In todays edition of living while Palestiniqn. Journo interested in IHRA critique asks me if Palestinian protest doesnt risk turning into anti Jewish hate. So here we go #Thread #IHRA
First off, the fact that young Palestinians who have only known Israeli siege and massacre and aerial bombardment & snipers in Gaza distinguish bw Zionists and Jews and rally for a decolonial future for all. THAT is a remarkable example of humanity and what should be the story.
Second, since the only thing that has been hateful has been Israel’s racialized violence, its siege, its shoot to kill policies, its home demolitions - the story is about Zionist settler hate. It is THE primary teacher and exemplar of hate.
Third, as much as we try to distinguish Zionism and Judaism, our adversaries want to collapse the two and obscure the distinction bw a ppl and a state. We are not responsible for this gross reduction & resist it. No state or ideology is beyond critique.
Fourth, the greatest source of antisemitism is white supremacy/ists. Go do interviews w them rather than interrogate Palestinians if they really think they deserve freedom and have the right to comdemn the racist ideology that has marked them for removal. #IHRA

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11 Sep
Israel has recaptured four of the six Palestinian political prisoners who self-liberated themselves using spoons against nuclear weapons and grotesque racial domination. #PalestinianPrisoners #TheGreatEscape #FreeThemAll
While Palestinian hearts weigh heavy at this news, they are also irreversibly uplifted by an indefatigable will to be free. 104 years of imperial sponsored setter colonization and here we are fighting still and far from disappeared as the settlers and their sponsors conspired.
The world witnessed this prison break & should b reminded that Israel holds captive 4500 Palestinians, ~300 w/o charge or trial, 7 81 corpses held hostage after death. It should also b reminded that these numbers reflect an apartheid regime which condemns to permanent subjugation
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24 Aug
I spoke w a journo about the upcoming #Biden/#Bennett mtg. Ill spare you commentary on the problem with news production and the ways Palestinians are expected to fill a quote gap in a story - sorry to disappoint - and just share thoughts on that mtg. #ImperialPatron #THREAD
Both Biden/Bennett want to establish clear breaks & distinctions from their infamous predecessors whose shared love for militarized nationalist supremacy wasn't such a great hit with Western liberal audiences - most of the global south recognized power in a different tone so 🤷‍♀️
But Biden continues Obama legacy, who was quite pro-Israel despite personal antagonism w Netanyahu, & Bennett is to the right of Netanyahu & reps a settler movement that believes in *Greater Israel* & isn't very concerned w human rights or crimes against humanity like apartheid.
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9 Aug
Difficult to comprehend that today 7 yrs ago, a cop shot to kill #MichaelBrown & left him laid out in grueling #Ferguson heat for 4 hours. It happened in the midst of Israel's aerial onslaught of Gaza & catalyzed renewals of #BlackPalestinianSolidarity. Since then...
more cops & vigilantes have shot to kill unarmed Black folks catalyzing the most significant Black uprisings of our time in the summer 2020. Israeli officers have shot to kill too many Palestinians, including my cousin, #AhmadErekat 6 times above the waist in 2 seconds, &....
launched an even more devastating onslaught of besieged Palestinians in #Gaza then we've seen in the past 2 decades of systemic warfare catalyzing the most significant #Palestinian uprising in recent history.
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17 May
For folks refusing to contend with Zionist militarism & believe that Israel would cease its bombardment if Hamas was demilitarized, remember: in 1996, Israel deliberately struck a UN compound in #Qana sheltering civilians & protected by peacekeepers. Israel intends to terrorize.
Israel had the coordinates of the compound & multiple warnings from UN personnel that only civilians were inside. Under the command of Moshe Ya'alon, Israel struck the compound and killed 100 civilians, including two young boys from Michigan visiting their grandmama that summer.
I worked w @theCCR & cooperating attorneys to sue Ya'alon for #WarCrimes under the Alien Tort Statute in 2006- the case was dismissed on grounds that it was better suited for another branch of US Govt. These are the fruits of impunity. #Qana…
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11 Mar
How? How is it possible that I take my nephew to his soccer practice & the team manager bee lines for us, asks if I was born in this country, & then proceeds to explain how much time he spent in Israel in his capacity in the Air Force 👀👀👀 wait, it gets fresher.
When I explain I’m Palestinian (again) he tries to make nice and explain that he spent a lot of time managing money/fundraising for Palestinian security forces 😱😱😱I really thought it couldn’t get worse...when I said oh, 2006, the Dayton Forces, I actually study what you do....
Then I don’t know what compels him to tell me: “ya I was there from 2004-2007 when Syria was raining missiles on Israel” 👀 that’s not what you mean, Syria hasn’t attacked Israel since 1973...he laughs & says it was so cool how Israelis just stayed on the beach during the war 😱
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29 Nov 20
Today is the #InternationalDayofSolidaritywiththePalestinianPeople. The UN established it in 1977 in the context of anti-imperial resistance, particularly to the United States, which has been blocking pathways to freedom for Palestinians. #Palestinians #Solidarity #Thread
The #Palestinian #Liberation Organization entered the #UN foray in 1974 & immediately helped pass UNGA Res 3236 - a corrective to UNSC Res 242, which normalized Israel's status pre 1967 & reified the juridical erasure of Palestinians as a people w the right to self-determination.
In 1975, the UNGA passed Res 3375 insisting that the PLO be included in the Middle East Peace Process - which the US and Israel excluded vehemently and instead discussed their interests through proxy of other Arab States thus insisting that #Palestinians "do not exist." #Freedom
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