For those who considered themselves to be left wing but began to drift, what was your tipping point?

I started to deviate from the orthodoxy a few years ago on education issues, which I now see was my epiphany on the hypocrisy in some progressive circles.
A few examples:

Ivy League grads advocating against rigorous public school education, but only after guaranteeing that you and your family have access to gifted programs and/or private school.
Advocating for minimal discipline in the form of poorly implemented restorative justice techniques for actual violent acts, while simultaneously labeling offensive words as 'violence' and demanding the harshest penalties.
Insisting that you care about the 'lived experience' of human beings, but disregarding or even denigrating the experience of immigrant groups or anyone who doesn't subscribe to your ideology.
Claiming to be in favor of elevating the voices of disenfranchised Americans, while simultaneously pushing policies that the majority of these groups don't actually want, and silencing those who dare advocate for themselves against your narrative.
Not even going to get into the hypocrisy of our COVID response's disproportionate impact to the working class, & how this response was revered by the elite progressive, because that would consume the entire morning.
There is an undercurrent of downplaying the needs of actual victims of violence while elevating other aspects of victimhood like microaggressions.
I'm not articulating this well, but there are people who have more passion and anger about a child being accidentally misgendered than they do about a child who is physically assaulted at school.
Nothing exemplifies left-wing hypocrisy and elitism quite like "defund the police".

It must feel great to want to eliminate police when your biggest threat of "violence" is a microaggression at the supermarket.
FWIW, I don't need to be reminded about the failings of the right wing, which I'm aware are plentiful.
There are a lot of ppl who witnessed 18+ months of Democratic policy that would have resulted in protests & sheer hysteria if implemented by the Trump admin.

Most recent example is the AG wanting the FBI to get involved in school board meetings, but countless other examples.
Another example - endless anger & articles in the @nytimes when it was believed that the Trump admin influenced the CDC on school policy (which turned out to be a nothingburger), but no anger at how the Biden admin pushed the FDA & allowed org labor unions to craft CDC policy.

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8 Oct
Highly recommend reading this piece by @ezraklein on @davidshor 's predictions for the Democratic party.

It's everything we expect, & more.
Everyone needs to understand that this is the game for 2022, and of course in 2024, whether Trump decides to run or not.

“The challenge in 2022 is to convince people that they’re again voting on whether or not the country is going in a Trumpist direction,” he said."
This is why we still can't even go a week without seeing an article about Trump, despite the fact that he was voted out 11 months ago.

The media wants you to believe he's desperately lurking in every corner, whether it's true or not.
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8 Oct
I really question the mindset of an individual who wishes to begrudge a population who is very clearly willing to make great sacrifices in order to better their children's station in life the chance of success.
I'm going to stereotype here, & IDGAF if this offends.

How many more hurdles are you willing to place in front of low/middle income Asian communities in this city before you come to terms w/ the fact that they are going to do whatever it takes to jump them?
How many families came to the US with no money, & a language barrier, and their 'crime' is instilling drive & grit into their kids.

This is partially about resources but mostly about rote fucking effort.
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6 Oct
The worst part of this poll is that he is at 48-50 for COVID policy.

Do people actually think that he is doing a good job managing the pandemic?

What actual policies has he enacted that have influenced the trajectory of the pandemic thus far?
Let's see... screwed up the vaccination rollout by leaning on federal mega-sites when most people just wanted their local pharmacy.…
Presiding over the resignation of two incredibly senior vaccine officials at the FDA at the worst possible time. Oh, and hasn't appointed a Commissioner yet?…
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5 Oct
A couple of thoughts on the Project Veritas video...

First, it's a nothing burger.

Nothing new was revealed in that video that was remotely controversial.
We already have studies that show natural immunity is robust & that it produces antibodies that cover the entire virus, vs just a part of the spike protein.

If the studies didn't move the needle, this video won't.
We already know Pfizer is a for-profit company, which means they will want to maximize their customer base by keeping track of their target market.
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4 Oct
In case you lacked your own ability to make decisions, behold the @CDCgov holiday guidance!

Please, pretty please, let this be the thing that wakes progressives up to the fact that it's time to going back to ignoring the CDC.…
Some helpful tips:

"-Have an outdoor celebration with everyone at least 6 feet apart.
-Watch virtual events and celebrations.
-Drive or walk around your community to wave to neighbors from a safe distance."
"-Take a food or gift to family, friends, and neighbors in a way that does not involve contact with others, such as leaving them at the door.
-Throw a virtual dance party and collaborate with friends and family on a playlist.
-Celebrate outside with neighbors and friends."
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3 Oct
Maybe after we exit this dystopia, we can finally get agreement from the left and the right on some key issues:
It's not a good idea to have health insurance tied to an employer as it gives this employer a legitimate vehicle to be involved in personal health care decisions.
Unchecked corporate power is a danger to everyone.
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