Hoseok loves lazy f*cks.
He loves them so much because he's got the time to watch you squirm, get lost into the pleasure he is giving you.
He loves staring into your blown out eyes, your parted lips he can't help but lick and bite.
When he's on top he cages you in between his arms and rolls his hips in waves so fluid they could make the ocean rethink its existence.
His lips travel from your forehead to your earlobes to your throat. His teeth mark your delicate skin. He would spell his name if he could, but
he's just happy with how beautiful your skin looks beneath his touch.
When you're on top, he moves your hips in deep and slow grinds. He loves the weight of your thighs on his while his hardness is seated deep inside your wet warmth.
He would even keep you there to cockwarm him for hours just to relax, close his eyes, and maybe roll into you a
couple of times.
With you whimpering and begging him to move faster, to help you move faster, however, he can't really resist.

Don't get him wrong, Hoseok loves fast fucks as well. He loves it dirty, hard, he loves your gasps when he constantly hits the sweet spot inside you,
the way you clech around him making everything tighter.

Hoseok just loves being into you, on you,behind you.He loves fucking you until you are both utterly satisfied.
His stamina allows him to prove his love for you over and over until you are tired and spent and covered in cum.
@_imsory 💜

• • •

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12 Oct
What did you do to deserve this look? Why is he mad at you?
You have a hunch, an idea, and it makes you giggle under your breath.
You've been organizing a birthday party for him, pretending that you had no idea today was it.
Jimin side eyes you the whole day while you try not to
laugh in his face.
You make casual conversation over breakfast before you leave for work with a peck on his lips and a "See you later, baby".
*He doesn't suspect a thing* you text in the group you created for the night and everyone gives thumbs up and laughing emojis.
It's gonna be a long day but it will be worth it.

Jimin can't believe you actually forgot about his birthday, it's the first time since you met that it happens and he's pissed off, but a little sad as well. He knows you can read him like an open book so why didn't you see that
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12 Oct
The first time you saw him with his bright pink hair you froze on your feet.
The color was so different, so outside of the norm that you couldn't tear your eyes off him. His all-black outfit fit him well, but it was not something that could help avert your
attention from the soft strands falling over his eyes.
His eyes. Dark, soft, shining with a glint that could only promise fun and danger. A lopsided grin matched them when he noticed your gaze on him.
Cocky. Probably arrogant. Sexy.
Desire soon consumed you.
The sweaty walls of the pub weren't enough to contain you just like the knowledge of being in public didn't stop you.
The man's hands felt rough and stern against the hot skin of your back, his lips plump and soft in comparison.
Grinding on one another on the backseat of his car
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