Court hearing about the selection of jury for the Ghislaine Maxwell trial under way now.

Am listening to the judge now.
The judge is telling the prosecution and defense they will be asking the jury questions.

They cannot assure anyone if they will answer questions honestly.
Deny Ghislaine Maxwell's request to select jury separately.
Ghislaine Maxwell's attorneys are requesting to add information to the questionnaire the jurors will be receiving.
She would like the court to allow Christian Everdell to speak on the issue as she cannot find the documents with the specific information

REMEMBER Everdell & El Chapo (For SDNY) despite him having been a CIA asset.
She found the document
Ask that the court include the crimes that were involved.

She thought the questionnaire would be a place where the jurors would be more open & comfortable.
There is static on the line and the court is having issues.
They have muted all phones now.

The person speaking is FOR APPELLEE: LARA POMERANTZ, Assistant United States Attorney
With regard to request to sealing of the documents she says there have been many docs that the public has seen.

Many of these have Audrey Strauss's name and have seen Strauss in the Press Conference.

The judge will add a line with ref to the above.
She also wants the word "protested" added to the

Have you or a family member lobbied, petitioned or worked in any manner related to sex crimes against minors, sex abuse, or supported orgs that seek to abuse sex abuse or sex harassment generally.
I am stopping here.

I have a lot of work to do.

This will be in the papers tomorrow or later today.

And of course in the court documents themselves.

Thank you.

• • •

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21 Oct

Many years ago I came upon some information about Bill Gates. It has since been wiped off the internet.

I will write what I can and send additional via my "Epstein Project".

The information came from an insider whose sister Gates was dating. She said Melinda had
been a "sex worker" and that some of the women Gates hired were not properly educated but used sex as their tool to stay in Microsoft.

Further she claimed Gates was a "sex addict" -- which we now see some proof of even in MSM who has described how he would invite sex workers to
party at his house while he danced on top of tables.

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The very first story I worked on undercover was about an Afro-Cuban cult called "Santeria". One of my friends in high school began wearing white every day during a cold winter month and I thought it peculiar. When I asked her about it, she initially brushed me off.
I persisted and after she got me to promise never to tell anyone - that it was a secret she explained she was being initiated and sent up the ranks in a cult her family participated in called Santeria. It was fascinating. She told me they had secret meetings. I asked
if I could go and watch. She invited me to her home - an apartment where she lived with her mother. There were about a dozen or so people there. At some point there was chanting. And then it became clear they were talking about sacrificing different animals. 👇
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🔥On this Tuesday's "Epstein Project" (FREE Tuesday, although pls consider buying a subscription) I step back from my position of Jeffrey Epstein having been murdered. 🔥

I will give U more info on what changed my mind into believing he was walked out.❗️
Did you know, for example, that Robert Maxwell always fantasized about faking his death?

Did you know that Isabel Maxwell's bigamist husband allegedly faked his death?

There is SO much more I want to share with you.
"They" didn't expect us to continue to pull at the loose threads for as long as we have.

And things look a lot different today than they did two plus years ago.

MSM played a huge role.

But it was all planned. I'll explain.
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26 Sep
How spies infiltrate one's life.

Years ago I boarded an airplane going to Florida to meet my boyfriend.

No one had pre-assigned seats in those days (pre-9/11).

Seated next to me was a friendly man with graying hair a the temples. He told me he was a "travel agent" >>
(in those days we had "travel agents"). He gushed about how he could get me "better deals" than I could get for myself.

We talked for the 3 or so hours it took to get to Miami. He asked me if my boyfriend was meeting me at the airport.

"Of course he is."
Paul (his name was Paul) then instructed me to leave the plane before him. He insisted he didn't want to make my boyfriend "jealous".

I was somewhat bewildered b/c I didn't see why that would happen. However I didn't argue and stepped out of the airplane first.
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24 Sep

Leslie Wexner is at his house in the UK for "shooting" season. He invited many wealthy people. It begins on Monday.

He arrived on his private plane and then took a smaller private jet "surrounded" his bodyguards to his property.

Wonder if he's invited Prince Andrew?
A little more about Leslie Wexner's house in the U.K.
'The Foxcote House' was built in 1740 and sits atop a hill close to the honeyed stone village of Ilmington, Warwickshire.

Rumor is that when Wexner is in his home STRANGE things happen. These are decades-long from residents.
However, Wexner is greeted like royalty. His wealth is spoken about. Locals whisper to each other that he is the 104th richest person in the world.

It's too bad they don't know HUMAN TRAFFICKING of children made him that wealthy.
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