" 20 Psychology Tricks that are Worth a Try to make Life Easier"

1. The selfish self image:

Show that you are a little selfish. Believe me everyone is selfish & when they meet a fellow selfish person they will obviously tend to find common things there by liking you.
2. Senses dependent recall:

Try chewing a gum while studying for an exam and then while writing the exam chew the same flavored gum, you would recall the answers easier than before.
3. Detect your Stalker:

Ever get the feeling that someone is watching you?
Try yawning & then glancing at your stalker.
If they yawn, they've been watching you, since yawning is contagious or look at your watch. If they are watching you they will usually look at their watch.
4. Do not round up statistics:

Stores use this to lure customers.
Non rounded up things look more legit than rounded up things.

When a friend asks you to review a book or a movie ,Give them a figure with decimal valuep.
Will make them feel like it's well thought out & legit.
5. Ask for something bigger than you actually need:

Ask for a bigger deed which will obviously get rejected & when they reject it ask for a smaller deed which you actually need.

They will feel guilty & obligated to help you out.
6. Song stuck in your head: 

Nine out of Ten psychologists agree that "Unfinished" things gets stuck in your head.

If you want to make it go away just think about the end of the song & get back to your work.
7. Paternal Wisdom:

If you want people to take your words more seriously just say, "This was what my father taught me when I was a kid".
People tend to believe in fatherly advises.
8. Chunked recall:

This is generally used for phone numbers on day to day basis.
For example, say my phone number is +9177997977xx.

It's really confusing with all the sevens and nines to remember it individually.
By chunking information you can remember more.
9. Hold your glass with left hand in parties, that your right hand doesn't turn cold:

People tend to like people with warm handshakes.
Also make sure your right hand isn't sweaty because that's just disgusting.
10. The Silent technique:

Nothing is worse than a silent listener.
If you want a friend to open up about something, just ask her a question & if you feel like they just gave you have of the actual answer, maintain eye contact & stay silent.
11. Changing plans to your advantage:

When you are taking a girl out, take her to someplace exciting like Roller Coaster ride,something that makes her heart pump more blood than usual norm.
will rise Adrenaline, her think that is more interested in you rather than the activity.
12. Achieving technique:

To achieve a goal, stop visualizing the end & start visualizing the processes to achieve that goal & the future beyond the goal.
This will make people work harder than before.
13. So agreeable:

When asking someone a question, get them to agree with you by simply nodding your head.

The action, makes them start to think that what you’re saying is true & that they should nod “Yes” too, since our behaviors are social.
14. Take to gain trust:

If you want to someone trust you, take something from them.
It doesn't matter how small, it like a tissue...
Once a thing passes from their hands to yours, their brain registers it as an investment in you.
People trust their investments there.
15. Anxiety clean up:

If you ever feel anxious about something & you are not even sure why or you are really anxious about some result you have been waiting for a while now,clean up your room or your work space.

This is why OCDed people are so obsessed with hygiene.
16. Opening and Closing statements:

Opening & conclusion are the only things that people are going to remember & they are the only things that matters.
So when you are in an interview or if your are giving a speech, just come up with a great opening & conclusion.
17. It's not what you said, it's the way you said:

No matter how harsh your response to something.
Even the deadliest things can be explained with ease if you maintain the phase of the conversation in an excusable way.
18. Notice the eye color when you first meet someone:

If you try to observe the person's eye color you obviously are going to have to look into their eyes for a second or two.
People tend to trust people who maintain eye contact.
19. Identify your admirer in a group:

If you want to identify your admirer in a group of people just crack a joke & observe, the person who admires you will look at you longer while laughing than the rest/ they would look at you first.
20. Mirroring body language and slang words:

If you want someone to agree with you or like you while having a conversation, pick a slang word they often use & their body movement while using it You mirror that & they will like you more.
The world is holistic.

You need multidisciplinary thinking.

1. Read the most important books of each science
2. Read the most important ideas of each science "100 books in one book + 40 books free" Save time and money.

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