#Thread on 10 Mahāvidhya.

The Adhishthatrā powers of the ten directions are called the Ten Mahavidya, which is considered as the form of Adi Parashakti Mata Pārvati.
She takes the form of Kali in anger, Tara in summative anger, and Dhoomavati in quick anger, in love and nurture in compassion, she takes the form of Bhuvaneshwari,

Matangi and Mahalakshmi, In Shakti Sadhana we can gain knowledge and strength from the worship of Mahāvidyas.
.Mahavidya Sadhana can be practiced by any caste seeker or practitioner of any religion. According to the scriptures,

by worshiping one of these ten mahavidya dailyWe get freedom from all kinds of obstacles that have been going on for a long time and get ultimate happiness,
the belief is that the worshipping of these ten Mahavidyas is as fruitful as the Kalpa Vrikshyā

Their Sadhnā is done in the form of 2 Kulā

●Kāli Kula
●Shree Kula

Nine Devis are said to be present in each of these two 2 kulā , but acco. to some beliefs, kulā have three forms,
●Ugrā: (Kali chinnamasta, Dhoomāvati)
●Soumyā: (Tripurasundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Mātangi and Mahalakshmi)
Ugrā - Soumyā: (Tara and Bhairavi)

At the time of worshiping any Mahavidya, worshiping Shiva on his right side is more beneficial. It is considered as mandatory at the time
Of ritual or special worship.

His description is as follows-

Mahavidya and Form of Shiva

1-Kali- Mahakal
2-Tāra - Achobhyā
3-Shodashi — Kameshwar
4-Bhuvaneshwari — Trayambak
5-Tripura Bhairavi —Dakshina Murthy
6-Chinnamasta — Krodha Bhairava
7-Dhoomvati -Since she is widow ,Shiva is not present.
8.Bangalamukhi - Mrityunjayā
9-Matangi -Matang
10-Kamala - Vishnu Roop

Source: Bhagwati Puran ,Shivpuran, Rudramalay Tantram etc.

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13 Oct
#श्रृंखला { #प्रयाग_तीर्थ }

अनंतकाल से मोक्ष प्रदान करने वाला प्रयाग सदा ही वंदनीय रहा है ,
यहां ब्रह्मा , विष्णु आदि देवता तथा प्रतापी मुनिवर निवास करते है जिनके साथ साथ नदियाँ , सिद्ध , गन्धर्व तथा अप्सराएँ भी वास करती है । प्रयाग मे तीन अग्निकुंड है ।

यहाँ गंगा सभी तीर्थों को साथ लिए बड़े वेग हे बहती है यहाँ और त्रिभुवन विख्यात सूर्य कन्या यमूना भी बहती है ।
गंगा और यमुना के मध्भाग को पृथ्वी का " जघन " माना गया है और प्रयाग को ऋषियों ने जघन के बीच का उपस्थ भाग बताया है ।
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12 Oct
#Thread on 51 Divine Abodes (51 Shaktipeetha) Of Maa Aadiparashakti! Image
Every one is aware that Daksha hates Mahadev because he cursed Brahma Dev(his father) not to be worshipped.

Here is the another reason why daksh has developed negative thoughts against Mahadev and Devi Sati.
Mata Sati married Shiv Ji against the will of Daksha.

Because of all these reasons Daksha with the intention to insult Mahadev and sati, organised a Yagna and he did not invited Shiva and Sati to his yagna, Mahadev asked Sati not to go there without invitation but
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11 Oct

《 Kanyā Poojan 》

For the devotees of Maa Durga, Navratri is not just only a festival, but an emotion, this nine days devotees of Maa Durgā show their faith ,devotion, and love towards the mother of all "Bhagvati Durgā"
we all know about the Kanyā Poojan which is perform by devotees in Navratri, so let us know its importance and Poojan Vidhi .

Kumāri Kanyā should be worshiped with the pure clothes, fruits and food which is sweet in taste.
One should be worshiped on the first day, two on the second day, and so on , in the same way nine girls should be worshiped on the ninth day.

In Kanyā Poojan their should not have a girl of one year because she is unaware of the taste, the girl should be at least of 2 years old
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10 Oct

त्वमेव माता Image
च पिता त्वमेव Image
त्वमेव बन्धु Image
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9 Oct
#Thread on Durga Saptasati.

Durga Saptashati is one of the most divine पाठ of Maa Durga, it contains the beautiful history of Mata Jagadamba's grace towards her bhakta. Image
along with Gyaan Sagar of गूढ़ साधन & रहस्य ।

-This पाठ is ocean of Karma, Bhakti & Gyan,and वांछाकल्पतरु for the bhaktas.

-One who does the पाठ of Durga Saptasati,can get the phala as per their wish,and a selfless bhakta attain moksha in the lotus feet of Maata Jagdamba.
Maharishi Medhane had said to King Surath-
तामुपैहि महाराज शरणं परमेश्वरीम् ।
आराधिता सैव नृणां भोगस्वर्गापवर्गदा ॥

O King !
Take refuge in the lotus feet of Bhagwati Parmeshwari, Being pleased with bhakti of the bhaktas,she bestows भोग, स्वर्ग and मोक्ष to all human beings.
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9 Oct
#Thread on Panch Devi .

According to Shiva Purana, when Brahma ji was creating the सृष्टि , then the living entities were dying after a life span, and were not able to produce their own children. Image
Seeing this, Brahma ji was disappointed and upset, he did tapasya for the darshan of Mahadev.

After some time, when Mahadev appeared to Brahma Dev in his Ardhanarishwar form, he ordered Brahma ji to create a मैथुन सृष्टि in order to make the universe run smoothly.
And सृष्टि this needs both Purush and Prakriti (Maya Of Mahadev).

Following the orders of परमात्मा Prakriti divided itself into five divine forms who were performing different functions in order to run this universe properly .

Those Five Forms are ...👇
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