I can't remember who said that the culture war was over and all that we're seeing now is the left walking through the battlefield shooting the wounded, but that's what came to my mind as I read this story
This is the vital context for when the right tries to do crazy things like ban private vaccine mandates.

People are fucking scared. They have no protection, not from the courts, not from the law, not from their own employers.

They're begging for someone to be on their side.
If you're on the right and you've got a smart kid, you could send them to Yale. But they could have their potential career and their entire life destroyed on a whim for the smallest infraction.

That's scares people. Stop acting like this is nothing, it's a big deal.

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15 Oct
Today I kicked a hornets nest and ended up in really big debate with people I very much like about

1) the definition of conservatism

2) how vaccine mandates and anti-mandates may or may not violate liberties

I've been thinking about this all day and I have a question...
Lots of principled conservatives hate the Texas executive order that bans private vaccine mandates

But it was clearly done in response to the federal executive order that mandates vaccine mandates
My question is this: If we hate the gov't intruding on businesses, what is our solution to opposing Biden's vaccine mandate?

Remember that we hate the gov't mandating things & forcing businesses to do things they don't want to do.

So how do we fight it from the left?
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13 Oct
I've spent a lot of time thinking about good metaphors for various debates b/c a good metaphor helps us apply our thinking outside the current hot-button high-emotion topics.

Bad metaphors are good for dunking on twitter, but not for actually thinking hard about something.
The metaphor about employer-driven vaccine mandates that I think is fair is organ donation. Imagine if an employer told everyone they had to be an organ donor or they couldn't work at the company.
Now, being an organ donor is a great thing. It provides a benefit to those around you, it's low cost. There's no real reason *not* to do it. If your organs aren't any good, they just won't use them. My organ donor status helps you even if your non-donor status doesn't help me.
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13 Oct
to be honest, I haven't been very surprised to see people defending the school board

people have been getting a lot of practice defending their "team" and promoting things they once abhorred

they've gotten quite good at finding reasons to punish the outgroup
It's fun to watch people instantly swap sympathies depending on which political team they think people are on

Is the school board red-leaning? "Think of these poor parents, they deserve to be heard!"

But is it blue? "There's no excuse for interrupting a school board meeting"
If a state has a mask mandate? "Good, think of the poor business owner who wants to mandate masks but can't b/c people will get mad at him"

But if the state bans mask mandates? "We must respect the right of the business owner to make his own decisions"
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29 Sep
I'm fascinated by the absolute glee in this piece, which I found b/c a good friend of mine (a good man!) posted it approvingly

Regardless of your position on vaccines (you should be for them!) there is another entirely distinct theme running through this that forcing people to do things they don't want to do is good and we should punish people who disagree
There's not a hint of regret in this. This is entirely cheering on the use of force.

It makes me want to say "you know what? Fine. Cheer it on. I hope this turns around on you in a way that is incredibly painful."
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24 Sep
Having the CDC Director override the advice of the ACIP is not a good development.

It is exactly what I told people *wouldn't* happen under Trump b/c we have strong institutions that the president couldn't overrule.

I guess I was wrong about trusting our institutions.
I really cannot describe how bad it is that the president can simply overrule a protective regulatory institution with exactly zero evidence.

That completely undermines the ability to argue in favor of vaccines and the reliability of their efficacy.
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe there is precedent for this that I haven't yet found. If I am wrong, please let me know.

The ACIP unequivocally recommending the HPV vaccine for 9-12 year olds back in 2014.
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23 Sep
I find it low-key annoying that people focus on Vermont when talking about COVID given that, even before vaccines, Vermont was a COVID outlier for a number of boring and non-replicable reasons
The "Vermont vs Idaho" comparison is simply not an apt one

Vermont's largest "city" would be only the 9th largest city in Idaho

For whatever reason, VT's COVID numbers have always been the lowest in the country, even before vaccines
I am watching Vermont hopefully but nervously since I don't think we've started a winter surge yet and yet their numbers look like this

That's not what I expected from a state with 79% fully vaccinated adult population

Best we can do is hope and wait and learn
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