My ire at Christian academics who justify doing nothing in the face of great evil could not be greater.

It is all merely an academic exercise to them, but it isn't for me and probably not for you.

Let me tell you a story:
Yesterday, I went to visit an elderly member of my congregation whose wife just passed away.

She had had Alzheimer's for five years, and despite being in his 80s had taken care of her himself that whole time.
The last year or two we haven't seen him much, he couldn't leave the house without her for more than ten minutes without her becoming frantic, and he didn't think she would do well at church.
But a month ago, he brought her to church. She had been nonverbal for years but could understand when you spoke to her. She could walk and fed herself.
She did great at church. To everyone's amazement, she even sang Amazing Grace!

Two weeks ago, my congregant had to take her in for a UTI.

Hospitals, in their abject greed (covered by the thin veneer of concern for 'public health') give her a c0vid test.

Despite no symptoms.
Of course, she tests positive.

She is taken away from her husband.

Remember, she has Alzheimer's and if he is away from her for more than 10 minutes she becomes frantic.
They refuse to make an exception of any kind. "Sorry, this is our policy."

My congregant and his children daily spend hours pleading with anyone and everyone they can at the hospital to let them bring her home.

"Sorry, this is our policy." Over and over again.
After a few days she totally stops eating and drinking.

She is in total despair.

She has no idea where she is.

None of her family are there.

She is cannot communicate verbally.

No one cared.
After not eating for that long, her body begins to shut down.

Yes, she was elderly. Yes, she had Alzheimer's. But she was walking and feeding herself and in very good spirits before this.

By the end of her stay, she could no longer walk or sit up.
When her husband came to get her, she was thrashing around uncontrollably and when she heard his voice and him say her name she stopped and began sobbing.
He took her home, she still would not eat or drink anything. He had to wet her lips with a sponge.

She died three days later.
These monsters killed this woman.

Their complete and utter disregard for the humanity of this poor woman disgusts me to the core.

All because of "C0vid policies."
This stuff is not some mere academic exercise in 16th C. Protestant political theory.

These people have zero regard for us. They watch us suffer and die and it means nothing to them.

"Sorry, it's just policy" is the refrain they utter while marching us to our graves.
Bookish, cowardly, Reformed dweebs want you to submit to "Sorry, it's just policy."

Do not listen to them.

Do not submit.

You owe these people nothing.

• • •

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15 Oct
Onsi, have you ever been in a fist fight?
Davenant universally lack intestinal fortitude & justify it with nerdery.

We live under a regime that is chemically castrating little children & forcibly injecting people with experimental g3ne therapy and they want to talk about 16C German princes.
*Davenant guys.

It is pathetic.

“You need to read [blah, blah, blah]”

No, you need to get a spine.
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14 Oct
This is beautiful, you sincerely love to see it.
People act like the whole world has gone crazy because of social media (it does have its downsides for sure) but much of the so-called "insanity" of social media is the cognitive dissonance of a segment of the population breaking after having been fed lies their whole lives.
CNN, NYT, etc. didn't all of a sudden start lying in the summer of 2015.

They've lied this much for decades. An internet that they are not able to have total control over has pulled back the curtain just enough to show, often in real-time, just how absurd their lies are.
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12 Oct
lol I see that effete, center-cons are criticizing Sohrab and other Vermeulites for boosting a literal proud cuckhold, and are patting themselves on the back for "punching right."

Meanwhile, everyone on the right worth anything always thought all those guys are huge losers.
Sohrab and Vermeule exist to be supposed populist rightists that nevertheless pose zero threat to the regime who nevertheless give spineless dweebs on the center-right something to countersignal.
Vermeule literal wrote the book on rightwing entryism with Cass Sunstein lol.

So, forgive me if I don't care that these types think some grifter who pimps out his gf is pretty cool.
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8 Oct
In Matthew 21-22, Jesus is in the Temple at Passover, and with thousands of people watching totally humiliates the chief priests, scribes, & Pharisees on their own turf.

You see a Jesus that is 100% the opposite of the one pop culture & wimpy evangelicalism wants you to see.
Matthew 21:18 starts with Jesus on His way back to the Temple for another round, and something that seems super weird happens. He curses a fig tree because it doesn't have any fruit on it.

People treat this passage like He needs a Snickers.

That's obviously not it, though.
If you are incapable of reading the Bible without a shred of appreciation for the Bible's own symbolism, you won't be able to understand what this is about.

There is a strong connection between fig trees and the Land of Israel in Scripture.
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8 Oct
I am both pro-suburb and anti-suburb in the same way that I am simultaneously for and against defensive fortifications on the battlefield.
Elites are socially engineering your cities to be overrun by crime and drugs, yes, you should move to a place designed so that only people who live there are gonna be walking around there.
Oh but without the mechanical jacobin of the automobile, there’d be no suburbs.

Yes, but it exists and isn’t going away.
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8 Oct
The regime is terrified of the kind of Christian faith that unashamedly stands against its pieties (LGBTWXYZ, tr4ns, feminism, anti-white r4ce hate).

If you just agree with the Bible without embarrassment, they sputter and meltdown.

Christian faith is THE means to resist.
And before midwit dorks say “you’re just encouraging people to be Christians to own the libs,” let me just say:


And, “quite often the first step to doing anything sincerely is doing it ironically.”
Churches and pastors that provide strong leadership against the fake and ghey regime, who make their congregations a bulwark against the great evil that is now happening, who become local schelling points of resistance, will be what turns the tide.
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