Spectacular exchange between @joerogan and @drsanjaygupta:

"Does it bother you that the news network you work for outright lied about me taking horse dewormer?!?"

"They shouldn't have said that."

"Why'd they say that?!"


"You didn't ask?...you're the medical guy there"
Incredible. Joe Rogan perfectly confronts Dr. Gupta:

"You're working for a news organization. If they're lying about a comedian taking horse medication, what r they telling us about Russia?!?

Do u understand that's why people get concerned about the veracity of the news?"
Rogan confronting him on CNN ivermectin lies:

• • •

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13 Oct
Watching this @joerogan podcast with @drsanjaygupta rn..wow.

"I feel like you're cherry-picking here," Rogan confronts Dr. Gupta when discussing risks kids face from Covid.

Rogan making the point that parents being hesitant to vaccinate kids is perfectly rational. Doc disagrees
"You have an impulse to defend vaccination when confronted with the data" (data on myocarditis in teen boys) Rogan tells Dr. Gupta.

PS. Congrats @TracyBethHoeg and @drjohnm Joe Rogan just spotlighted your myocarditis study in the podcast and Dr. Gupta was unable to counter it.
He showed this article on @TracyBethHoeg and @drjohnm's excellent study showing far higher risk of myocarditis post-vaccination than Covid hospitalization in 12 - 15 y/o males.

Read 4 tweets
23 Aug
This is outrageous:

The government here in Western Canada (BC) has announced vaccine passports.

Vaccines are mandatory for everyone 12+ to go to gyms, restaurants, parties, concerts etc

Government coercion and violation of individual freedom is WRONG. Full-stop.
I support vaccines. They prevent serious illness and death. People should get them.

But there is no justification for trampling people's rights and liberties.

I recall being outraged by the news in NYC a few weeks ago. Now it's being implemented in my area.

Read 5 tweets
22 Aug
You're illiterate.

A grand-total of 349 kids (0-17) have died of COVID. The *vast majority* of them have underlying health conditions. Kids make up 2.4% of COVID hospitalizations.

Being young and healthy means ~0% of dying from this disease.

Why are u fearmongering?
349 kids in U.S as of Aug 4. Number likely slightly higher now.

These deranged people trying to convince @ggreenwald that COVID poses a real threat to kids don't know how harm-benefit calculations work. They're statistically illiterate. This is gross:

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2 Aug
The Biden administration has embraced full @DrIbram ideology (past racism must be fixed with present racism).

The result?

Covid relief policies that systematically discriminate against whites, Middle Easterners, North Africans, and others.


The Restaurant Revitalization Fund and $4 billion farmer debt relief for "socially disadvantaged" Americans explicitly discriminates on the basis of race.

"People of color" qualify/are prioritized - whites are excluded. But only *some* POC.


Only some "people of color" qualify for @JoeBiden's $4 billion farmer covid relief.

Indian: yes

Afghani: no

Indonesian: yes

Iraqi: no

Nepalese: yes

Moroccan: no

Middle Easterners, North Africans, and some Asians are ineligible to apply.

#Equity !

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30 Jul
Liberals over the past 5 yrs: "These are just radical academic theories that will never manifest in policy..."

Biden's farmer debt relief fund: if ur a POC - regardless of circumstance - u qualify.

Everyone else: sorry born in the wrong skin color.


What's worst: only *some* "people of color" qualify for @JoeBiden's $4 billion farmer debt relief.

Chinese: yes

Libyan: no

Indian: yes

Algerian: no

Nigerian: yes

Moroccan: no

Absurdity beyond imagination. Thankfully courts are challenging it.

"The goal of these programs—to remedy the effects of past discrimination—may be laudable, but the means that the Biden administration is using to pursue this goal are reductive and likely unconstitutional."

Latest in @CityJournal:

Read 4 tweets
30 Jul
@JoeBiden has made "equity" the driving current of his policy agenda.

The result? Systemic discrimination against whites - including Middle Easterners, North Africans, and other groups - in order to achieve "racial justice."

My latest in @CityJournal:

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund and the $4 billion farmer debt relief for "socially disadvantaged" Americans explicitly discriminates on the basis of race.

Thankfully, both programs have faced multiple obstacles in court.

"One of these challenges was brought by the white owner of Jake’s Bar and Grill...Because his wife owned less than 51 percent of the restaurant, his relief application was pushed behind those of other minority applicants."

Textbook racial discrimination.

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