Steve Bannon interviews Jam for Freedom founder, Cambel McLaughlin - WAR... via @YouTube
Join @JamForFreedomUK at Westminster Magistrates Court from 9am Friday. @WAPFLondon will be there, we've been working with Campbell to provide him a defence statement and support in court.
JAM FOR FREEDOM TRIAL- Is £10k the price of freedom?🎇
Firstly, Jam for Freedom were entitled at the time to assemble in groups of 30 or less, his band had far less. Secondly, he only organised his band, in a public park he has no control over the crowd. The Police could have asked the crowd to disperse but chose the easy target.
Secondly, they nonetheless had a right to petition, assemble and peacefully protest. Art.5 Bill of Rights (1688) "That it is the Right of the Subjects to petition the King and all Commitments and Prosecutions for such Petitioning are Illegall."…
Scotland's Claim of Rights (1689) that the Acts of Union communicated to England says the same thing. "That it is the right of the subjects to petition the King and that all Imprisonments and prosecutiones for such petitioning are Contrary to law"…
USA borrowed this for its First Amendment. "the right to petition the government for redress of grievances". We see redress of grievance in the 1688 Bill of Rights in Art.13 regarding the purpose of @UKParliament. Petitioning & Democracy are cognate rights…
US Supreme Court has stated that:
“A petition conveys the special concerns of its author to the government and, in its usual form, re-quests action by the government to address those concerns.”…
Duryea v. Guarnieri (2010), 564 U.S. 379 (2011)
US Supreme Court has also stated that:
"the right to speak and the right to petition and the right to peaceful assembly are "cognate rights."
Thomas v. Collins, 323 U. S. 516, 530 (1945)…
It was illegal for @MetPoliceEvents to pretend that the right to assemble to petition had been suspended.
Art.1 Bill of Rights (1688) "That the pretended Power of Suspending of Laws or the Execution of Laws by Regall Authority without Consent of Parlyament is illegall."
Secondarily the Freedom of assembly and association in the 1998 Human Rights Act was not expressly effected by Coronavirus Regulations.…
And, with the UK not adopting Article.15 ECHR into the Human Rights Act, these rights have NO DEROGATIONS FOR ANY UK EMERGENCY.…
"evil Counsellors have endeavoured to make all Men to apprehend the Loss of their Lives, Liberties, Honours and Estates, if they should go about to preserve themselves from this Oppression by Petitions, Representations, or other Means authorized by Law."…

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3 Nov
They key element of informed consent for mandates is voluntariness.
At law, informed and consent elements are not possible without voluntariness, with this being a due process of law imposed by the common law to protect patients from powerful clinicians and now their employers.
Citing Sir Edward Coke, The US Supreme Court stated in 1855 that The words, "due process of law" (in the 5th & 14th Amendments), were undoubtedly intended to convey the same meaning as the words, "by the law of the land", in Art.29 Magna Carta.…
"NO Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his Peers, or by the LAW OF THE LAND" ,,,
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29 Oct
In R (A) v SOS Home Dept [2021] UKSC 37 The Supreme Court confirmed regarding government guidance that:
"public authorities have a general duty not to induce violations of the law by others."
Can CQC induce clinical negligence by ignoring informed consent?…
See Paragraph 38. "by adapting Lord Templeman’s words: does the policy in question authorise or approve unlawful conduct by those to whom it is directed? So far as the basis for intervention by a court is concerned, we respectfully consider that Lord Bridge & Lord Templeman
were correct in their analysis that it is not a matter of rationality, but rather that the court will intervene when a public authority has, by issuing a policy, positively authorised or approved unlawful conduct by others.
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29 Oct
Dean v Phung [2012] NSWCA 223
(Supreme Court of appeal New South Wales, Australia)
"consent is invalid when the treatment provided is not necessary for the patients condition”
The dentist provided treatment purely for financial gain. Sound familiar?…
"A practitioner's honest & reasonable belief that a patient has consented is no defence to a claim in tort. The absence of consent may flow from the incapacity of the patient, innocent misrepresentation or maladministration or fraud"
"negligent advice that treatment is required will cause trespass despite the practitioner's belief in the necessity for treatment. This would avoid the limitations on recovery of damages imposed by the Civil Liability Act & expose the practitioner to criminal charges for assault"
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11 Oct
The UK's forgotten Declaration of Independence
The ASSOCIATION - Exeter 19/12/1688
"WE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, who have now joined for the Defence of the Protestant Religion, & for maintaining the ancient Government, & the Laws & Liberties of England, Scotland, & Ire
do engage, to Almighty God, to his Highness the Prince of Orange, & to one another, in the Defence of it; & never to depart from it, until our Religion, our Laws, & our Liberties are so far secured to us,
in a free Parliament, that we shall be in no danger of falling under Popery & Slavery.

& whereas we are engaged in this common Cause, under the Protection of the Prince of Orange, by which means his Person may be exposed to the desperate and cursed Attempts of Papists,
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3 Oct
@pjhlaw is this leaflet suitable to satisfy the lawful requirements for informed consent? Is it written in a language aimed at a person who has capacity to make complex medical decisions?…
From the booklet:
"Recently, cases of infammation of the heart (called myocarditis or pericarditis) have been
reported very rarely after COVID-19 vaccines.
Most of these cases have been in younger men and usually a few days after the second vaccination."
"Most people recovered and felt better following rest and simple treatments."

Yet, From the Myocarditis Foundation:
"There is no cure at present for either type of myocarditis."
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2 Oct
Polish MPs protest for Australia’s human rights outside the Australian embassy.
"The whole world sees what is happening in Australia. Australia has contracted Covid madness."
Here is the full speech:
"Polish MPs Protest at Australian Embassy"
via @YouTube
Peaceful protest is protected in Victoria (& rest of Aus, Can & NZ) by Art.5 Bill of Rights (1688)
"That it is the Right of the Subjects to petition the King and all Commitments and Prosecutions for such Petitioning are Illegall."…
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