Looks like a third of you are correct. So far anyway.
Testing. Testing. Test. Test. Test.
GW introduction. Thanks OIPA and SCA.
We should expect a 30 minute PowerPoint then Q&A.
The sound is not great - in person or Zoom.

Shows photos of current vacant site.

Site plan - six total buildings.

Starts with Amazon Fresh building. State of the art, blah blah.
Three to five store fronts on Kilpatrick. Says they will activate Kilpatrick - a not very busy street.

Panera Bread up next. Drive- Through. 👎

Shows pictures of Panera Bread - that looks like every Panera Bread ever.
Next building will have massing of a two story building but will only be one. (Why?)

Several commitments from tenants already.

Next building will have 70+ rental units. Parking on second floor. Appearance of six story building, but only five. (Building height maths!)
Milwaukee Avenue facing building. Found stories. 110 apartments. 12 units per floor. Residential access off Milwaukee. Studios, one bedroom, two bedroom. Amenity space to include dog run.
Corner community space. Outdoor seating along Kilpatrick and Irving Park.

Close to 15,000 (or 50,000) square feet of outdoor community space. Can't hear. 🤷🏼

Could have gazebo, fountain, they are open to working with the community on this.
Will connect three buildings with community space at Kilpatrick and Milwaukee.

Divy bike station.

Many words about parking. Says only way to make sure to bring people to the tenant they have is to make sure there is adequate parking.
It may seem like a lot of parking to some, but he's sure this parking will be utilized.
Talking about all of Amazon's high tech and stuff. Talks about Burlington.

Next up we visit the Six Corners Master Plan.
Reading the part of the Master Plan that talks about parking. Says there have been discussions in the community about parking. Reiterates the point about having adequate parking.

Says something about people won't walk two blocks to another destination. 🙄
Now we are looking at old photos from the Master Plan and talking about what isn't there anymore, what is, and also what isn't. Or something.
Sears was still here in 2013. Apparently.
Lots of numbers about residential units from other developments. Says it's a lot of new units.

Side by side comparison of Master Plan.

Says they are building next to Irving Park. Says they are doing other stuff too.
Master Plan had a central plaza. They have community space.

Shows zoning analysis. Which is a document with words no one can read.

I feel like this PowerPoint has been more than 30 minutes.
One access point off Irving Park that will handle 40 to 50 percent of traffic. Heavy traffic will not use Kilpatrick.
Took a brief nap.

Talking about residential building. Fully amentisized. (Full of amenities.)

That's the end of the presentation. Time for Q&A.
Asks to keep comments focused on project and not to be repetitive.

First person asks if roads will be widened.

Asks about mitigation for water run off. Says yes they do have a plan
Someone says there has been conjecture about widening Kilpatrick to four lanes. He says no. I think the first person asked this too. 🤷🏼
Someone asked about how many employees would be on site daily. Amazon says no more than 100 at a time.

Asks if they will be unionized. Amazon says no.
Someone asks about business hours. Will vary.

Now someone asking about parking situation for residential and employees.

Says this is considered Transit Oriented. 64 parking spaces dedicated for residential - .7 to 1 for each unit.

Price for rentals pending market data.
Next question about a traffic study. Have they looked at all of the studies combined? Responds with words about projections and stuff

Next person thanks them for being here. Says the pictures are so pretty, but they only show one car on Kilpatrick and that isn't real life.
She's concerned about traffic and a drive-through next to a people place. Doesn't see how this fits in the neighborhood. Says why would people from Skokie or Lincoln wood come here for Panera?

Says it will add so much congestion.
GW guy says Irving Park will be primary entry exit point. They are trying to keep traffic off Kilpatrick.
Next question is for Amazon. Says Amazon doesn't really bring quality jobs. Asks what's the lowest wage and highest wage Amazon will be offering?

Says lowest is 15 an hour, and full time offers full benefits. And additional benefits of fully funded college education.
Amazon says road access is important to them. Technology will be used, but doesn't eliminate a job, it relocates it.
Next person says it's great to know Burlington is still in business. They weren't aware of that. Asks about the bike Lanes on Milwaukee and Kilpatrick - are they going to move them. They say no. Says eliminating curb cuts will make bike lanes safer. Will not be moving bus stop.
Asks about restaurants. They are working with chains and local.

Next person asks about a curb cut visible on plans that DPD was against. Also asks about height of buildings. Says Master Plan had taller buildings on Irving Park.
Amazon 35 to 40 feet has no direct bearing on town houses nearby.

Burlington building is taller because of taller first storie. Milwaukee building four stories.

Concern about Milwaukee building towering over SFHs. GW says photo doesn't show how far the building is from homes.
Next person talks about effects of COVID on retail and restaurants. Would like to see this stay residential.

Asks if anyone from DPD is here. Someone from DPD is apparently on Zoom.

Person asks about environmental impact of this development.
GW says they will build something that people want to come to. They want to bring more businesses and people here. That comes with congestion.

Says development is not intended to be everything to everybody.

They are designing with all the rigorous standards the city has.
This guy is kinda a dick TBH. Not like JG level, but still.
Next person lives right behind the project and has been helping to organize feedback and community meetings. Says amount of surface parking is not acceptable.

Gives some examples of projects with integrated parking that support the kind of parking GW says is necessary.
Asks for a development with a neighborhood feel, not something you can find in any suburb.
Asks Amazon about number if deliveries/traffic. Amazon gives a non answer using many words.
Next person says it seems clear Amazon is driving this boat. Says this needs to integrate the community. They seem far more concerned with people that don't live here than the people that do.
Asks GW to truly engage and listen.

GW responds that they don't intend the public space to be public park and some more words. They stand by breaking up the outdoor space.
Next person says people focusing on the tenants overlook the broader issue. DPD said it was significantly over-parked. Says the revisions don't meet these concerns. There's still too much surface parking.

What would it take for GW to prioritize long term goals of the community?
GW says they want to attract the kinds of business that need a lot of parking.

I think this guy watches parking lot porn. I wonder if they sell that at City News?
Next person says this is unimaginative.
Same plans for over a year. Says we are seeing the laziest plan.

GW says words and stuff. Says suggesting it's lazy is just not true.
Person says if this is the best you can do we need another developer.
Next person asks what the purpose of this meeting is. Are they here to hear our feedback or just to convince us this is the best they can do?

GW says words about feedback.
Back to the Irving Park curb cut. Says it took three stop lights to cross from Kilpatrick to Six Corners. A curb cut on Irving Park will delay traffic more.

GW says keeping cara off Kilpatrick and Milwaukee will . . . apparently, yes, make traffic worse. 🤷🏼
*cars, but probably we should keep cara off Kilpatrick as well.
Next person says it's concerning the Alderman isn't here. Says it's concerning how low an opinion Amazon has for our neighborhood with two story buildings like a spaghetti western.

Says if you were to try to design a traffic nightmare, this is it.
There are apparently representatives here from the Six Corners Chamber of Commerce. Says they have support from them and Portage Park Chamber of Commerce.
Next person says this is a traffic nightmare that is set up to accommodate delivery drivers.
Next person says there is so much emphasis on parking, this development is not right for the neighborhood. It's a glorified strip mall. We already have businesses closing because we don't have density to support them.
"Let someone else develop this and take this design back to Park Ridge where it belongs."
Next guy seems to support the development. Says he welcomes them. Doesn't want another vacant lot or empty hole.
Last person asks if plans are available GW says they will be on their website. They don't know when though.
Sara Barnes ends the meeting saying they will be gathering more feedback over the next weeks. Thanks everyone for coming. Says they will continue the dialogue. The intent of the meeting was to get feedback. We are being heard apparently.

• • •

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