That’s great! You got through hell and are here and you OWE NOTHING TO NO ONE.

(Bites tongue, taps foot, begs self to leave it there)


The plural of “anecdote” is not “data.”
Mammograms are problematic.…
(Shouts at self to see third rail labeled “Mammogram PR” but not touch third rail “Mammogram PR.”)

(Will definitely touch rail in a bit)


Read this.

Mammograms pick up everything and what we don't know about breast cancer still dwarfs what we do know. The little one may already have twigged off and be taking up residence in your liver; the stupid one may never cause you harm.
A mammogram calls them both an existential threat and the patient is left with the narrative that their life was saved which is reasonable but, in fact, not based on facts because there is no control version of the patient where "wait and see" is used.
A generation of mammograms later, the rate of metastatic breast cancer has not changed so, by definition, mammograms aren't working.

Will I continue to get one?


But our collective lack of understanding of statistics is not doing America any favors.
"Why ya gotta be a buzzkill about mammograms, Quinn? Just let me get my breasts squished in peace."

Fine, squish away. As I said, I'm still doing it. But humans have a blind spot when it comes to real risk v. perceived risk and this is one of those spots.
The mammogram isn't the fix it is sold as.

As long as you understand that, feel free to ignore me, as my loved ones do.
Facts, stubborn things.

• • •

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29 Oct
America has a weird habit of going to war with nouns and adjectives. The problem with this is that it's hard enough to figure out an exit strategy when the war is with another country over an island; how does a country declare a win on a war on drugs?


(You don't)
What put this in my mind was tugging on my mask to enter a store this morning. As I have a few times before, I wondered when the mandatory masks will end in California. I mean sure, they've ended in Florida but apparently DeSantis is a necrophiliac.

We're now in a war on COVID.
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27 Oct
A small story:

One of the most dangerous sayings among artists is "Jump and the net will appear." The idea that if you risk the universe will automatically protect you from the worst possible consequences is very seductive and is not actually true.
(In my twenties, a friend of a good friend of mine had a habit of announcing a change in career or life's longing monthly, each time blithely announcing that "The universe will provide." My friend once grimly noted "The universe" looked a lot like the woman's husband)
When you produce an indie, money is gathered slowly, painfully; I'd say you chip away at the amount you need like a sculptor working some marble, but imagine if while the sculptor delineated a leg, a bunch of marble sometimes grew back. Money gets promised, not always delivered.
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25 Oct
I have about another week of this @RenttheRunway dress business and, so far, it was an excellent experiment, worth the cost.

That's right; they did not pay me for this or even give me the dresses for free. I am paying out of pocket to do their work for them.

My life has taught me that I can either be comfortable or I can write but also, I can be irrationally terrified or I can write. There's a sweet spot of unease where the writing flows.

A sour spot, if you will.

Wearing a dress puts me right in that spot.
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22 Oct
A small story:

"Why read good writing?"

Because good writing, writing scrubbed of everything but the essential truth, will strengthen and improve you.

This is not to say I'm squinting at SILAS MARNER in a candlelit room while the rest of you marvel at NeNe Leakes.
Anyone who has been around Twitter at Met Gala night knows I'm a shallow little thing.

But even as I wait impatiently for Rihanna to finally FINALLY arrive, I know this is an unsustainable diet, a steady fois-gras feeding tube of words making me linguistically malnourished.
Good writing isn't the same as tricky writing; in fact, good writing is the opposite of tricky writing. Tricky writing - with its great lashing of weasel-words and logic based on the model of the double-helix - isn't meant to illuminate you. It's meant to cow you.
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21 Oct
A small story:

For a couple of years, Kid swam/water polo’ed/dove. She was never completely dry and the back seat of my car was a shade lighter than the front seat thanks to chlorine.
While all three pool sports shared a venue, the participants were easily categorized. The swim-team kids were the ones shaped like inverted triangles, the water-polo players were covered in bruises and the divers had destroyed hair.

“Didn’t they all?”

Swim team wore caps, water-polo wore caps- at least in part so an opponent didn’t tear off their ears- but divers, did not. The pattern of diving/waiting to dive created greater porosity in the hair, leading to greater damage.
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20 Oct
For those who asked, here is the book (feat: Non-janky highlighter)
Here is the first page. I will give you no more but lie to me and tell me you don’t want @ElieNYC’s book.

Pre-order it.
You have no idea how mad I am at you, @ElieNYC.

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