"Nanny is confiscating their toys. It is like one of those vast Indian programmes of compulsory vasectomy"

Re. Handgun Laws

YouGov voters should know the journalist who wrote this after the murder of 16 children and teacher at Dunblane Primary School in 1996 was Boris Johnson.
Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson uses a simpler name form so you don't realise he's ruling class.

He messes up his hair so you think he's down to earth, like you. He's not.

He's got £3 Million (that we know of) and hates paying tax. Hates the NHS. Hates you.

"The NHS would be as safe as a pet hamster in the presence of a hungry python if Boris Johnson and Michael Gove rose to power following Brexit"
- Sir John Major

They are in power.

And now the NHS is at serious risk. It will not survive this administration if it runs full term.
We need to make sure this administration doesn't run full term. We need to make sure we trigger a General Election earlier and we are fully operational as a campaign @GOV2UK when the Election is announced.

There is no room for error. We can succeed if we unite and follow a plan.
We will need to disable the Daily Mail & Telegraphs ability to spread propaganda and lies

LBC's Nick Ferrari, Laura Kuenssberg & other Right Wing reporters must be challenged at every opportunity, not only with cited reference facts but by exposing these populists as rich elites
We will utilise consumer force to remove advertising revenue for these media figures who spread hate and make it unprofitable for outlets to market them.

Some will continue, self funded but we will be relentless at discrediting them until public trust is fully eroded.

By truth.
At the same time we'll utilise an academic network of researchers, speakers & trusted personalities to deliver, in unison, true facts to the Public:

🔊The Conservatives voted not to Feed Hungry Kids
🔊Tory MPs Want to Privatise the NHS
🔊Tory Donors let Covid-19 kill to profit
At the same time we will reach into every constituency with grass roots campaigns to talk to communities.

Not just make promises but MAKE communities. We will connect and make friendships, make projects. Be the change we wish to see.

We will be voting to keep our community.
We are going to end all the hate, the anger, the frustration and division that has been caused by Tory Culture Wars.

There is only one way to end a war.

You have to give something up. Pride, the last word, anger, fear, something.

Peace isn't free. We have to work for it.
Stop blaming voters. There has been a weapons grade propaganda campaign raging for years by professionals.

To heal, we have to forgive each other. Come together and then turn to the real criminals of this theft of democracy:

The Conservative Party

We can and will succeed.


• • •

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16 Oct
The last Twitter post by David Amess was about meeting the Monarch of Qatar.

He was the Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary British-Qatar Group.

Conflict in Somalia seems to be around Qatar backing of the PM.

Qatar and Somalia are very deeply linked in Trade and Politics. ImageImageImageImage
"Violence once again broke out in Somalia on 25 April 2021 when militia forces opposed to Mohamed's term extension battled government security forces. The opposition blamed the escalation on attacks on the homes of two of their leaders, while the Somali minister of internal
security denied the government had attacked, and placed the blame on unidentified foreign countries.[118][119] Following three days of clashes in Mogadishu over Mohamed's term extension, which caused a split in security forces and 60,000 to 100,000 people to flee from their homes
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15 Oct
No dividing our community is the #1 rule. This is how they will attack. We must stay united

I have to block anyone who posts on my threads or @ me in a thread where they are trying to split opposition to the Conservative Party to stop them doing so in future

We will win this 💙
I don't like conflict & don't like to block anyone. However there are paid agents trying to divide us

We are challenging Billionaires

They will spend resources to stop us. There is not room for division. To help people in need we must focus

It's about #GTTO, not personalities
It's not about me. I didn't ask to be in a battle for democracy. I'm not a politician and I have not interest in being one.

But I started defending against attacks on our democracy. And I'm not planning to give up

So you don't have to like me (but it's a bonus if you do).
Read 4 tweets
15 Oct
Sometimes events around you can make your heart feel heavy, deeply hurt at pain and conflict. But it is vital that you never lose hope of success or belief that most people are good people.

If people can be taught to hate, they can be taught to love. We will teach them.
Join me. Nelson Mandela Photograph w...
Let's imagine a Society where the is no violence. Where we all work together as one community for the better of the community.

Where human rights are protected and Democracy is sacred. Where we are all part of the decision system and we are all informed with the Truth.

@GOV2UK Happy People
I can see it very clearly. It's not an impossible dream. It's a reality that we have now, here. You and I, we are a Community who care about each other

We care about Truth, no matter how difficult it is to know. All we need to do is to grow and share Truth & Democracy everywhere Community Drawing with peop...
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15 Oct
Conservative Propaganda

This fake headline from the Daily Express states "Joe Biden confirmed for UK visit after Lord Frost's huge Brexit breakthrough

JOE BIDEN will travel to the UK early next month after Britain secured a huge Brexit Deal breakthrough with the EU"

1/x Joe Biden confirmed for UK visit after Lord Frost's huge Bre
Factual statement:

Joe Biden will travel to the UK

Fake statement:

Lord Frost's huge Brexit breakthrough

It gets worse. Even if the second statement were true, the astoundingly blatant LIE is that there is no connection between these two (1 true, 1 made up) events.

Joe Biden is visiting the UK for #COP26 to stop Climate Change (that Brexit backers deny is real)

This has absolutely no connection to Brexit at all. The only true part is the word


Because the #COP26 hasn't happened yet. It starts on the 31st October 2021 in Glasgow

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15 Oct
Immensa Health Clinic Ltd who tested 43,000 PCRs for Covid-19 incorrectly was:

🧪Awarded £119,035,000 contract
🧪Without tender
🧪Of your money
🧪Incorporated 3 MONTHS AFTER
🧪Start of Pandemic

No evidence of faulty PCR tests.
It's not "NHS Test & Trace", it's Tory £37Bn T&T. Immensa Health Clinic Ltd
Why didn't we know about this before deaths? Because the MSM will not INVESTIGATE what the Government does.

Journalists are controlled by Tory Donors.

@BylineTimes knew in November 2020 these people were charlatans. Tory Controlled MSM is killing people.
These 4 men control 75% of UK Newspaper circulation:

Johnathon Harmsworth
Rupert Murdoch
Evgeny Lebedev
Frederick Barclay

All of them are promote the Conservatives policies and fail to investigate Government corruption, Tax Avoidance or Lies.

All Avoid Tax.

All Tory Linked.
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15 Oct
GP Suicide rates are now at 4 times the national average from lies and propaganda and a chronically underfunded system

"After a 13-hour day, returning home to see social media comments about my GP refusing to see patients when you’ve just seen, spoken to or messaged 80 that day"
We must stop what the Conservatives are doing. It's a plan to destabilise the entire health system and destroy it.

So they can build their own private system and collect all the profit. Tories embody "the Big Lie".

"Why I've Decided to Resign as a GP"

This is a structured, planned, purposeful attack on society.

There is an enemy in control

The plan is to destroy society, everything. And replace each part with a Libertarian vision of no standards, no social welfare system, no public health system, no compassion.

We must act.
Read 6 tweets

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