacked ball used in international baseball leagues.
147. Both batters and pitchers should be free to express their emotions after getting a big hit or strikeout, but when a player looks like they practiced their celebration for an hour before the game it looks dumb.
148. The Astros' loss of draft picks in 2020 and 2021 is more severe than people give it credit for. I still don't think the team was punished enough for their cheating scandal, but those picks were significant, especially in 2021.
149. I don't support proposals to create a player salary pool and have players get paid at the end of the year as a function of their performance. Certain players, like elite relievers or backup catchers, would get undervalued by this system.
Also superstars would be highly undervalued. A 9 WAR player is more valuable than three 3 WAR players because A. the superstar is far more rare B. the superstar only takes up one roster spot, while the 3 solid players take up three.
150. Young stars being underpaid is still a big problem, though. I think that immediately starting the service clock upon addition to the 40-man (I already said this earlier) and starting arbitration one year earlier could help alleviate this issue.
151. The Rays didn't get ripped off for Willy Adames. Adames is a great player but he said himself was never going to be able to hit well at the Trop. Adames' value to the Brewers was different than his value to the Rays.
152. I am *very* pro-peripheral stats for all players, but there are certain types of players who can over/underperform their peripherals over large sample sizes. Ex: Yuli Gurriel can outperform his xBA, submarine pitchers can outperform their FIP.
153. Teams who spend a lot of money should never be blamed for doing so.

Nerds with money > nerds without money
154. The All-Star break should have some more creative skills competitions, like the KBO bunt derby or a throwing accuracy contest.
155. The Home Run Derby needs to go back to the rule where you can't throw the next pitch until the previous ball has landed, it was nearly impossible to follow each hit. I still have no idea which of Soto and Ohtani's homers went 500+ because they didn't show the distances.
156. MLB should adopt NPB's kikenkyu rule (any HBP near the head area is an automatic ejection regardless of intent). With the number of high speed pitches up in the zone at an all-time high, batter safety should be a high priority.
157. Relievers don't need 10 warm up tosses on the game mound. Give them like 3 tosses just so the batter can get used to them, and then it's game time.
158. All stadium giveaway products should be given out 1 per person, not 1 per ticket.
Trading good prospects for rentals is very much worth it even if there is a big difference in overall WAR gained by each team. Flags fly forever.
160. 65 shouldn't be a grade on the 20-80 scale. There are few enough players in that range that you should have to pick between the two.
161. The extreme difficulty of developing even major league average talent is incredibly misunderstood by many fans.
162. With the exception of service time cases, teams are generally pretty good at promoting prospects when they're ready. No, the 29 year old non-prospect mashing against far younger competition isn't better than underperforming players on your team.
163. Christian Yelich will be an above average hitter going forward, but he was never going to be able to replicate his insane batted ball outcomes on contact without 80 grade raw power.
164. There's nothing wrong with being a platoon bat, especially if you bat left handed and therefore start 75-80% of games. Righty hitters who can't hit righties are more bench guys though, although every team needs them.
165. MLB shouldn't expand to 32 teams unless they're completely sure that there are 32 teams worth of MLB caliber players, especially with more and more raw pitchers being used.
166. The ability to understand advanced analytics and communicate them to players in ways that they A. understand, and B. actually want to know more about is arguably the most important skill of hitting and pitching coaches.
167. Every broadcast should show the pitch sequence of each plate appearance, including the type and speed of each pitch.
168. Walks should be separated from strikeouts and home runs when discussing the flaws of 3 true outcome baseball. Walk rates aren't at an all-time high like strikeouts and homers.
169. Pitchers who can end ABs early and keep their pitch count down are becoming less useful because the 3rd time penalty is more understood. Pitchers should try to execute their pitch every time and get strikeouts or weak contact rather than "letting the defense work for them".
170. Position players could stand to take a few more days off.
171. The changeup will start to fade in popularity as time goes on because as teams sign and develop more high spin rate pitchers, they will opt to throw multiple types of breaking balls instead of changeups.
172. Statcast max exit velocity is a good analog to raw power, but it could be improved by replacing it with the average exit velocity of a player's top 5% of batted balls.
173. The minimum amount of time in the minor leagues after being optioned should increase to further limit teams from constantly shuttling half their rosters to and from AAA every other week.
174. Ozzie Albies would be a better hitter if he exclusively hit right handed.
175. The biggest mistake the Rockies made during the few years they were competitive wasn't the mountain of bad free agent deals, it was the fact that they let Charlie Blackmon continue to play center field for so long.
176. German Marquez is a good pitcher but he wouldn't be as successful outside of Coors because his fastball data is so mediocre, and his low spin only plays well in Colorado because of the thinner air.
177. Gerrit Cole pitched poorly in the wild card game, but his contract should have nothing to do with discussions about his performance. He negotiated the contract with the Yankees based on an incredible track record of performance, and it's not his fault the Yankees paid him.
178. Trackman data for minor league players should be made public by the league.
179. The most important part of the Hall of Fame isn't the players who have plaques, but the incredible museum of various artifacts throughout the history of baseball. Tons of players have incredible stories that aren't captured by looking at just the few hundred best ones.
180. There will be fewer and fewer additions to the 3000 hit club as time goes on, and I don't have much of a problem with that. The fact that players can't be huge performers at incredibly young or old ages is a testament to the high level of the game overall.
181. The Cy Young award should be renamed after Pedro Martinez, who had 5 ERA titles in the span of 7 seasons. Cy Young had 2 ERA titles almost a decade apart in a non-integrated, less talented league environment.
182. Luke Appling is one of the most underappreciated players ever - he's in the Hall of Fame, but hardly anyone talks about him nowadays. He was incredibly close to a career .400 OBP and .400 SLG while being a great defensive SS who played at a high level into his 40s.
183. There should be some form of recognition for players who near-singlehandedly lead their team to the playoffs, however saying those players are the most valuable is wrong and awarding the league's highest individual honor to those players is even more wrong.
184. Players on the 40-man roster who get called up to the majors and then optioned to the minors should be paid a major league salary for the entire season, not just the days that they are on the major league roster.
185. Bud Selig was a horrible commissioner for his handling of the steroid era, but it's impossible to call him the worst commissioner of all time when there were people like Kennesaw Mountain Landis who actively fought against integration.
186. Trading card companies should create a card set that gets the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card treatment, where cards are mass-produced to the point of lacking value, and marketed as affordable ways to get kids interested in the game and not speculative investment products.
187. If draft pick trading were allowed, the best model-driven teams would likely try to trade down and stockpile as many picks as possible in the 2nd-4th round range.
188. MLB should pursue initiatives to increase women's participation in baseball, especially at the high school and collegiate level.
189. Full-season minor league baseball should have experience limits similar to the complex leagues, where teams can only roster a limited number of players with more than X years of professional baseball experience.
190. MLB should do more work promoting international baseball leagues, including NPB, KBO, and the Dominican Winter League.
191. The 2010 Angels had one of the best farm systems in recent memory in terms of the number of major league regulars it produced - here are some players from that system.
192. Overall, the MLB sticky stuff crackdown and enforcement worked rather well, and substance checks didn't affect the flow or pace of games the way some thought it would.
193. A lot of fans hate it when their teams draft multi-sport high schoolers and I don't get it. Their swings are more moldable, they have more potential to grow into as full-time pro baseball players, there's less injury risk, and they're more likely to have freak athleticism.
194. When attending a game, upper deck seats right above the plate are better than field level seats far down the foul lines. In other words, I'd rather sit in section 2 than section 1 in this image.
195. Check swing plays should be reviewable. No particular reason I bring this up right now.
196. I can think of a lot of reasons why this wouldn't work, but it would be cool to have one game before the World Series that determined which team gets home field advantage.
197. This might be controversial, but I hope Mike Trout isn't the best player I get to watch in my lifetime. Having a player do even more insane things than him in a league where player quality is always improving would be an absolute spectacle to see.

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@threadreaderapp unroll

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