Ever wonder why the woke think a man can become a woman but a white person can never become a black person?

Why do the woke think people can change their gender but they can not change their race?

Let's talk about race and gender,

A Thread 🧵
The woke think "identities" (gay, straight, black, white, etc) are socially constructed products of human definition and interpretation shaped by cultural and historical contexts. This can be confusing, so let's see how it works using gender as an example of how this works.
When it comes to men and women most of us think:

1. Healthy Men have penises, testicles, male gonads and make sperm
2. Healthy Women have wombs, vaginas, female gonads and make eggs
3. Most Men are bigger and stronger than most women

This is **NOT** what the woke think
The woke think "man" and "woman" are SOCIAL categories referring to PURELY social roles enforced by social rules. The woke think these terms are entirely divorced from biology. For them, being a man or woman is about how one is "socially located," NOT about biology.
In the minds of the woke, talking about a "biological man" makes about as much sense as talking about a "biological police officer" or a "biological Mayor." Because, like mayors and cops, being a man or a woman is about social role...not biology.
They want to completely separate the concepts of "man" and "woman" from the reality of biology. This is why they use terms like "birthing person," "menstruaters," "people with cervix's," and so on.
This view of gender comes from "queer theory," which says gender roles were created by straight men in order to constrict the behavior of anyone who is not a straight male and allow straight men to keep all the power. Queer theorists see gender as a form of social control.
Queer Theorists say the solution to this is to "deconstruct" the categories of sex, gender, by attacking the meaning of the terms used to discuss sex and gender. They try to make the terms appear meaningless, ridiculous, absurd out of date, or wrongheaded..
The queer theorists want to undercut the stability of the categories of sex and gender so they become fluid and unstable. That way anyone can be anything and it doesn't matter, nobody is forced to be something because of whatever genitals they happen to have...
Because under Queer Theory gender is theorized as a system of control and oppresion, changing genders is seen as a way of liberating oneself from this oppresive gender system.

I hope you can see no how transgenderism fits flawlessly into wokeness.
Critical Race Theorists agree with the gender theorists about social construction. They think Race is a social construct just like gender is. However, the way Critical Race Theorists think racial identity is different then how Queer theorists think about gender identity.
Critical Race Theory say the concepts of "the white race" and "the black race" were created by Europeans to justify the slavery. There is some truth here. Europeans did use (now discredited) race science to try and justify slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow and school segregation
So people who opposed racism began to chip away at the social significance of race. They said people should not discriminate based on race because doing so is unfair, and because the concept of race that these racists were using was scientifically unsound....
Critical Race Theory did not want race to lose its social significance. The question is why?

It's because Critical Race Theory does not believe it is possible to completely take the social significance out of race and get rid of racism.

They think racism is permanent
Further, Critical Race Theory, argues whiteness AS AN IDENTITY is an inherently oppressive. On this view, Whiteness is just about oppression, and Blackness however, is an identity that is formed resistance to oppression. Noel Ignatiev explains it here:
Further, because they think society socializes everyone into a particular racial identity, they think it is impossible for a white person to not be racist. All white people are at least somewhat racist. Robin Diangelo makes the point here
So, Critical Race Theory says because we can't abolish racism (it's not possible) we instead have accept the race categories and use them to do identity politics.
So every race (black, asian, brown, brown, olive skinned, etc) should take up radical identity politics.
This is why Nikole Hannah Jones said on twitter that there is a difference between being racially black (having black skin) and being politically black (adopting black identity politics).
NHJ wants racially black people to become politically black and do identity politics
So the question is obvious: if being racially black is different from being politically black, can a white person be politically black?

And here is where we see the difference between race and gender for the woke...
Political blackness is rooted in the experience of black people in America as that experience is understood by wokeness. This means that to be politically black you need to have the experience of being black in America
According to Critical Race Theory, it is not possible to know what it is like to grow up being black in America unless you have black skin. Thus, if one who grows up white tries to "become black" they can't because they lack the EXPRIENCE of blackness to do so...
And without that experience you can't be politically black because political blackness is based on having a first person experience of oppression.
For the woke, a white person claiming to be black is like a person who never served in the army saying he won a medal of honor.
The woke adopt queer theory and think gender is socially constructed and conclude they must destroy the concept of gender by attacking it, thus liberating themselves from the constraints created by the gender roles imposed by society.
The woke also adopt Critical Race Theory and conclude we must keep the racial categories so we can do identity politics. And as the experience of having black skin is central to Identity politics in Critical Race Theory, a white person can't "become black"
Thus the woke accept that gender must be deconstructed because it was created to oppress everyone but straight males, but they think race must remain intact in order to able to do identity politics rooted in the experience of various racial groups (particularly black people)
The woke see gender as an oppresive construct that is best dealt with by being deconstructed (so they can get rid of gender) and the woke see racial identity as being formed by the oppressed in response to oppression.

That is a key difference
So, the woke theorize race and gender differently:

Gender is a social construct to be deconstructed and done away with,

Race is a social construct that hasto be kept around and used as that basis for identity politics.


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Here @andrewtwalk is exactly correct @kkdumez response fails.


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Just so everyone is clear:

I will turn the other cheek when hurt. I will apologize when I am wrong. I will forgive and forget.

That said...

If you tell lids and spread baseless rumours about good people, I absolutely will call you on it with reciepts.

This was the last straw.

I almost NEVER go after people, but this merited a response. @sapinker has done wonderful things for @Counter_Weight_ and I will not tolerate the baseless lies spread by this person.

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That's a lie.
What the tool-kit Business insider lied about actually says is the CRT is two parts:

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This broke my heart.

I grew up in hook up culture. I've felt the letdown and experienced the meaninglessness that comes with it.

It's inevitable: hook up culture only works if the sex means nothing, and the only way sex means nothing is if the people think *they* mean nothing.
I've "hooked up" and I have felt the let down of being tossed aside. I have also been the one to walk away.

I have the scars of this on my soul and I've been broken by it.

One reason I opted out of hook up culture entirely and went back to old school evangelical values...
is because of this.

Not all my relatinships have been meaningless, but there are times I knew I meant nothing, and I don't want to do that again.

I blame no one but myself.

That said, I still hope for more and better, and that's why I focus so much on *MEANING*
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