For the confused kids in the room, white Americans refused to desegregate after Brown & resorted to redistricting, privatizing, rioting, beating, & lynching rather than accept integration. Their multifaceted subversion campaign eventually negated Brown.
I know this probs isn't what you learned in school & I'm sorry abt that, but there's LOTS of research on this. Read Mothers of Massive Resistance for a lovely presentation of this despicable white bipartisan post-Brown segregationist campaign.
Anyway, now white parents discover, much to their amazement, that although they segregated opportunities, their white nationalist mythology didn't create an alternate reality. We can still disseminate information to students on the relationship btwn racism & the state.
Enter... *drumroll*... the absolute worst people ever, who peddle white supremacist hysteria that teaching students their actual history is some evil trick. And this in the wake of literal white nationalist GOP coup attempts *plural* to overthrow democracy.
And bc of the dynamics of white backlash movements, white moderates rush to defend these worst ppl ever bc they do understand their literal investment in white power. They're not voting against their interests; they're voting against yours.
I know, I know, you may be all "I never learned abt white backlash mvmnts are you sure abt this" & yeah, it's unfortunate that American history education is mostly elite white propaganda. I'm sorry abt that. Carol Anderson's White Rage gives a good overview if you're interested.
The horrible truth is that white backlash movements are *the defining feature* of the US state bc white Americans consistently value power over democracy, equality, & basic stability. They constantly use violence/fraud/intimidation to limit rights/privileges to themselves.
As chance would have it, I'm teaching Stokely Carmichael today, who was clear as day on the relationship btwn white mythology & power. A good note to end with as I'm off to class. Agitate! ✊…
Sorry, 1 last thing, but for emphasis, the actual story here is white conservative authoritarianism. That's why their banning teaching things that happened & legalizing running over protesters. It's bad.

• • •

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More from @wihorne

1 Nov
Astonishing that news orgs continue to uncritically transcribe the claims of white reactionaries to such an extent that we seemingly have two parallel, contradictory "crises" in "cancel culture" & "CRT."
On the one hand, they claim, Dems blacklist conservatives—something that has historically only happened to white leftists & marginalized folks, btw—for racist statements. Worth noting too that Dems generally don't employ the racists & thus can't blacklist, but I digress.
But but but, on the other hand & at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME, they tell us that Dems teach abt racism & must be silenced & blacklisted.
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22 Sep
Historically, advocates of democracy & equality have almost never prevailed against large-scale white supremacist movements like the one we see in today's GOP. Doesn't mean we should accept an unlivable & oppressive future, but we must see 1/6 as an existential & ongoing threat.
1/6 actually illustrates the historical tactics/dangers of supremacist organizing quite well as operatives within the racial state—in this case the Republicans who endorsed the Big Lie in Congress—tend to work in tandem with white vigilantes—in this case the mob they cheered on.
The movement we see now cuts across white class boundaries, which aligns it more closely with the protofascist movements of the Reconstruction & Jim Crow eras. It represents a substantial & growing threat to American democracy.…
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20 Aug
Again, the GOP response to COVID is about killing political opponents more than anything.
That response is rooted in a eugenic, white suprematist ideology & shaped GOP ideas about the pandemic since the first reports that Black & Brown folks might be more susceptible. It was at that precise moment that they reversed course, protesting masks & closures.
I really wish we had some kind of institution that could ask politicians questions like “hey are you trying to kill your political opponents?” Seems like that should be a job in a functional society.
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19 Aug
I feel like a broken record here, but this will continue to get worse until we address the elephant in the democracy—increasingly fascist Republicans who denounce as "illegitimate" any outcome that limits their power.…
The historical pattern, unfortunately, is that white militants have literally gotten away with murder time & again, using it to rig the political system to their advantage.
White supremacist violence (state & vigilante) has been THE defining feature of American history. If allowed to operate with impunity, the Republicans who fomented the 1/6 Insurrection will eventually succeed in destroying our democracy.
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10 Aug
The early GOP messaging around COVID was that it only impacted cities & urban (read Black) populations. That messaging from March 2020 stuck & caused the GOP to reverse course & oppose masking, shutdowns, etc. They believed it would kill their opponents.…
Again, the plan was to let Democrats die & blame them for dying.……
I wrote abt this strategy w/two of my colleagues back in April 2020.…
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9 Aug
Hey y’all, welcome to the final installment of the #DYRBRY book club. Remember to use the hashtag #DYRBRY— Did You Read Black Reconstruction Yet?— so others can follow along. It also lets folks who miss the live chat tonight come back later in the week and join the conversation.
I’m Will (he/him) on a brief hiatus back home in New Orleans—based in Philly now. I’m a historian of Reconstruction and Black labor/politics. Please give your name, pronouns, location & your favorite school supply. Mine is the clicky pen. #DYRBRY
As we get started, I want to wish everyone well. It’s been a hard year+ for all of us & there’s some scary shit going down right now. An important time to think about how we got here but also a good time to say I’m thinking of you. ❤️✊ #DYRBRY
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