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14 Oct, 25 tweets, 5 min read
k the council has spoken. orv au where scenarios start but it's abo. humans have animal genes and characteristics after a certain level of emotion (extra angry happy, horny, you get it). Kdj has ferret genes.
BUT. for some god forsaken reason, here the fourth wall doesn't blur his face. Oh no. Here, the fourth wall straight up turns kdj into an animal. Yes, a ferret.

Ysa sees him go 'poof' and turn into a little animal while they were in the train.
Kdj quickly learns how to use his ability omniscient reader's viewpoint stage ?? to convey his thoughts to other persons, so he basically whispers to ysa what to do and say (because come on, who would listen to the little talking white rat in an emergency situation?)
at the fight agaist knw he uses his skill again (this time to hear thoughts) and once again talks inside ysa's head, telling her how to dodge. Jumps on knw to distract him until there's no time left and the teen's head explodes. All this as an animal. what a shitty situation.
When he meets yjh on the bridge the regressor is so freaking confused. Trying to keep a straight face but eyebrows keep twitching with each of kdj's words.

Holds him by the scruff of his neck over the bridge. Kdj told him he is a human turned into a ferret but
yjh isn't sure if he believes that bs. It's more likely to be a high lvl monster or hidden scenario boss. Maybe he'll get a rare reward for killing him.

So kdj reads those thoughts and bites yjh's fingers. Hard. Just enough to escape from his grasp, jump from his arm to his
shoulder while the regressor turns left and right trying to get the rat off his body. He loses balance and they both fall in the ichthyosaur's mouth, smh.

Yjh wants to kill the ferret more than ever now, but stops after seeing the deal kdj tricks bihyung into. useful.
They escape sooner than expected from the sea serpent (yjh snatches the core like the asshole he is but listens to kdj's instructions after hearing what weapon they- he could get).

Go out, see jhw who yjh thinks of leaving but kdj convinces him to save her.
wait why am I writing out the whole thing--- ANYWAYS so kimcom can't take kdj serious because he's a RAT. Hsy started it (too late for kdj to regret helping her get Unbreakable Faith from yjh). They also try to give him baths because his fur is white and gets dirty easily.
It soon becomes yjh's responsability bc kdj always manages to escape from everyone, saying he'll do it alone but he doesn't - cuz he won't lick himself, but doing it like a normal human is useless.

So yjh becomes full time kdj caretaker. Yma already refers to him as 'oppa's pet'
Yjh then gets over himself and proceeds to keep kdj in a (nice) cage to assure he won't go k*ll himself again but the rat bastard AGAIN escapes. Every god damn time...using his natural ferret skills or dokkaebi bag items, way of the wind, etc. A lot of ways to escape.
They reach a peace agreement, kdj swearing he won't run away but he still has to sleep with yjh. Curls near his chest, it's nice and warm.

Kdj is still utterly humiliated that the first meeting with the protagonist he admires so much is when he's a damn ferret.
he would've rather been a cool dude on the same lvl...eventually smacking yjh's head a few times...

Because of the fourth wall, he looks like an animal but the star stream labels him as a 'human'. Sys's taming skills also dont work on him. And he can still get sponsors.
After dkos arc, demon king transformation gives him small wings and horns and it's actually useful to be able to fly around. Ferrets can climb and run fast, but still, kdj thinks the wings are very good.

But ferrets also have very fragile bones so each time he's somewhere high
kimcom have anxiety attacks.

When kdj gets angel tranformation his small wings turn white like his fur and there's a small halo floating above his head. Uriel lets out holy screeches at how adorable it looks and more than half of the eden go deaf.
yjh gets so mad when sp kidnaps kdj because kdj is HIS pet. Kdj wakes up surrounded by kkoma yjhs close to his size (a little smaller). Kdj lets them ride him; fly with one kkoma on his back at a time to win them over. SP stares in disbelief; pretends he doesn't know them.
in ancient dream arc OD sees a rat in running towards him and he's scared because who knows what diseases he could get if it bites him?

Kdj FINALLY turns back into a human when he and all kimcom are in train, scenarios over. He's very much naked except for the white coat
adjusting to his new size. Yjh's mind is so confused because he already knew kdj is a human but still 50% saw him as a pet...why else would he pay so much attention to what that guy eats, when he sleeps, who is he with, where is he, etc.
But the way his mind reacted to naked kdj is very much not the way you'd look at a pet. It doesn't help that kdj is so pretty... ahm, whatever. he can think about it later.

Sike, kdj breaks himself in half and becomes 51%. Meanwhile on earth sys makes an innocent comment
that triggers a whole war. About ferrets dying painfully if they don't breed.

Kimcom instantly look at kdj like "explain yourself!!!" and kdj just laughs, saying that for heat he used suppressants (like yjh) and other dokkaebi bag items to repress his 'needs'.
But that's not what they wanted to know. They already knew this. What they were confused about was why didn't he enter any heats after the scenarios ended. Kdj shrugs, saying he doesn't know. (it has something to do with him being an avatar)
skip to when they finally get 100% kdj back and recovered. His body condition is normal again, so heats appear too.

Kimcom smoothly leave the room. Yjh marks him almost immediately. The bond makes yjh even more possessive of kdj because the
black wolf genes in him scream to keep his mate safe by his side 24/7. They fuck. Many times. Ferrets have violent sex yall ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so yjh tries to be gentle at first since it's kdj's first time, but with kdj sobbing and begging him lewdly to move faster
yjh doesn't hold back anymore. Fills him with his knot. Bites kdj's nape and back, marks him from head to toe.

Soon they fuck about 3 times per day or more, yjh using the excuse that he wants to keep kdj "healthy". Bastard?? He won't die if you spare him from limping one day...
sdgasdgjweb but y that's basically it. Kimcom got used to swiftly leave when those two start staring at each other. Keep fragile items off the table cuz they'll fall and break when yjh throws kdj on any surface. They fuck a lot and maybe have (more than one) babu later. The end.

• • •

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10 Oct
halloween catching kdj in the 1863th regression where sp sent him.

ljh and knw start doing some bullshit to yjh but kdj lets them because they already worked together for some time and he knows it won't be anything dangerous. Also, it will be good for the regressor to be
surrounded by his old companions. Long story short, they painted and made him look like frankenstein. Kdj, hsy and the rest at first are shook but after seeing regression depressed yjh with blank eyes having no reaction, they hold back a laugh. This appearance really suits him.
Then by the power of plot a scenario appears where they have to be costumed to participate, so hsy just pulls out a crown and middle fingers the rest of the peasants, ljh shoves floppy dog ears on knw's head and she herself dresses as a knight. Lsw doens't participate, but
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30 Sep
(this is just me turning my obsession to see small animals eat into unholy joongdok but whatever I make the rules here) ((spoilers ahead))

Imagine if yjh became obsessed to see kdj eat. After they saved kdj and he woke up from the coma yjh prepared all of his meals.
At first it was a normal thing to do since he cooked the best and that guy needed his healthy food, but soon yjh got a kink out of it. Firstly, he loved the fact that kdj got to eat only his food. Yjh always had this obsession to monopolize the rat bastard
but always held back on it because the group members and other people would create useless trouble. Now at least he knew he's the only one who can cook for kdj. He would get angry if he saw ysa or lhs trying to cook, so the companions noticed and decided to stay out of it.
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21 Sep
Kdj is an attractive person. Though his face can't be described as 'handsome', he is far from ugly. An average looking face with nothing out of common, making it so much stranger as to why it caught his eye. Black hair and eyes, long lashes fluttering with every blink,
despite no remarkable feature in his appearance, yjh could pinpoint him in any crowd, no matter how large.
And just the fact that despite looking so ordinary his eyes couldn't leave the man is what made kdj even more interesting.
After getting to know him, yjh understood that he very much likes that person's personality.

Withdrawn from any other person, always quiet and reserved. Others could harass him, but if they did the same with someone else kdj would step in.
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19 Sep
I love sangsoo but damn yoohankim is amazing too. Can't and won't try to decide between these two. Imagine sadistic ysa with a lovely smile on her face, making even hsy who usually always has something to retort shut up with danger senses all tingling.
But then there's yoohankim where they can all cuddle on the couch and watch a movie, kdj and hsy starting to bicker and yjh glaring at them.
If kdj was filled with bite marks in yjh/kdj fics imagine when all three of them are there. Hsy has cat fangs yall.
Yjh biting kdj, hsy doing the same. kdj be like "wtf you two ganging up on me??". He wants to bite too but then he sees these two beasts basically waiting for him to try something and shudders go down his spine. Nope. No way.
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18 Sep
hanahaki disease, flowershop AU where kdj and yjh met in college via mutual friends. They never became too close since both lacked the social skills to do so, therefore their relationship remained at the 'we meet only at friends' gatherings and annoy each other' level.
Years later yjh becomes a pro gamer and kdj opens a flowershop. It's small but nice and clean, with a fresh assortment of flowers, so there are no customer problems. His friends can't understand why he suddenly decided to do this as a job, when he talked about
working at Mino Soft until not too long ago. The thing is...kdj had an unrequited love only hsy and ysa know about. What they don't know though, is that lately he started 'vomiting' flowers. Kdj heard about this disease before, but only in fanfiction.
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17 Sep
yjh is the ruler of some kingdom (no name me lazy) that has a lot of problems fighting against the demons. Every day is a struggle to remain alive, battles, blood, dying screams. He can't even remember that life isn't supposed to be all about that.
If there's one thing making him relaxed, that is knowing that even if he dies the kingdom won't fall because he has good companions left. Hsy might be annoying af but he can't deny she'll make a great ruler in his stead.

that's what he thinks about now, when his forces had been
ambushed, resulting in him being the sole survivor who managed to escape - though badly wounded. The enemies won't find him, as he used an ability to go a long distance from the massacre's location, but this is in the middle on nowhere and he isn't sure he'll survive his wound.
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