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Last night the thoughtful & brilliant @KaitlynSchiess asked a series of questions that sparked some deep thoughts & interactions. For context, see screenshots of what I singled out to answer. My heart ached off & on all night thinking about some of the replies to her questions.-> ImageImage
I was too tenderhearted last night to bridge over to the good part. I’m trying to take the time to mourn a monumental loss in my life and not, in typical Beth Moore annoying optimistism, jump immediately to “let’s all get happy now!” This thread is to a very specific audience:
Those of you in Christ who feel displaced from your church or denomination but the communion of saints & the local church are essentials to your joys like they are to mine. I deeply understand why some are so wounded, they can’t darken the door of any church right now. I get
that. So this is not for you. If & when you’re ready to dip your toes in those waters, consider it then. Equally, this is not for those of you who have a church. I’m not proselytizing here. I believe God calls us to our churches and we stay & endure & serve & fellowship through
countless ups & downs. I’ve said over & over, I’m a stay-er. I’m not petty about a church. There’s no perfect church. And if I found one, I’d mess it up by walking into it. But this is for those who, for whatever very serious reason, could not stay. Have you considered trying a
Christ-focused, gospel teaching/preaching, Scripture-prioritizing church of a style different enough to not be such a reminder of the pain you’ve endured? The Lord led Keith and me to visit a liturgical church in early June. A small one. One that highly exalts Jesus & sees the
Scriptures as the Church’s final authority in all matters of faith & practice. I was so out of my normal world, I had no idea when to stand or sit or speak or shut up. I held my bulletin, shaking, & kept up best I could. I said that creed & those prayers & hung onto every word
of 3 solid chapters read from the Scriptures. All this time I’d believed that only my denomination really loved the Scriptures. Well, maybe also the Presbys. Tim Keller & all. When it came time for communion, Keith and I shot to that altar like starving people begging for bread.
I’ve never needed it so badly in my life. Keith cried like a baby through the whole service. My lip quivered and the tears pooled in my eyes but I did not break out into sobs until the very end when about six women gathered around me and said, “we don’t know why you are here or
if you will ever show up here again. We’d just like you to know we want you and welcome you.” I cried so hard that I never said a word to them. Couldn’t get one out of my mouth. That small fellowship has wrapped their arms around Keith and me. Their liturgy has put words in my
mouth that have filled me with so much hope again. Their focus on the cross, and on the sacraments and not just primarily upon what is coming from the pulpit has been like a written prescription for me in this season. In 1 million years I could not have imagined that this is what
God would use to sew up my torn up soul. I ask you to understand that I am not speaking poorly of where I’ve been. I’ve loved my heritage. I have been in so much grief. I never would have wanted to leave it. But having had to, God is healing Keith and me in a most unexpected
place. We’ve gone back every Sunday since, scooped up by a small congregation of some of the warmest, kindest, most joyful people we’ve ever met. I’m learning to say the Nicene creed. I’m learning how to drop down the kneeling bench. For this moment in time, we’re right where God
wants us. If enormous pain had come to us in this liturgical world, I would have found respite in a world like that of my heritage. My simple point is, consider a different way of doing the same thing: of worshipping Jesus, of hearing the gospel, of coming under the Scriptures,
even if just for a while. But don’t give up on church. The communion of saints is essential to the believer’s joy and growth and expression of spiritual gifts. I’m going to ask for one thing here from my usual critics. Have a heart today. The people to whom I have written this
are hurting. I am hurting. We are real people here who bleed when we’re cut and bruise when we’re punched. Very imperfect people but fellow humans who have lost something enormous. Just rest it for one day, one thread. And maybe pray for us. We need it so badly.

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This is a fairly niche tweet to any of you who are heads of ministries and nonprofits or are long time pastors of a church and you are nearing or well within retirement age. Assume that those who are working for you are wondering what your plans are. Don’t leave them hanging.
Denial is not only unhealthy for you, it is extremely unfair to those who work for you. We who are in Christ ought not fear facing natural decline. We can say all we want that we still have the energy of a teenager and the gifts and calling of God to stay in the lead but for most
it’s simply not reality & sometimes we can be the last to know. Do you have trustworthy people with the guts to tell you when it’s time to transition if even just a little at a time? Refusal to think about/talk about it signals that our identity is in our position, not Christ.
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After your graciousness, I’ll share a couple of good recipes with y’all in a thread. I have to admit when someone has me beat and my friend Jan Morton’s southern cornbread dressing surpasses mine. The best, most consistent recipe for it I’ve ever tasted.…
This is my high school boyfriend’s mother’s (lol) recipe for chocolate pecan pie. Makes two so, of course, half the recipe if you’re only making one. It’s absolutely fantastic. The alternative at the bottom is mine. My problem is, I think everything is better with cream cheese. Image
Best pancakes of your life. Image
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Oct 30, 2023
On keeping our sanity (and whatever is left of our relationships) here on X-Twitter or whatever the heck it is until we can’t take it anymore. (Which admittedly may be today.)

Yet another person I really enjoy following left this platform yesterday. This on the heels of one of
the kindest, most gracious, gentle-hearted individuals I know being driven off here last week or so. What a shame. I’ll quickly interject here that we will be held accountable by God, whether we believe in him or not, for the way we treat people including people on social media.
So, a few thoughts on making the best of a place getting worse:

1. Avoid just coming here for a fight. If we hate the constant contentiousness on here, we have to ask ourselves how often we feed it. If we love the constant contentiousness on here, we probably need therapy.
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Sep 6, 2023
When I was in my late 20s, the Lord began to teach me a very simple but life-altering practice. What did I wish I had in him but lacked? “Ask me for it.” I was 27 when I sat in the classroom of a Bible doctrine teacher who loved the Scriptures more than he loved his next meal.
And this was no small man. He loved his next meal. I couldn’t even identify what it was at first. I got in my car after class and cried out to the Lord, I don’t know what that was but I want it!

“Ask me for it.”

I did and did and did and did. Still do. And he gave it to me.
I wanted to want what Jesus wanted but my heart was so malformed and my desires so deceitful that I wanted what would destroy me.

“Ask me for it.”

I did and did and did and did and did. Still do. Though the flesh and Spirit will still war within me till I see Christ’s face,
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Sep 2, 2023
Something kinda dear happened yesterday. Several days ago, I came into my office and my assistant had printed out an email that had come for me from a very gracious pastor from my longtime faith tradition. I took it home and left it out for Keith to read but forgot to show him.
I was at the sink in our bathroom washing my face, getting ready for bed when he walked in holding the letter with tears streaming down his face. “I needed this so badly,” he said in broken words. “I’ve hated them so much.” Grace him for that. It’s been a lot for my family.
It’s much better now but Keith’s health crisis delayed him grappling with it fully. Also, you know how most of us are. Mess with us but don’t mess with our family. We’ll come out swinging.

As I walked out the door yesterday to work, Keith said, “The man left contact information.
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Jun 5, 2023
Ok, a couple more thoughts on the Bill Gothard influence highlighted in Shiny Happy People. I’m only a couple of episodes in and never got into the Duggar reality show nor did I ever attend a Gothard seminar or read his materials though I constantly ran in circles that did.
Here’s the convoluted part and what I was too tired to get into last night. If any of you have read my memoir, you know the name of it is “all my knotted up life.” Here’s a perfect example of what I mean by my knotted up thinking. Main reason I wasn’t drawn to BG or the Duggar’s?
A tangled up mess of toxic guilt and good discernment. I’ve told you guys before that I’ve spent a lifetime trying to figure out whether or not I could trust my gut. I wasn’t totally off base for wondering because I had such unresolved brokenness and had made so many mistakes.
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