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Recall opponents, led by SF Berniecrats chair Brandee Marckmann (who worked on Collins’ campaign) have spent the last few wks running smear campaigns against anyone who supported, signed, or donated to this effort, trying to frame it as part of a vast plot…
They are digging for evidence that ordinary parents - 70k of us- are “privatizers”, “republicans”, “racists” and this is all a vast right wing plot connected to national anti-mask efforts. That is not true. This board failed kids, parents got fed up, and this is accountability.
"I have a receipt. I always do. That's how I roll." ImageImageImageImage
Anyway, as funny as it is to have mentoring I did (and loved!) 5 yrs back get worked into a BlueAnon SF conspiracy theory, the important thing to focus on is not cranks who're Wrong on the Internet, but on the great orgs taking the lead driving change:

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9 Oct
New essay in The Atlantic exploring some dynamics I’ve been thinking about as the mis/disinformation (and related “solutions” debates) swirl: how much of what people are concerned about is more accurately characterized as, simply, propaganda, and what does that imply?
Propaganda evolves to fit the information architecture of the day, so it makes sense that it evolved in the era of social networks (I’ll do a thread on that history tomorrow, it was too long to get into the essay).…
One key difference now is that the affordances we all have for content creation, for narrative amplification - and the aggregation of people into highly activist online factions - mean that bottom-up dynamics are increasingly powerful and have massive reach.
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10 Sep
Since Amazon is in the news again, w/Sen @ewarren and @RepAdamSchiff each weighing in on health misinformation on the site, some thoughts on Amazon’s unique role in the information ecosystem, particularly WRT health content over the years.…
Amazon isn’t a social network but does serve as a search engine for physical products & information products (documentaries,📚, Kindle Singles). There are interesting dynamics around each. AMZN algorithmically curates & recommends products, potentially shaping consumption
A good ranking on Amazon can be 💸 lucrative 💰, so there’s an arms race of novel strategies to manipulate the curation/reco algorithms to improve one’s standing. Sites like ReviewMeta and FakeSpot used to surface these; Amazon often disputed their findings. They are…down now?
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1 Sep
This story - how the antivax movement evolved into its present form - has been a long time coming, and @tarahaelle does an amazing job with it...the evolution from autism truthers into "medical freedom" mvmts in CA & TX, legislative activity, now COVID...…
There's so much in here that needs to be understood. After we got SB-277 passed in 2015, I did some post-passage 📞calls with legislators. I was curious to what extent they'd been paying attention to the social media firestorm. The ones who'd been the target of harassment had...
Many of the others said they didn't actually care; they just stopped looking.

One Republican I spoke with said that he thought social media activity was irrelevant; he felt,simply,that even though he was pro-vax this was "a differentiator" in a state with a Dem supermajority.
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31 Aug
This is the same guy who was showing up to local businesses that decided to require vaccines, and live-streaming his little mob’s harassment and abuse of the owners and staff. One changed its policy a day later.
I’ve pointed this out in the context of intimidation of elected officials
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21 Aug
So there’s a hashtag on FB and Twitter - #protectyourfamily - that followed an extremely predictable path to virality - commandeering a pro-vax message, recycling old stories stripped of context, etc. It’s the same playbook since 2015. Here’s how it works:…
Coordinated groups.
Does this sound familiar?
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17 Aug
Interesting article arguing that “mis-/disinfo” is akin to “fake news” in its politicization & vagueness, which I agree with, though there are better defs than the one chosen here

For a while now I’ve argued that “propaganda” is the word that fits,…
But that because of a persistent mental model tied to the Chomsky definition from the 80s, that term has connotations that many are uncomfortable with. (Essay on that coming…)

I like that @Bernstein’s essay brought in Ellul, I remember having a twitter chat about him last year
But interestingly the thing I think the essay could have connected the dots better on was Ellul’s key contribution that propaganda evolves to fit the information environment of the day. It is impossible to divorce from the technological. Propaganda changes as the medium evolves.
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