Introducing: Phase 4 of SmartCoin (yes, we move fast):

We have been quietly engineering the perfect memecoin. And we’ll tell you how to get first dibs.

If you like money, then grab a new pair of underwear because the thread below is steamy:
Take a look at the pictures below. These are the charts of some of the most successful meme coins. 100x… 200x… even a 3,110x...

Did you miss those opportunities? Want to finally be early, for once?

You’re in luck. ImageImage
We’ve all seen the insane run-up that memecoins have had. And guess what?

Their marketing sucks. And they still explode

Imagine the viral experts behind SmartCoin launching a memecoin

British accents galore, viral release video, addicting memes, and of course, a unique twist..
Memecoins shoot up in value because they're, well, memes.

And our team knows memes - it's in our DNA. How do you think we became the #1 traded pair on Avalanche within 7 days of launching?

The cuteness overload and virality of the memecoin will be legendary.
As with everything we do, this memecoin will be a fair launch. This means the memecoin will be decoupled from the Smart ecosystem.

New investors will ape in if it has a fresh start.

New twitter. New brand. New marketing blitz.

Max FOMO activated.
The memecoin won’t explode in value if we simply airdrop the entire supply to you smarties.

But we love those of you that play the game properly. And everything we put out into the ecosystem is part of this game. Rewarding our best $SMRTr players is priority #1
We want the best of both worlds--to give our #SMRTr community free money and early access to a viral memecoin, while allowing fresh newbies to ape in and explode the value of it.

We love a good win/win.

How do we do this...?
....An airdrop, with a caveat.

Can you guess who will be airdropped the memecoin made by arguably the best marketing team in crypto?

C’mon, wild guess?
Ok, I’ll tell you:

SMRTr:AVAX LP providers on

The more you have staked in the pool, the more of the memecoin you get airdropped

How will it work?
Do you remember how explosive IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings) were?

The strategy is simple:

Small allocation. Explosive FOMO driven launch.

The airdrop allocation will be an amount that will be wildly exciting for LP'ers, while also discouraging a post-launch dump.
I’m guessing you still have questions. When does this take place? How long do I have to stake for? Are we human, or are we dancer?
Here’s how it will work.

Starting now, within 30 days, a random snapshot will be taken of LP providers on

We've used a random number generator (RNG) to determine the date of the snapshot
If you’re in the pool the day the snapshot is taken, you’ll get the memecoin airdrop proportional to how much you have staked.

It could be tomorrow, or in 3 days. It could even be on day 30. The RNG has already decided, and that information is being kept private (obviously).
The only sane thing to do is to participate in the LP. That is, if you care about getting, in our biased opinion, the most viral memecoin to hit crypto.
The official video, name, and mechanics of the memecoin will be released as a viral campaign.

We’re going to drop this video with no warning - on the same day of the RNG snapshot airdrop to LP smarties. It will be an instant hype event (it's already ready to go).
As long as the airdrop hasn't happened yet, and no official launch video has been released, it means you're not too late.

But if you want the airdrop, then I wouldn't play Russian roulette.

Remember, you'll get airdropped in proportion to how much you have staked during the 📸
What to do now?
1- If you haven't, GTFO of $SMRT & swap to $SMRTr
2- Go to & join the LP
3- Compound your rewards(using fresh AVAX? sounds smart)
4- Sit and watch your rewards grow
5- Get the airdrop randomly within 30 days

Follow above and we reward you
As far as the mechanics of our memecoin and how it will be utilized in our ecosystem?

That's coming.

But here's a peek into our thinking:
How do you define "use case" in Web 3? What’s the point of a coin with a cute dog as a mascot?

What gives it value? Is it Utility? Scarcity? Sometimes, yes.
Most often, however, human nature has baser instincts at play

We find value in things that are intended not to have them. We gravitate towards recurring themes, jokes, memetics.

Life is one giant Keynesian beauty contest.

And if you're #smart, you can cash in on it massively.

• • •

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More from @0xSmartCoin

Dec 14, 2021
All emissions have stopped on

We will never mint another $SMRTr token.

This effectively burns 81.6% of total supply.

In addition, the treasury is burning 100% of its tokens.


$JADE will be coming to Avalanche soon.

Anyone holding $SMRTr and/or LP tokens will now have preferential access into $JADE’s Avalanche launch.

To all DH/DDH'ers - we're excited for you :)
Remember our 7% dumb fee?

We'll be using it for additional buyback and burns.

This time, we've developed a proprietary SmartBot to avoid being sandwiched or front run.
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Nov 25, 2021
The price of $SMRTr is not relevant.

The game? Be well-positioned as we approach Phase 10

Many have forgotten what SmarterCoin is.

Reminder: Phase 10 is the launch of a potentially multi-billion dollar, industry-changing protocol.

Can't stomach the game? Then here's a thread:
The game isn’t about making “rent money”, it’s potentially generational wealth.

It's not a 7 day gamble; it’s a project w/ multi-billion $ ambitions.

How do VCs think? One idea, one shot? Or several carefully placed bets?

This isn’t TikTok investing, it’s about affluence.
You are the VC now. Think like one.

It's not easy.

It requires emotional management. It requires strategy. It requires analyzing your behavior and constantly improving your model.

We're here to help you learn that through a "game."

Why? B/c we want you to learn AND win.
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Nov 20, 2021
Wanted to start with “GM” but that doesn’t feel quite right under these conditions.

Instead, I'll lead with this: all bond and treasury funds are 100% safe.

Thread 👇
So, what exactly happened?

Someone found an exploit in how our bonds were configured to interact with the DAO.

We had our code reviewed prior to launch by several contract auditors, and yet, this was missed.

We won’t name names and won’t point fingers.
Specifically, an exploit was used on the DAO configuration within the initializeBondTerms() function call within our OlympusBondDepository smart contracts.

The exploiter promptly dumped 100% of their stolen $JADE.
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Nov 20, 2021
Fuck VCs. Fuck Insiders. Fuck ‘influencers.' And honestly... fuck crypto.

Introducing: The Fair Fork Foundation

Our first Fair Fork? @OlympusDAO … with a unique twist

Go to and click "Jade Protocol" on the top menu bar

Thread 👇:
Crypto claims to be "decentralized," yet vampiric VCs, whales, influencers, "advisors," and insiders control the entire space.

Wasn't the point to get away from the old financial system? Remove oligarchs? Why are we still playing the same old game, with the same old rules?
Jackson Palmer put it beautifully: "Cryptocurrency is like taking the worst parts of today's capitalist system (eg. corruption, fraud, inequality) and using software to technically limit the use of interventions."
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Oct 31, 2021
There's been a lot of questions surrounding what Phase 10 looks like.

After all, Squid Game does have an ending...

The end of Smart Coin is simple:
But first..

We’ve added 3 more talented devs, and are proud to announce that SmartBuy, SmartBurn and Bollinger Boosters will all be activated tonight.

And thus, the Phase 3 begins.

Now back to how this all ends:
A leaderboard will soon appear on with wallets who are winning the game.

The wallets who collect the most points will be sharing an 8-figure reward (in $USD).

There’s a world where the prize pool reaches 9-figures…
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Oct 30, 2021
SmarterCoin (Phase 3) will be going live in exactly 6 hours

We will be closely watching and tracking all wallets during Phase 3, and assigning Reputation Scores

Watching the full length video on is required to understand the upcoming mechanics

A thread:
We are rewarding teamwork. Our goal is to surpass @OlympusDAO in TVL ($3b+).

The wallets that actively support that mission will receive an airdropped NFT-key, (or NFKey) that will be used in Phase 10.

This NFKey is a critical component to winning the game🔐
So, how can you prepare?

In 6 hours, the fairest launch in crypto history will be taking place.

Users will be able to acquire our newest gaming token by simply owning SMRT, and swapping SMRT into SMRTr. Image
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