Anything is possible, but the big "turning point" threads about this on Twitter were both posted by verified accounts under real names who've been here for years (I'm not counting myself, I'm a latecomer)
If there is an astroturf campaign it either goes straight to the top or it's just riding the coattails of an organic shift, is what I'm saying

And I think it's silly to assume there's no way you can't have a bunch of organic new Twitter signups or reactivation of dormant ones
A lot of people legitimately don't use Twitter for a long time and then pick it up suddenly when they get really pissed off about an argument being had on here

Especially because everyone noticed that Twitter was WAY more one-sidedly #TeamSonya than any other platform
The NYT comments and Metafilter were both way more even-handed, even in response to the original article, than this bird site, where you had big Writer Twitter accounts OPENLY SAYING SHIT like "If you don't see who the Bad Art Friend is here we can't be friends", etc
And I'm not saying that's a nefarious conspiracy, just that it's well known that this particular platform is very cliquey and clouty and popular people spend a lot of time performatively sticking up for each other

Which is fine mostly I guess
But when you get a case as clear cut as this one seems to be of the popular kids ganging up as bullies to punch down a much less powerful person to drag and mock her and call her a "monster" and whatnot

People might be mad enough to log in and push back
Anyway I'm personally fine as money goes, Dawn promised me her pancreas

• • •

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17 Oct
The Philip K. Dick story Roog (an early example of "xenofiction") is this apparently silly yet deeply chilling story about what if the things your dog believed about garbage collectors, mail carriers, and other strangers they see regularly were true
Unfortunately some people took it literally and wrote in complaining "Hey garbagemen take enough shit as it is without you writing a story about how they're all inhuman alien monsters involved in some conspiracy" and he's like "Look it's FROM THE DOG'S POINT OF VIEW"
I think it takes a certain mindset to really accept that "This story is from the DOG'S POV, it's the world where what the dog believes is literally true" and go with it
Read 4 tweets
17 Oct
I KEPT ON READING like I was SURE he was using it as a metaphor for some politics thing but no he actually seriously literally means video game speedrunning

He's super mad about how it's a culturally leftist pursuit
I mean one fun thing to do with arguments like this is to just try out the inversion

So what if speedrunning is leftist then what's the good old traditional masculine right-wing way to build a gaming community?

Long, unedited Let's Plays of you jumping into a game cold?
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16 Oct
*suddenly chokes on my drink, spluttering all over my keyboard*

Starlord T'Challa vs. Starlord Peter Quill is LANDO CALRISSIAN VS. HAN SOLO


AC Bradley said a bunch of times she's as big a Star Wars fan as a comics fan and really wanted to do a crossover but they said no (so they snuck in Mustafar in the Ultron vs. Watcher episode)

Ha ha this is so so clearly how they came up with this seemingly totally random idea
Starlord T'Challa actually living up to the hype of all the things canon Starlord pretends to be (this incredibly charismatic universally beloved highly skilled dashing rogue) whereas the real Starlord is only mostly good at shooting things and terrible at most "rogue" skills
Read 4 tweets
16 Oct
I still have a soft spot for the thing from Lois and Clark (the Superman property I imprinted on as a kid, shame about Dean Cain)

"But why...? Why do all this? What's your mission?"

"...To help"

"To help? I can't exactly make a pull quote out of that!"
"Can't you give me something a little more dramatic? Like... 'To stand up for truth, justice, and the American way?'"

"...Well, that sounds pretty good. You can use that if you want."

(I like this so much because, among other things, it shows that Clark is an easygoing guy)
He's uncomfortable with overwrought PR but he knows that to do his job people have to trust him so he's willing to let other people hype him up as they see fit, even if "the American way" is cringe

(And he objectively is a better writer than Lois, "To help" is the PERFECT quote)
Read 15 tweets
16 Oct
I know right

It's not that I believe Dawn was a perfect person or that it's absolutely impossible she did something shitty to these people at some point

It's that if there were a real, serious smoking gun that she was an evil Karen they'd have said it by now
Like people did try gossiping and pushing back in one of those threads and said Dawn is a Karen because she complained about noise at one of their sleepover writer conferences and got someone kicked out for sneaking her boyfriend in when outsiders were off limits in the dorms
Okay...? And were you going to bring this up as an argument in court?

Probably not because it makes you sound petty af

Like even if all this happened exactly as you said it did and Dawn went full racist Karen to get a WoC in trouble... how does that merit this as a response
Read 6 tweets
16 Oct
Yeah the first face hit should be followed with a shot to the stomach or crotch, the one-two punch to the face feels quicker to execute but the chance of a dodge and counter is too high

You need to inflict pain in multiple places to disable the attacker

Tactics matter
Here is my take: Some people say that snitching and going to the authorities is for cowards and a man always handles these things himself no matter how outmatched he is

Others say that to resort to violence is to sink to the bully's level and the system exists for a reason
Both of these are full of shit

The right way to respond to someone fucking with you is whatever WORKS

You use whatever weapon comes to hand that you know will end the situation sooner rather than later
Read 4 tweets

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