Maha Navami
Siddhidatri Maa, Nava Durga
Harsiddhi Mata Temple, Rangir

Maha Navami is also celebrated as the victory of good over evil. Durga Devi took the form of Mahishasura Mardini to destroy Mahishasura. On the 9th Day of Navaratri Maa Siddhidatri is worshipped.
Siddhi means super power of all and Datri means giver. Mata blesses her devotees with wisdom and grants them spiritual knowledge.

Harsiddhi Mata temple Rangir in Sagar district, Madhya Pradesh is an ancient temple dedicated to Siddhidatri Devi.
Temple is one of 51 Shakti Peethas where Sati Devi's thigh is said to have fallen.

Devi takes 3 forms in a day here, Kanya in morning, young lady in noon & evening form of Mother. Maa fulfills every wishes of the Devotees here.

MahaNavami wishes to all

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15 Oct
Vijayadashami / Vidyarambam Today

Panachikkadu Saraswathi Temple

Vidyarambam is an auspicious day on which children are initiated formally into the world of letters.
Panachikkadu Sarasathi Temple, also called Dakshina Mookambika is located at Kottayam.
@losttemple267 ImageImage
Panachikkadu Kshetram is one among 108 Durgalayas in Kerala. Story says that once there lived a Namboodiri at Kuzhippuram illam. He went to Mookambika Temple for seeking her blessings to have a child. He spend years in the temple & on return, at Panachikkadu he placed his Olakuda Image
( Umbrella) down & went to bath.
He was unable to lift Umbrella afterwards. Later was told that Devi Mookambika was with him accompanying in the Umbrella. Thus Prathishta of Devi was done. Saaraswatha Gritham is given to the children here, a medicine for gaining memory power ImageImageImage
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13 Oct
Sarswati Pooja
It's importance

In Southern India Navaratri is divided to 3 Days, 1 to 3 days for Durga, 4 to 6 for Lakshmi & days 7 to 9 for  Saraswathi Devi. Saraswati is considered the Devi of knowledge, music & wisdom. Children seek blessings to excel in all fields
On Durga Ashtami day Books are Kept for Saraswathi Pooja. On MahaNavami poojas are performed. Children are not supposed to read or write when books are Kept for pooja. Dashami also called VijayaDashami or Vidyarambam denotes a time for all the positive beginnings.
Many temples provide Vidyarambam poojas the same is at home too.

Books are taken from Pooja and Aksharabhyasam ( starting of education )is done on this day. Whatever project started on Vijaya Dashami will be a great success.
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13 Oct
Shaktipeeth Mahagauri Mata temple, Ludhiana
Durga Ashtami

Maa Gauri is worshiped today who blesses with intelligence & peace. Form of Parvathi Devi, Maa is seen holding Trishul & Damaru, Abhayamudra & Varadamudra. Books are Kept for Saraswathi Pooja today.
Shri Sidh Shaktipeeth Mahagauri Mata temple is located at Shimla Puri of Ludhiana, Punjab. Temple is one among 51 Shaktipeethas, Maa Gauri is Swayambhu here, who fulfills all the desires of the Devotees.

Mahagauri radiates peace & compassion. As per Shastras, Parvati Devi did
severe Tapasya for marriage with Paramashiva. Due to the tapasya her complexion turned black. Pleased by this Shiva washed her with Gangajal and Maa transformed to beautiful complexion and thus called Maha Gauri.
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12 Oct
Is Radha Rani's Story included in Srimad Bhaghavatam ?
Please read to know

Messages between Srimati Radha Rani & Shri Krishna are send through a parrot named Shuka. Shuka was very dear to Radha, & was present till Radha Rani reached Goloka. While leaving Radha tells Shuka to 👇
Spread Krishna Leela's to the whole world.

Thus the parrot Shuka was reborn as Vyasa Muni's son Shuka. Shuka Maharshi recites Bhaghavatam to Parikshit maharaja when he gets cursed that his death will happen in 7days by Takshak's( serpant) bite.
While telling Shri Krishna stories if Shuka Muni says Radha's name then he will go to indefinite Yoga state. Thus was the attachment Parrot had with Radha and Krishna. Without telling Radha's name, Shuka Muni will take a deep breath, closing his eyes for sometime.
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12 Oct
Kalratri Maa Temple
Navaratri Day 7

One of the fiercest form is Maa Kalratri, the destroyer of ignorance & darkness. Kalratri Temple is located in Kalika Galli of Varanasi.
In Southern India, Last 3 days of Navratri from today, Saraswathi Devi is worshipped.
Asura named Raktabija had a boon that if any drop of blood of his fell to the ground, a clone of him would be created. When Kaalratri attacked him, his spilt blood gave rise to several clones of him. It became impossible to defeat him, Devi drank his blood to prevent it from
From falling down in ground. Thus eventually killing Raktabija and Maa Chandi was able to destroy Shumbha and Nishumbha.

Kalaratri Devi rides in a donkey & has four hands. Two hands showing Abhayamudra & Varadamudra and
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11 Oct
Ashta Sakhis of Radha Rani

8 Sakhis who are very dear to Radha Rani are called Ashta Sakhis. Love and Care showed by these Sakhis towards Radha and Krishna are unmatched. Ashta Sakhis are Lalita, Visakha, Chitralekha, Champakalata, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi and Sudevi.
Lalitha Sakhi
Most famous as Radharani's constant companion. Her mother is Saradi devi and father Visoka. Her husband is Bhairava who is a close friend of Shri Krishna.

Vishakha Sakhi
Second important of all gopis. Her attributes, activities are all like those of Lalita Sakhi.
Champakalata Sakhi

Campakalata is expert at collecting fruits, flowers from the forest.

Chitralekha Sakhi

Chitralekha is expert in music created from water filled mud pots.

Tungavidya Sakhi

Very short tempered, Tungavidya Sakhi is well versed in music.
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