The Numbers passage that Pro-Death Advocates point to support their views is bad even if we assume that pregnancy is being talked about in it (1)
1. The passage doesn't say this is common for all women, just married ones. So obviously if this was promoting abortion it would only be married women that could have it.
2. Nowhere does it say it was the woman's choice. It says the husband orchestrated it (2)
3. It would also only promote abortions done by drinking water mixed with dust from the Tabernacle, not modern medical ways. Does anyone really think that drinking dusty water would cause an abortion? (3)
4. Lastly this entire passage assumes YHWH if anything would kill the child not the mother. There is a difference between YHWH killing humans and humans killing humans. Moral obligations about preserving life don't hold with YHWH as he transcends morality. (4 end)

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21 Sep
A stupid thing about the "Pro Life Hypocrisy" argument. They always say if you were Pro Life you would support VA For All, and a bunch of Liberal policies. I'm like there's numerous problems with that argument
1. It is a generalization fallacy. There are liberal pro-lifers that are all for that. Your inability to see more than stereotypes is a you problem.
2. You're essentially saying "If you were really Pro Life you'd be for government mugging people for alleged benefits" (2)
3. The argument assumes without further detail that the policies that they advocate for are good for life. That's something they would have to prove first. If the policies aren't why would pro-lifers have to be for them? (3)
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22 Apr
I have a standard I go by that applies to really anything. DPAMS or Don't Presuppose A Mind Standard. Basically it says that you ought not prefer a mind is behind a phenomenon if you have factors that don't depend on a mind that adequately explain it.
For example there's a disparity between men and females getting struck by lightning with men getting struck by lightning more. Now one could posit the explanation that men are outside more often than women where lightning strikes more or one could posit the...(1)
Misandrist Thunder Goddess Hypothesis which says that there is a man hating thunder goddess who is striking men down. Lastly you could posit Female Cabal Thunder Theory which says women are conspiring to get men outside struck by lightning so they can collect life insurance (2)
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19 Apr
@TheJohnRichards @LukeferZ @SteveMcRae_ @GoblinQChesh That's illogical by definition. Logic is for arguments and are evidence. When scientists observe they're doing so to support premises of an inductive argument.
Raw data itself is meaningless unless it is interpreted and scientists make the argument for their interpretation.
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27 Feb 20
@secularprolife @TruthAgape @DebbieGarratt Basically a couple years ago I was a big abortion supporter. I was even supportive of late term abortions for non emergency reasons. Partially it was religious based as I thought even if it was a person it might be in heaven and so better off (1)
@secularprolife @TruthAgape @DebbieGarratt Another part just didn't want to ever become a dad and pass on my autism, so abortion just helped in that regard. Needless to say I had my belief in an afterlife shattered and I got out of Christianity which sent me on a knowledge quest to see what else I was wrong about(2)
@secularprolife @TruthAgape @DebbieGarratt Abortion came up and I did my usual research methods. I seen some ultrasounds, looked into some philosophy,etc. What finally really pushed me to Pro Life was looking through your website. I just couldn't feel comfortable being Pro Abortion anymore. (3)
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