The thing about transphobes is they will get additionally upset that one of their precious cis girls had been having consensual sex with a trans kid
Nobody acts like cis girls are monsters for bringing trans kids into school bathrooms for sex, although she did do this at least twice
That wasn't what exploded this into a Trans Issue while it was going on. Nobody seemed to care! But their relationship ending in criminal violence has apparently now made it a Trans Issue just due to how convenient that narrative is for transphobes
If you're only interested in action on sexual assault when it dovetails with your transphobia then you aren't protecting women or anyone and you have no real principles about this
The average patriarch reads sexual assault as equivalent to stranger rape, so it becomes pretty illegible to them when a cis girl is the one actually bringing a rapist into women's restrooms at school
If the cis community wants respect they need to stop being so demanding and aggressive and clean up their own mess
In practice the Loudoun case reduces to a problem of a general lack of supervision in schools to the extent that students are repeatedly using the restrooms for consensual sex or in this case also for rape. Those conditions are a problem that has nothing to do with trans people
It would be a problem even if there wasn't a sex assault case or recorded sex assaults in the restrooms
It's also just kind of not any political issue or something you can tie to "woke leadership" or curriculum. Just watch the students better. So unappetizing!
If students are just using the school restrooms as indefinite bang stalls without interference, you're not going to solve that problem with transphobia
Trans people invented sex, we did not have this problem before
Guess what? It's not "victim blaming" when this cis girl isn't the victim of the entire transphobia blowup that kicked off when she decided it's a good idea to routinely bring a trans girlfriend into a school bathroom for consensual sex. That is an atomic-hot situation to create
In a school district where parents are terrorizing every school board meeting for recognizing the rights of trans students to "play sports" and "use the bathroom", at that. "Hey trans girlfriend, let's bring you into the school bathroom for sex" is some real chainsaw juggling!
In fact, this specifically has consequences for us as trans people now, because straight cis people have been using bathrooms for sex forever and it will usually involve bringing someone into the "wrong" bathroom inherently, except now this is cast as "trans people caused this"
I think some of you may be confused because I was blaming her for the consensual sex, obviously not the criminal rapes and sexual assaults that the rapist committed against her, the victim
This isn't "she shouldn't have put herself in that situation, therefore she is responsible for a criminal rapist raping her", this is "she shouldn't have created this completely unnecessary risk that could massively fuck up the lives of trans people everywhere for consensual sex"
This is only incomprehensible to those who aren't used to ever having to think about or care about or take into account the well-being of trans lives as something that matters in any way
I'm actually happy to blame any consensual sex haver if their consensual sex consists of generously providing more dry tinder for their local hotbed of transphobia
Sorry are you surprised that trans people are sick of this shit getting dropped in our laps every day for no reason?
I've actually been sexually assaulted by a trans woman who I'd had consensual sex with before and it turns out that actually has nothing to do with popping off like this fucking loser who says "this is why we need transphobia", anyway please continue lecturing me about rape!!
Should I end the thread there or should I keep an eye out for the way you terfs actually treat a woman who was sexually assaulted

• • •

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27 Oct
Any person is possibly transgender until proven otherwise, but gender in language doesn't really enter into it when I'm like "Hi can I get four espresso shots in a tiny cup, yes, just four espresso shots, nothing else. Hot please"
You can say things like "Wow you look awesome" which also doesn't involve gendered pronouns
Singular they and them are so fundamentally incorporated into the language that you use them without even realizing it all the time when you're not consciously being a jackass about it
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26 Oct
So how much of this is just terves having a thing for us, sleeping with us, then going back to their terf friends all like "but I promise I didn't like it!"
They have the ideology and passion of a Christian youth group and maybe half of the maturity
The only real thing that happens here is terves pressuring cis lesbians *not* to sleep with trans women. Before /r/GenderCritical was banned they treated this like a history of contamination. Rose petals. Born again virgins
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26 Oct
*waking up in my 11th year as an out trans woman, getting my wife and kids ready for work and school* What a lovely morning, I wonder what the day will OOPS
It's a phenomenal deficiency of transphobes that they imagine themselves being so inherently appealing as to make trans women desperate to sleep with someone who hates us
Because we're so known for prowling Trump rallies and Chappelle shows
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26 Oct
I don't see how he's in a place to make any demands either
I don't think he should assume we're in any rush to talk to him. We don't necessarily think there would even be a point
Some people live in a place beyond learning
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26 Oct
This mini-MAD doctrine is exactly what's led to the increasing number of larger and larger private arsenals. The structure that's creating this outcome is horribly maladaptive. It does not have to be this way
I have a family member who had accumulated exactly such an arsenal and after breaking the law many times in many ways they finally had those guns taken away, and up until that moment a dangerous and erratic and intoxicated person had access to that much lethality
Your answer to that situation is for me to ensure I'm ready to open fire on them, promptly, and with enough guaranteed firepower to kill them. The problem is I don't want to do any of those things
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26 Oct
Re unintentionally killing someone with a live round, before we went to the range this weekend I read up pretty thoroughly on visually and physically clearing the chamber and I just cannot imagine being so irresponsible with this and it isn't even part of my actual job
Honestly I can't imagine carrying that responsibility with me at all times and I question whether people who carry are really able to exercise that responsibility. I feel like you should not be able to buy guns to take out of the range. You should have to go there to use guns
Also, 17 rounds seems like too many rounds. 4 rounds seems like too many rounds. Heather and I settled on a capacity of 2, one shot and one for emergency backup
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