How did Robert W. Malone, the US military-backed pioneer of mRNA vaccines and genetic manipulation through the use of electrical pulse fields become one of the leading voices of vax skepticism?
Robert Malone: "For the first third of my career, I was an academic...and then, since about 2001, right after 9/11, I transitioned to working with the Department of Defense in developing vaccines and countermeasures for biodefense pathogens."…
Malone has been back by the US military in a number of ways throughout his career. For example, working at the military-run Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, where he served as Director of Tissue Banking.… Image
Malone also helped get Merck's Ebola vaccine fast-tracked, teaming with USAMRIID and WRAIR and also, per his own description, serving as liaison between the Pentagon and the WHO and Norwegian government. He's also helped develop BARDA and DTRA contracts to the tune of $50M. Image
Malone has dubbed himself the "Inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug," and while that's probably overstating things, he did play a key early role in discovering that mRNA can be used to make human cells produce proteins, the basis of the mRNA vaxxes.… Image
Later, he would conduct research showing that pulsed electrical fields can be used to significantly improve genetic transfection—i.e., the introduction of DNA/RNA into human cells. This work was funded in part by the US military.… ImageImage
Malone later served on the Zika Response Working Group (ZRWG) with bioweapons maven Michael Callahan, who would become "DARPA's Man in Wuhan" following the initial Covid outbreak.… Image
Callahan, who "reconfigured" old Soviet bio-weapons labs and massively expanded DARPA's "biodefense" portfolio, was, on Jan 4, 2020, the first person to tell Malone about a novel disease outbreak in Wuhan.… Image
Malone soon began working with the Pentagon to do a supercomputer analysis that would find FDA-approved drugs that might help combat Covid. He identified famotidine, aka Pepcid, which he claims to have taken to treat his own bout of Covid. Magically, Callahan ID'ed the same drug. Image
The ZRWG acknowledged that Zika is normally mild and noted that the 2014 spread in Brazil was concerning because of increased microcephaly and Guillen-Barre Syndrome. However, this ignores that only 12% of microcephaly cases had confirmed Zika infections.… ImageImage
The more likely cause of the prevalence of microcephaly in NW Brazil was actually the introduction of a pesticide, Pyriproxyfen, into the drinking water supply. A recent paper bolsters this conclusion.…
Yet AFAICT Malone has never mentioned Pyriproxyfen much less noted any potential role of pesticides in Brazil's microcephaly spike.
But he was pretty hot on repurposing common drugs to combat Zika infection--and working with Ft. Detrick director Sina Bavari to do it.… Image
One of Malone's many companies, Atheric, contracted with Ft. Detrick to study whether some combination of anti-viral and anti-worm drugs could prevent Zika infection.… Image
In 2013, Malone co-authored a paper entitled "Making vaccines 'on demand,'" which proposed a "FastVax" process that would compress the vaccine development timeline to just a few months.… Image
This paper was explicitly framed as a response to the threat of a biowarfare attack. Interestingly, it identified novel coronaviruses as one of the emerging pathogens/WMD biowarfare agents which pose a threat to US biodefense. ImageImageImage
Three of the authors on this paper are associated with EpiVax, which is currently developing a T-cell driven Covid vaccine. EpiVax's website promotes that this vaccine could be used in conjunction with the already approved antibody-driven vaccines.… Image
Malone was paid by EpiVax as a consultant on its vaccine development programs and sat on the company's scientific advisory board. Malone's CV lists consulting work for EpiVax as recently as 2020.… ImageImage
One of the issues with doing a thread on Malone is that he's involved in so many different projects, nearly all of them directly tied into the US's biodefense regime. He's been involved in everything from e-cigs to anthrax vaccines.… ImageImage

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Another Manson-CIA Connection?: Jerzy Kosinski, Roman Polanski, and the Case of the Lucky Luggage Image
Aug. 8, 1969, the first night of the Manson murders, there were two additional guests expected at the Tate house: novelist Jerzy Kosinski and his new wife, Katherina "Kiki" von Fraunhofer-Kosinski. The only reason the Kosinskis didn't make it was due to an airline baggage mix-up. ImageImage
Kosinski was flying back from Europe, where he'd spent time with Paris Review editor Clem Wood at his home on the Greek island Spetsai. He was planning to fly from Paris to Los Angeles through NYC and, apparently, to go immediately to the fateful Tate house on Cielo Drive. Image
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Clarence Thomas was recruited back into ultra-conservative Catholicism by Antonin Scalia's priest son and disgraced Opus Dei priest C. John McCloskey, a sexual assaulter whose org paid a ~$1 million settlement to his victim. ImageImage
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Thomas isn't the only deviant sex pervert McCloskey was close to. McCloskey also knew FBI double agent (& Opus Dei member) Robert Hanssen, who, when he wasn't selling secrets to Russia, was having an ex-Army officer watch him and his wife have sex without his wife's knowledge. ImageImageImageImage
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