Chinese prepper TaoBao is something else, but I do find it somewhat endearing that our preppers are less "I'm slamming the bunker door on everyone but their women when SHTF" survivalists and more "I'm going to single-handedly save everyone!" Search and Rescue LARPers.
Opps spoke too soon, this guy is going to make sure that there is absolutely a live stream and Douyin video with inappropriately upbeat music of you dying under a mudslide- no matter what.
(via Google Translate)
TIL cold weather drone mittens are a thing🤔
I want this guy to be our version of American Open Carry Walmart guys. Just ready to leap into action and set up comms the second a natural disaster strikes!
Ohhhhh shit I want to be Grappling Hook Gun Prepper Girl. Like, in case a giant chasm opens up in the ground, I'll be all "Hang on everyone, I got this😎"
Oh, wait- have I shown you our fire escapes yet? These are real- tons of offices have them.
Me when the police come to talk to me about what I've been posting on Twitter😬😅

• • •

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More from @RealSexyCyborg

26 Oct
The fact that the comments about my erasure have been carefully ignored:

…have not so much gotten an “oops” from @NPRHealth or the @RadioDiaries team makes it pretty clear it wasn’t an oversight.
Why is this kind of constant erasure a problem? One- because of representation- if young women don’t see female engineers, they’re less likely to pursue that themselves. Two, because in many lines of work, mine included, recognition is the primary path to career advancement.
There are few exceptions to the media's obsession with Tech Bros as the solution to all of the world's problems. When an exception does occur- and a woman steps up to work on a tech problem, xenophobia, nationalism and concerns about her gender expression should take a back seat.
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26 Oct
@NPRHealth Would not have killed you to give me some credit for the work I did on this. I just could not get anyone to visit her and do final fitting and troubleshooting on the collars I had manufactured for her. Everyone talks up a storm about helping but when it comes time to show up🙄
@NPRHealth I'm in China, I can't easily get packages past customs to mail the collars back and forth and Martha isn't going to be able to see what needs to be changed. You'd think it would be Americans who helped her but nah- it was a bunch of Chinese who did the work while you tweeted.
@NPRHealth Box of 30 collars I shipped to Martha, fabricated at no cost by my local textile startup friends- all someone had to do was show up and let me know what changes had to be made but naaaaa, let's tweet and write news stories about how *someone* should so something. ImageImage
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25 Oct
Fellas and nutsack carrying friends, I have pretty limited experience with scrotums but oh boy do I have the product for you! Are you tired of cooking your scrotum for contraception the old-fashioned way? How about having an IoT device that makes sure you don't overcook it?
"This is too good to be true!" I hear you cry? Not so fast friends:…

The best part? After all those long hours of simmering scrotum stew, safety ensured by a dodgy mobile app- it probably doesn't work in humans:…

I absolutely love that after a few centuries of men designing horribly dangerous, ill-advised devices for the intimate parts of female anatomy this marvel was designed by a woman- Back at you ball swingers! Turn-about is fair play. Equality!🤣
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3 Oct
"Our bigoted Open Source Hardware associations don't want you to continue your successful but unpaid advocacy on our behalf, why don't you put more of your own time and money into making your own association so we don't have to do better but can still benefit from your work?".
Hmm, let be think about this. Does establishing an English language toolchain so OSH developers can get license enforcement and participation China help me? Nope. Does it hurt me? Yup. Does it help Western OSH developers? Yep.
Could they grow a spine and insist leadership put business before bigotry? Yep. Has anyone else been tagged, gone out and fixed OSH issues on behalf of foreigners? Repeatedly? For years? Nope. I know it makes you big mad- but I'm the *only* person who does this for you.
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3 Oct
So it looks like my involvement in @ohsummit isn't happening. @mweinberg2D & @pipix are "inviting" me to participate in a process where they once again control the outcome- and they clearly have invested in only allowing a single possible outcome
This is obviously unacceptable as they openly rigged the process last time and then conducted a backchannel character assassination campaign rather than address the issue where receipts could be seen by everyone:
.@ohsummit has had two spectacularly unqualified Chinese men without a single OSHWA certification and no history of OSH activism in China on their board. I have the first four certifications and greater success than nearly any individul bringing Chinese into Open Source.
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2 Oct
Okay since everyone was interested in the YouTube thumbs I posted but wanted a little more creative input, let's try reworking the titles on some underperforming videos I have and A/B testing the results. I'll post the results of the alternate titles I use after they run.
Title: Pi Palette- Hacker's Cosmetics Case
Title: Face Changer- Biometric Countermeasures Based on Traditional Chinese Opera
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