A year ago the PCR only returned a #positive when 3 genes from #COVID19 were detected (magenta). 2-gene or 1-gene results were declared #negative

This was later relaxed in November to 2-gene positive to detect the #ALPHA variant, which apparently missed the ‘S-gene’

The result of declaring a ‘positive’ for what was once a ‘negative’ was an increase in cases. A doubling …..

The vaccine roll out began on 8th December. A week later we experienced an exponential spike in cases - at this point almost all were 1 or 2-gene positives only …

The weirdest part of this spike in cases will always be the synchronicity at which regions from all corners of the country moved in #lockstep from the #Highlands to the #Borders …. All together

That is NOT how viral spread works

The fix was in …..

What followed the arrival of #ALPHA was a ramping up of testing across the country -peak 2020 tests carried out on 24th December. Did they go #Mining for positives?

All of those positives, based on 1 or 2 gene PCR would provide the perfect camouflage for the deaths to come

In January & February we saw carnage in excess deaths, primarily within care homes or the aged

They mostly got recorded as COVID

PHS confirms 2500 Deaths in Scotland within 28 days of a jag💉 in January & February 2021

Were they really COVID deaths ? Or something else?🤷🏼‍♂️?

The #ALPHA variant would remain the dominant strain of ‘COVID’ in early 2021.

Weirdly though,there were NO 3-gene positives returned from Week 12-19, only Alpha #B117 and 1-gene positives

This covered almost all of priority groups Dose 1

Then #Alpha makes way for #Delta

As we start to really ramp up the vaccination process, the largest demographic (under 50) starts to be vaccinated in May/June

Vaccine of choice transitions from #AstraZeneca (used in elderly) to #Pfizer used exclusively for under 40s

This times perfect with #DELTA dominance

After a peak in cases in September, something odd happens.

Restrictions remain relaxed and schools go back, yet cases fall

Media cites the success of the vaccine 🤣

What they do not realise is that skulduggery is a foot …..

1. Test numbers currently ramped DOWN

2. Ct cycles are ramped DOWN

3. PCR test is reset to principally 3-gene only (green🟢)

This keeps positives at manageable levels as #COP26 goes ahead & removes scrutiny of number of vaccination testing positive…

So what next ?


Post #COP26 they will ramp up the testing & Ct cycles again

The PCR will be set to 1 or 2-gene positive again, perhaps as cover for #DELTAPLUS

We will go back into #Lockdown as winter deaths go through the roof (current trajectory is terrifying 🔴redline)
….. COVID will be blamed for the excess deaths ….

Unvaccinated will have fingers pointed for causing ‘variants’


Graphs stolen from

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30 Oct
So, GPs refused to attend to sick patients in Care Homes during the pandemic peak …. yet they rushed to care homes to deliver the #COVID19 jags 💉💉 as soon as they got a £10 bonus for every jag in every arm !!🤬

Ever wonder why you can’t get a face to face appointment with GP?
GPs paid £12.58 + £10 bonus for every vaccination they provide to residents & staff at care homes.

That’s £67.74 for every person they fully vaccinate + give booster

No wonder medical professionals aren’t speaking out, that’s a whole lot of hush money …..
#NHS also confirmed that the £10 bonus will also be paid for every CHILD they are able to inject💉💉💉

Talk about financial incentives for unnecessary pharmaceutical interventions ….. no wonder they are so keen to jag your child

Fcukin disgrace
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29 Oct
The trend in #COVID19 deaths amongst the #FullyVaccinated continues to climb in #Scotland

Up from 73.6% to 85.4% in the past 2 months

Source data: Public Health Scotland
Some people make the argument the % deaths increases as the vaccination increases

That’s not the case as vaccination has stalled over the last two months as they reach saturation point…..
Read 4 tweets
24 Oct
A reminder that the Emergency Coronavirus Act changed the way a Death Certificate DC is completed ….

💥 A Medical Doctor MD no longer needs to attend a dead body to confirm death

💥 A MD no longer needs to attend a dead body to confirm cause of death

💥 DC signed by non MD
From British Medical Association

Letter from the CMO of Scotland, at the time it was Calderwood.

It is so readily open to abuse if MDs were not attending care homes

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23 Oct
Excellent analysis of the latest Scottish data on #deaths and #COVID19 by @Inform_Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

These guys are doing their absolute best to share this information across multiple platforms & forums. Full credit for doing all of this in your own time👊🔥

A trace of all-cause mortality in 2020 + 2021 (blue line🔵)
V the 5 year average

The trend of #Excess in the last 20 weeks is terrifying - also above 2020

If Covid only reported in half of this excess, what is causing the rest of thee excess?

Answers to Dr Gregor Smith CMO😉
LOOK at excess deaths AT HOME during the #Pandemic

We have had 10,000 excess deaths at home during 2020+2021. If only ~600 of those were reported as #COVID19 What caused the other 9,400?🤷🏼‍♂️?

Was it;

Denied medical treatment ?
Immune suppression
Gov response
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20 Oct
452 of the 542 #COVID19 deaths in Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 last month were vaccinated …..

436 double #vaccinated 💉💉 (79.6%)
16 single #vaccinated 💉 (2.9%)
96 #unvaccinated (17.5%)

70% of the Scottish population are reported as being fully vaccinated 🤔 Image
77.2% of #COVID19 hospitalisations are amongst the #vaccinated
73.9% of hospitalisations are FULLY vaccinated

436 💉💉 double vaccinated
17 💉 single vaccinated
119 #unvaccinated

Source: Public Health Scotland Image
62% of the most recent #Positive #COVID19 cases were amongst the #vaccinated

10,707 cases #vaccinated
6,569 #unvaccinated Image
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18 Oct
All cause deaths in Scotland last week were the highest since records began. Deaths up by +30% on 5 year average (5YA)

Week 40

1,353 deaths (2021)
1,038 deaths (5YA)
+315 excess deaths (+30%)

Of the 315 excess deaths ‘only’ 108 were ‘Covid’ deaths

What is causing the Excess? Image
All cause deaths in Scottish #CareHomes last week were the up by +26% on 5YA

Week 40

291 deaths (2021)
231 deaths (5YA)
+60 excess deaths (12 were ‘Covid’)

The week previous, vax #Booster roll out begin. 4 weeks previous deaths were ‘normal’ around 5YA

What’s cause of Excess? ImageImage
All-cause deaths in all-locations from NRS.

Excess deaths in last 5 weeks on 5YA

127 (13%) 62 were Covid
251 (25%) 124 were Covid
218 (22%) 142 were Covid
209 (20%) 118 were Covid
315 (30%) 108 were #COVID19

What is causing the huge increase in excess deaths? It’s NOT Covid Image
Read 5 tweets

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