This is what one school calls a “calming room”

That’s not a calming room.

That looks more like a padded cell to me.…

I want to talk a little about how “quiet rooms” have turned into de-facto isolation units within schools. [thread]
These rooms are often sold by schools as rooms where a pupil can go, in order to destress and unwind if they are in a stressful situation or find themselves becoming distressed. It conjures a picture of calm lighting and warm colours.

That is very rarely the case.
Most often, these rooms are effectively isolation units. They often have no other use than to as a place to put “disruptive” pupils, and many kids can be put in there for hours on end.
In my eyes, I don’t think it’s much different to solitary confinement, and we’re doing this in schools. To children.

I mean just think about that for a minute. We are using solitary confinement on CHILDREN.
Just going to quote directly here from the report;

“All three rooms at Whitefield School were poorly ventilated with doors that could not be opened from the inside, while two had no natural light and children were unable to see outside or hear clearly”
Does that sound calming to you?

It sounds bloody terrifying to me, to be quite honest with you.
Another quote;

‘"In a significant number of cases, pupils are placed in the rooms more frequently or for longer periods of time, as their behaviour worsens," the report said. It added there was no evidence parents had been told when their child had been placed in the room.’
Imagine that, you put a child into a padded cell for extended periods of time, and they start to get increasingly distressed.
Oh, this is also the same school where a teacher was sacked after a member of the public witnessed them kicking a 17 year old Autistic pupil on a school trip.

This place sounds absolutely horrifying.
But coming back to “calm rooms”, one of the big problems here is that there is no definition or regulation of what a calming room must be.

You can literally call anything a calming room. My schools calm room was a physics storeroom.
Yeah it wasn’t exactly calming. Another huge issue with these rooms, as the report makes clear, is that parents do not need to be told about their use. Kids can be put in there and the parents are none the wiser, as there’s no current obligation to inform them.
When designed properly and used properly, a facility that provides a calming sensory environment can be a huge benefit to pupils.

The reality is that, as it stands, this is NOT what’s happening. And it’s unacceptable this is being allowed to continue to happen.
This isn’t an isolated case. Almost every school in the country will have one of these rooms. They are almost standard now in schools. We have effectively allowed solitary confinement in padded cells to be utilised as a form of discipline and punishment.
It’s sickening.
This is also why we NEED #HarrysLaw , because it’s abundantly clear that these situations will continue to keep on happening, unless action is taken. Schools have repeatedly proven they are unable or unwilling to take the necessary steps.

@shakespeare_d @shaunagh_92

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