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14 Oct, 10 tweets, 5 min read
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h A c K e D
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as some of you are already aware

on 8 october @mgnr_io was the victim of a malicious and targeted cyber attack

the attackers appear to be very sophisticated and have scripting abilities / facility with cross-chain bridging and mixing techniques
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the point of entry was likely a phishing email masked as somebody we recognized from @maplefinance and containing a fake docx from @PanteraCapital

we've subsequently heard of 2 other crypto firms receiving an equally targeted attacks (also with 'pantera' term sheets)
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the intrusion was probably used to implant a key logger and steal credentials to a password manager where we had (stupidly) shared a privkey as temporary hot wallet between a few team members
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we'd typically stay a bit more private about this sort of thing but after hearing as of yesterday the attacks are ongoing feel we need to step forward for public good and in defense of other crypto money managers
5 /

one framework for thinking about cybersecurity is as a 'swiss cheese' - a number of holes must align in order for hackers to achieve entry

please take a moment to consider each of the holes in your own defences
6 /

getting stolen from is painful

we weren't following SOTA security practices to the letter and should have known better

again, please take this opportunity to revisit your own setup
7 /

we have engaged support of law enforcement and will be aggressively pursuing the leads / clues the thieves have left behind

we have already recovered a substantial portion of the stolen funds and have frozen some of the hackers' exchange accounts (with fake KYC)
8 /

as a precaution we temporarily disabled some of our trading systems / wallets

we thank all exchange / venture / trading partners for being patient during this time and can assure everyone that we'll be back up and running soon (tm)
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big thanks to everybody who has been on deck helping us rescue some meaningful sums of money during this stressful time

@dydxfoundation @StarkWareLtd @bonfida @solana @0xalpharush @chainalysis @bitfinex @tomkysar @ryoqun @0xdeadf4ce @losslessdefi

and many more

• • •

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28 Sep
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on building a memecoin, a community, and psyops

this report a long time coming

alas, as always, crypto a nonstop whirlwind of context switching

so now we have a minute

let's dive right in
1 /

back in late april @solana was marginally less 'on the radar'

we'd just helped lead the seed round for the amazing team @JetProtocol, and wanted to better empathize with the builder's perspective

specifically, we wantd to know what it takes to launch a project on $SOL?
2 /

since memcoins / doggycoins were soup du jour ($DOGE, $SHIBA, $SAFEMOON etc)

we decided to launch our own memecoin on $SOL and walk thru the entire process from a - z

so...where to start?
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12 Sep
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shower thoughts

thinking fast not slow
1 /

used to believe financial mkts were the one true meritocracy

no longer believe

across almost any mkt / asset / time horizon
2 /

ppl in any role are human

majority humans think similarly abt their job:

1. how can i increase my personal wealth today?
2. with as little effort as possible


regulatory agencies

say no more
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28 Aug
ur a known entity

mountains of capital

they track ur wallet

they listen to ur tweets

how might you deal in digital art?
1. subtly accumulate floor of lesser-known but plausibly pumpy nft collection

use a mix of anon / virgin wallets

hoover it up
2. manufacture high profile purchase for rare from the collection by trading against self

2-5x higher than prev price record

make bid sequence look organic

the buying wallet is ur main one...u want the nansen fanbois to see the fireworks

publicly affirm

'looks rare'
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10 Aug
0 /

few ppl asked us our opinion on the @mangomarkets token sale (currently ongoing!)

will try to give balanced analysis below

1 /

pre-existing opinion of the mango team was:

* legit builders
* strong marketing
* their A+
* especially enjoyed some of their earlier video content on building mm bots...good explainer for hobbyists
2 /

token sale mechanics appear to be maybe the first totally solved 'fair launch' we've witnessed

* valn determined by demand
* everybody same price
* no snipes
* very similar to $SUSHI miso except an exotic new tweak... Image
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29 Jul
just over an hour until the greatest charity poker event in crypto history

only 1 player (out of 190) who didn't know how to swap ETH -> USDC was the very special @crypto_bitlord7

public stream will be at

this tweet will become live updates thread
tunez wooden spoon in 8 minutes gg
172 players remain (18 RIPs)
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21 Jul
0 /

a quick primer on options pricing


'stop donating money to big VC and pass the wasabi'


you can do it too! (in just 2 simple steps)

$SUSHI @0xMaki @OmakaseBar @jdorman81 #phantomtroupe
1 /

every financial instrument exists on a complexity spectrum

spot < swaps < options

are 3 ordered examples

understood by

most < some < few

perhaps, for once, let's attempt to say something real
2 /


if you haven't been a professional options trader for some years, you don't even know what you don't know


almost any move you make vs an informed counterparty

is probably -EV

don't let @tastytrade fool you

stay far, far away

and farther again
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