1/There are everyday costs of losing high-trust society. As child, grandparents didn't lock doors, we could go over and just walk in. They liked it. Later on we convinced them to stop this b/c crime was no longer negligible...
2/Sometimes visiting a foreign country underscores this, can feel like traveling back in time. Some friends and I visited a gal in Europe that friend of mine knew. She was student, still lived w/parents. They took all 4 of us in for several days, saw no problem w/this...
3/Had any of us asked our parents if some random Euros could stay with us, the answer would've been a hard "NO." The concern would have been - we don't know these people, they might cut our throats in the night and rob us...
4/But what leads to those thoughts in first place? It's that you can't trust people. In USA, people have distant relationships even w/neighbors, view everyone w/suspicion. If you can't trust your neighbor, you can't trust European friends either...
5/You can't even trust local institutions. Cops pull people over for speeding if they go 40 in a 35 to meet a quota and bring in revenue. Meanwhile someone has called 911 in face of robbery and cops show up 45 minutes later and find the caller dead. The cynicism builds...
6/But my grandparents knew a time when this was not so, when you could leave doors unlocked without concern. Now many Americans don't trust anyone at all. It makes everyday life coarser, less open to new people/experience...
7/Many reasons for this, at least one being the total loss of a common civic culture driven by uncontrolled immigration. But upshot is that young people don't even know what high trust society is, what it feels like...
8/Consequences will be bad. We hear technical terms like "high trust society" thrown around a lot in these circles, but it's important now and again to explain what this means on the ground level, how it makes people feel, how it degrades our existence.

• • •

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12 Oct
1/ Peposo - north Italian dish, beef braised in red wine, black pepper and aromatics. Traditionally you serve this w/polenta, but I didn’t have any, but still have ton of potatoes gifted by East Euros, so I served w/basic mashed potatoes and caprese salad. Directions:
2/ below is what you need. I use chuck roast for stew. I had 5 lbs, when trimmed it was just over 4. 2 carrots. Head of garlic cloves smashed. About 2 tbsp freshly ground b pepper. 3 large shallots. Handful Rosemary. Some bay leaf. Chop beef large chunks, salt, let sit for 1 hr
3/ add some olive oil to Dutch oven, get hot, then brown about 2/3 of your meat in batches. You want good dark fond. When you deglaze it will add much flavor:
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1/ The trouble with modern art is that too many artists forget the audience. Art is a conversation. To some extent, an artist must "lower" himself to communicate his message to people who aren't as sophisticated as he is. The artists who do this are those we still remember...
2/ So Bach's cantatas were loved by contemporaries and they still move us today. They are relatively simple works, not Art of Fugue. They were written for normal church parishioners. Bach took his genius and brought it down a level into a recognizable form people could follow...
3/ There is similar problem w/modern literature. Very few people actually enjoy reading free verse poetry that conveys a totally personal experience (people who claim to like this are often lying). But force someone to write a clean sonnet, and people read it...
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1/So this Pork Vindaloo, which I served with a raita I do (cucumbers, scallions, cilantro mixed w/Greek yogurt and cumin/coriander) and flat bread was quite good. Here is finished product. Pointers below…
2/ I had 2 lbs of pork shoulder leftover. I brought to room temp, then took 4 dried guajillo chiles, torn them up and seeded them, simmered in water. When soft, put in blender w/all these ingredients (screen shot from newspaper)
3/ While I blended this, I added another 3/4 cup water gradually, to get consistency of fairly thick paste - not watery liquid. Then I poured over pork and let sit for several hours to marinate. Look like this:
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7 Oct
1/ The United States finds itself in a sort of absurdist reversal of Tsarist Russia. Folks who've studied the various Romanovs starting with Michael in 1613 know there was tradition to blame the Tsar's advisors for anything that went wrong, but hold the Tsar himself blameless..
2/ This drastically underestimated the power the Tsar had (he really was an "absolute monarch" compared to his Western equivalents) and was convenient method of maintaining stability of the monarchy by shunting off blame on people who were often just pliable tools of the Tsar...
3/ In the United States, we do the opposite. We blame the President for virtually everything that goes wrong. We closely monitor "approval ratings." It's asinine b/c (at least in domestic policy) the President has relatively little actual power...
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4 Oct
1/A cassoulet is a long process, but it’s worth it b/c it’s a large stew that makes 8-10 servings, a couple can eat for many days. We aren’t eating this tonight - we like to let flavors coalesce overnight, and reheat w/more stock and wine. We will eat tomorrow. Here is recipe:
2/You need a lot of pork. Here I used 2 lbs of pork shoulder, as well as 2 lbs of fresh andouille sausage. We like a Louisiana spiced Cassoulet. I had 6 lbs of pork shoulder, and I cut up what I needed. Sausages I cooked w/block salt pork in boiling water, then chopped:
3/ here are the vegetables you need: 2 diced carrots, two diced onions, 1 lb beans soaked in water and salt overnight, 2 celery ribs filled with many sprigs thyme/parsley/bay leaves, tied w/twine; can diced tomatoes; 7 diced garlic cloves; 2 tbsp tomato paste
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1 Oct
1/ Couple thoughts on leaving a blue city. I moved about 2 years ago from a large city everyone would immediately recognize. Moved to a smaller city, that is effectively a 'bedroom community' of that big city. Overall, the lifestyle is far superior...
2/ In my old condo, I had immediate foot access to many restaurants, bars, shops. Was nice. Didn't really know my neighbors, who were all tech workers or employed in one of the respected professions. No one talked to anyone else on public transit...
3/ I managed to get precinct data for the 2016 election, and discovered that I was one of 8 people (out of a total of roughly 500) who had voted for Trump. I spent much of my time walking around wondering who the other 7 were. But I never found out b/c no one talked to anyone...
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