Rationalists form a cult to help the world and instead start playing about with demons.

Who could have predicted this?

Going to read this and make a thread on the way through.
Here's a link directly to the story
First we start with symptoms that this poor woman suffered

Well these seem like totally normal things. The ones marked in red seem especially completely normal.

Night terrors and "feelings of being fundamentally “defiled” or “ruined”

Yeah, totally not demonic oppression. This is gonna be a great thread.
Well, let's consider the name to begin with

What would you expect from something named "Leverage" but manipulation and lies?

And that's exactly what we get
Hmmm. Making a solemn oath to keep the groups secrets...

Where have I heard that before?
Writer is a typical liberal woman.

The "openness and vulnerability" part is probably completely accurate and likely what caused her problem in the first place.
I've skipped most of it because it's frankly boring, but if you read the article you'll see how this woman has wasted Several paragraphs worth of words in talking around the fact that other people have other experiences.

No small wonder she was so controllable
The road to Hell is paved with good intentions
I really can't get over the unspeakable arrogance of these people.

"Oh well it ruined my life for two years but I got all of these pointless psuedo scientific psychological tools out of it!"
And here we get to the evil part.

I've read plenty about cults, and this is pretty typical (iirc sc*entology does basically the same thing) , but it really caught my eye that they immediately started referring to them as "demons".
Fucking come on, man. This is too easy
In which the term " infohazard " just starts to mean "Demon"
So, so far, these people have recognized that outside influences can control their thoughts.
Does make me curious what these "evil" thoughts looked like.
Okay cool. This is just classic witch craft.

Amazing to me to see a group of intellectual atheist devolve into a witch coven in just a few years.

Makes you wonder if there's not more to it
This just sounds like classic demonic oppression but I'm sure it was just PTSD or something
Forgot the image
And there's even more
Work crisis, will be back soon.
I'm back.

And yes, trafficking with demons will absolutely cause all the problems she listed
Tempted to write a paper
"Control of the United States as a Function of Demonic Factional Competition"

These are the most arrogant people I think I've ever heard of
Just because the demon possessing you is a hyper-intelligent being doesn't mean you are, Geoff.
Hyper-intelligent logic as a weapon of control....hmmm....

Anyone wanna link that Owen Cyclops thread about DMT and demons? Seems relevant.
Yes, it would be a tragedy if something happened to Geoff's head, especially if it were something like a cinder block
I don't think he is *the* Antichrist, but Geoff certainly is *an* antichrist, if even half of this account is true.
Now we're to this part and I honestly couldn't say it better

Actual evidence of what crypto-pals have known for a long time

FOMO is demonic
Yes, there are plenty of other places to pick up demons; the author handily lists a few for us
These are literally the same thing, the author is just going to fall into this trap again.

We should pray for her; she will need it.
Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves
In case you haven't quite caught up, demon fueled, personality erasing transhumanism isn't a viable long term strategy

But that's not going to stop them from trying
"There is one custom amongst these people which is wholly shameful: every woman who is a native of the country must once in her life go and sit in the temple of Ishtar and there give herself to a strange man."

Herodotus knew.
I know these people had to be intelligent and well read; I can't believe they were doing this without realizing the demonic nature.

Self deception and arrogance are powerful, I suppose.
This is the guy who had a psychological breakdown; he started conversing directly with the demons.

Notice the alien connection? It always seems to come back around to that, doesn't it?
Jolly Raptor coming in hot and completely correct.
This answers an old question; even demonic possession does make people respect actors.
The fact that we do is a sign of how sick America is.

Bit of advice for the general public
If you have to type "CRAZY CRAZY DEMON DREAMS"into your schedule, you should stop doing what you're doing
"I think this schedule was dangerous"

This is the sum total of what this woman learned from being around a witch coven that actively used demons to harm, gave her sleep paralysis and crazy demon dreams, and all the learned was "I was overworked"

Honestly I hate the author.
Okay, now we're getting into the useful part

We should not dare to think that this can't happen to us. These people were smart, hardworking, and very arrogant and it led them to Hell.

Be humble.
In short, take smart, young, and honest people who have no religion.

This is what they look for, because these are the people most vulnerable to predation.
Silicon Valley funding demonic orgs?

Boy, no one saw that coming.
Hint: it's demons
The rest is just muddled apologetics

This woman has learned absolutely nothing from her awful experiences.

Hopefully she will, one day.

But just because she hasn't learned from this doesn't mean we can't.
I would very much like to hear your thoughts about this whole thing.

For me, my take away is this

This is not the only group like this. There are surely at least dozens, all with their own Geoff and hundreds of Zoe's (the author).
Sooner or later one will rise to power
Logic and "rationality" alone obviously do not prepare you against this sort of attack.
If you are unsure, pray on it. A good acid test is asking "Do these gifts make me more humble"
If you're getting gifts from an unknown source that aren't, it's probably evil.
Take people at their word.

If someone calls something "a spirit" or "a demon", you should believe them.
That might sound like common sense, but you can see that it clearly isn't.

• • •

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