BREAKING: Eco-Health Alliance has been "studying" the Nipah Virus, which "kills around 70% of the people it infects" and was given 1.1m in funding from the NIH to study its "dynamics and genetics"

Fauci, Gates, & World Economic Forum connection as well. THIS IS URGENT.
Reminder: Eco-Health Alliance is the group under fire for conducting Gain of Function research on coronaviruses.

Congress should be investigating whether the same has happened on Nipah Virus as well, NOW.
Fauci is aware of this as he edited this PNAS article on "Nipah Virus dynamics in bats and implications for spillover to humans" in Sept. 2020
CEPI, a vaccine NGO founded by the World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation, & India (where Nipah has been most prevalent) put out an article TODAY about the Nipah Virus not having a vaxxxine.
GAVI (the vaxxxine alliance) founded by the Gates Foundation wrote an article about Nipah Virus Sept. 15 warning "with COVID-19 still ongoing, viruses like Nipah are nipping at its heals as the potential next pandemic threat"

Gates Fnd. has donated over 4.1 billion to GAVI
The World Health Organization,
"has listed NiV (Nipah virus) in its R&D Blueprint as one of the 10 highest-priority pathogens for the development of medical countermeasures due to its potential to cause significant outbreaks"

May 2018 outbreak caused 91% mortality rate.
Peter Daszak, under fire for gain of function research said in a Guardian article, "We are entering an era of pandemics ā€“ it will end only when we protect the rainforest"

Pandemic era??? Was C-19 just the beginning? How does he know? theguardian.com/commentisfree/ā€¦
Craig Venter, a synthetic biologist said in 2012 "most of the breakthroughs come out of labs, where people cheat the system or, they have private donors"

"the successful scientist basically get their grants to do what they've already done." & use new money for something new
HELP THIS GO VIRAL. Congress needs to be asking more questions about these people. WE THE PEOPLE demand investigations into these rogue scientists and what they are doing!
Clade-X, a pandemic exercise in '18, storyline included Nipah being used as bio weapon

"Genes for neurologic virulence of Nipah have been inserted into the parainfluenza genome"

"Virologists with special training and a reasonably outfitted laboratory could make the virus"

ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢

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2 Nov
Pay Attention. Salesforce Chief Futures Officer who is an agenda contributer at the WEF tells us how to plan for the "pandemic era". He gives 3 scenarios....

Side note: Salesforce CEO, Mark Benioff, is on the board of trustees at the World Economic Forum.
Don't forget who Salesforce CEO, Marc Beioff says is the hero of the pandemic: CEO's šŸ˜‚
Peter Schwartz, Salesforce Chief Futures Officer says we could see 'Fault Lines' if "a more dangerous variant spurs countries to barricade themselves"
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2 Nov

An alternative narrative synthesized from open sources.

HYPOTHESIS: Global public-private partnerships (Gov't/Military + Corporate Elite + Global NGO elite) = Mankinds greatest threat
WEF/UN + Gov't Elite + Corporate Elite
-Military ind. complex
-Pharma/health ind. complex
-Technology ind. complex
-Media ind. complex

They are working together to usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution (AI, Robotics, Genomics/gene editing, IoB/IoT, digital + physical merge)
This unification of the Global Industrial Complex (Elite politicians + Corporate Elite + Global NGO elites) creates a new potential threat to humanity

The strength of these partnerships & the UNIMAGINABLE POWER current technologies provide them is a threat to ALL of humanity
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28 Oct
Why have ZERO members of congress thought about questioning our Director of National Intelligence & her ideas at the annual Event 201: Pandemic Simulation in OCT 2019?

Why was she there? What purpose does someone with an intelligence background serve at a pandemic exercise?
Part 2 of our Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines at the annual Event 201 Pandemic Simulation in 2019.
DNI Avril Haines was sitting next to China's CDC director at Event 201. George Gao says,

-some people may say the virus was man-made & cites example about ebola
-make sure the health care workers have the "right information"

Who decides what is "right information"? China?
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26 Oct
When we think about history, which class created slave systems? The low class? Middle Class? Who had the power to create these systems?

The ruling classes. All elites aren't bad, but some elites are bad. Because of their power, I argue they need the most accountability.
Do you think slavery is impossible in the "modern" world? If yes, you are naive. Why? Because technology of the future, which is beginning now, is allowing the ruling class to create a new type of slavery system. A physical, digital, and biological slavery system.
So, who has the most power in the world today? The USA? China? Russia? No. I argue, NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS have the most power. Which NGO's? The United Nations and their official (2019) partner šŸ‘‡
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25 Oct
How many #TARGETEDINDIVIDUALS are out there?
ful video:
thanks @headlinejuice for sharing with me
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22 Oct
The Canadian government is preparing for "Bio-digital Convergence"

As Schwab says, the 4th Industrial Revolution will "fuse the physical, digital & biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies & industries, & even challenging ideas about what it means to be human"
First, it's worth noting the director of this agency is a contributor to the World Economic Forum.
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