In "On her Majesty's Secret Service", the "Institute for Physiological Research" is headed by a kindly humanitarian apparently directing allergy research, but who is actually using the cover to develop biowarfare agents like the novel virus "Virus Omega":
Spoiler Alert: the virus is designed to cause sterility.

POINT: we've been discussing these EXACT fears for a *very* long time. To limit/ban such discussion now would, among other things, require going >50 years into our past to purge *art* seen by millions given the parallels.
At what point do we realize that having our communications utilities police what can and cannot be said is impossible without destroying the meaning of free speech?

The only free speech that really matters any more is electronic speech. And none of that is government provided...
P.S. Bonus points for the name of the UK operation attempting to thwart Blofeld's evil plan in the original book by Ian Flemming.

A: Operation Corona. If memory serves. It has been a minute since I read it after all...

• • •

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14 Oct
"This assertion X that should be main story and which is a major point of contention is stated in this part of the headline as something that cannot be argued with or changed. This part attempts to tell you how to personally cope with what has been taken away from you in part 1."
"The money supply is expanding due to choices by humans you didn't elect and who cannot be questioned. Here's how to stretch your dwindling dollar at the supermarket as your wealth is transfered through seignorage to the wealthy who hold risk assets in the capital markets."
"Because you can be portrayed as too stupid to do STEM, we're going to use that to import an entire STEM labor force from our chief strategic rival only to destroy your ability to bargain at the negotiating table. Here are 25 handy Mandarin phrases to train our new co-workers!"
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9 Oct
I’m watching our National suicide which I am powerless to stop or even slow for reasons that I simply cannot fathom.

Perhaps I’ve just outlived my time; I cannot recognize this world hell bent on madness and self harm to aid a communist superpower rival rising in the east. #NO
Any one of us ordinary Americans should just be able to say “Stop. Think. This is madness.” And get the Democrats to snap out of their trance like devotion to the destruction of the US.

But not one of us can make ANY real impact to slow this without institutions or resources.
Is there not one single US billionaire who wants to try to save the US research pipeline? One major tech CEO? Is there no research university President who wants to stand for academic freedom and our most talented students and future scientists?

How is there no one at all?
Read 5 tweets
8 Oct
Consensus positions are almost always flawed.

Notice there’s no “Electron Consensus”. No “Genetic Code Consensus”. No “Periodic Table Consensus”. Why? Because the phenomena are so agreed upon you don’t have to rope folks into statements.

Not true of climate, trans, or vaccines.
I’m not saying all consensus is totally off: We’re almost certainly heating the planet. Some folks born into one sex have always perceived themselves to be the other. The vaccines do have real benefits.

Consensus is what is used to exaggerate the *certainty* of those positions.
Scientists don’t sit around coming to consensus. They sit around doing science. The urge to convert science into to simplified political narrative to penalize deviation is what results in our authoritarian wars of consensus.

Consensus is actually a sign of scientific insecurity.
Read 5 tweets
6 Oct
I have been warning you about Peer Review. Because almost no one says this, it sounds crazy.

Dr Daszak & @EcoHealthNYC have been thoroughly Peer Reviewed and are endorsed by the highest levels of scientists. It’s ‘preposterous’ to question a decision to terminate their funding. Image
I will be held up by PhDs as crazy for saying what I am about to say:

Peer Review is INCREDIBLY dangerous. Modern Peer Review really begins in the 1960s. It has more to do with Ghislaine Maxwell’s father & Permagon Press than science. 77 Nobel laureates are wrong. We are right.
Further the CCP supplies labor for these Nobel laureates to run their teams. Our labor program is disguised as “Graduate Study” and “Post-Doctoral training” so as to avoid unionization, wage scrutiny, and “Labor Certification”.

Our professors are not acting as scientists here.
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6 Oct
I hadn’t been saying much about @EcoHealthNYC for a reason. I don’t have many mentors, but a man I respect as my mentor was on the board: a heroic figure to me & to others. So I had hoped that the situation there was under adult supervision.

I appear to have had misplaced hopes.
In a different world, these issues would first be dealt w/ behind the scenes so as to avoid destruction to our infrastructure. I assume @EcoHealthNYC is a typical proxy for the government which uses outside contractors to evade restrictions on government. But this is way beyond.
No one has much commented on how high-powered the board has been. You have a director of the NSF as a board member for example.

No one is asking the hard questions yet. Like Epstein, this story doesn’t add up: I fear we don’t look for answers when we know many of them already.
Read 5 tweets
1 Oct
Kayfabe and Trust Erosion in Institutions:

How @NBCNews shows you reality and how they tirelessly hold power to account:

What they actually see and repackage for you:
How they debunk you, using a straw man when you see through their cheap Potemkin village so easily and impudently choose to speak out about it:
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