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Nov 6, 2021 26 tweets 5 min read
I've lived in West LA for 5 years and a m finally giving up on it. By the end of the year, I'll be a Texan. Below are my anecdotal observations and experiences, ALL of which have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

20 Reasons Why I'm Moving to Texas from California, a Thread:
1.) Covid Hysteria. Masks are still mandated indoors and won't be going away anytime soon. While wearing one is only a minor inconvenience, we have a vaccine - they should be gone. Many folks are still wearing them outdoors, indicating that common sense and reality have departed.
2.) Covid Response. LA had the strictest lockdowns in the US, restricting outdoor dining and beaches. The city shut off people's utilities that were hosting parties. I don't trust a government willing to do such a thing, nor do I have faith they won't ever again.
3.) Anti-Business. Either they don't consult restaurant owners before shutdowns and vaccine mandates or simply don't care how they affect them. The vaccine mandate alienates the 29.4% of the 10.04 Million people in LA County that are unvaxxed - 2,951,760 people - as customers.
4.) Vaccine Mandates. I'm vaccinated, but something doesn't sit well with me about showing my vaccine card for a cup of coffee. Also, it leaves me wondering, "What is next?"

Hopefully it stays exclusive to vaccines, but it isn't far-fetched to hypothesize that it won't.
5.) Quality of Life. LA's left-libertarian approach of letting people rot on the streets has destroyed the city and left tents, trash, human feces, and heroin needles everywhere. The vast majority of city sidewalks should be walkable, but many are not.
6.) Taxes. We have the second highest taxes in the nation, yet more problems (and of greater magnitude) than most cities. They'll eventually ask for more of my money, most of which will go to waste. Quite simply, you don't get a return on your invested tax dollars here.
7a.) Homelessness. LA wont ever see a solution unless officials do two things: 1.) Give homeless people the option of treatment, hospitalization, shelter, or jail, and 2.) Establish housing incentives for desirable behaviors like staying clean and becoming employed.
7b.) Only after numerous complaints was the city camping ban partially reinstated in select areas. Somehow, the people overseeing the homeless problem keep seeing raises despite the issue worsening every year. Zero incentive exists for them to fix the problem, so it won't be.
8.) Friendliness. Self-obsession is the norm here. The people of Austin are incredibly kind and wear the expression of "Hello!" instead of "Get away from me, peasant." Don't ever expect a stranger to stop and help you if you're broken down on the side of the road in LA.
9.) Judgement. People here are everything they claim to be against - intolerant and condemnatory. They'll withhold their true thoughts, so long as you agree with them ideologically. If you're overweight, expect to be soft-spoken to like you're mentally handicapped.
10.) General Mood. Everyone is overly riddled with anxiety, whereas the people of Austin are more laid back, easygoing. Driving is where it's most noticeable - LA drivers have become increasingly aggressive. I won't speculate on cause, but it seems to be a function of covid.
11.) Forbidden Topics. How dare you bring up homelessness or covid restrictions. Anything critical of the ruling party here isn't up for discussion and is grounds for social banishment. If you're curious as to how quickly you can be labeled a Trump supporter, denounce masks.
12.) Traffic. The other day, it took me an hour to get from Beverly Hills to Santa Monica, a 9.5 Mile drive. You either need a walkable city with lots of traffic or a driveable city with less congestion. We have a driveable city with bumper-to-bumper traffic.
13.) High Rent. You don't get what you pay for. In an ideal world, you either have luxury living with high rent or crummy places with low rent. We have high rent with heroin needles. Sure, you're close to where movies are made. That doesn't sufficiently constitute a rent premium.
14.) Refusal to Recognize Needed Change. The failure to recall Newsom couldn't have made this one any clearer. LA residents must either have selective amnesia regarding the 15+ months of restrictions, or it isn't enough to convince them to vote differently. If so, what is?
15.) Anti-Americanism. I was the only person at Santa Monica Beach wearing American Flag apparel on July 4! Yes, our country certainly has room for improvement, but I take pride in it. Lots of American flags in OC but none here - you're a racist with one on your car or balcony.
16.) Elitism. Texas Democrats don't carry the same arrogance that LA Dems do, presumably because they don't have the luxury of hating Republicans. People hold their noses high here with regards to politics, which is ironic - parts of this city are indistinguishable from Kabul.
17.) Hypocrisy. The people here speak against racial injustice while their Hispanic servants drive two hours into the city from Riverside or North Orange County to garden their lawns and rake their leaves for minimum wage. The worst part is they don't see their own hypocrisy.
18.) Recovery. I'm 5 years sober and find both my friend group and support system in Narcotics Anonymous. Few meetings have resumed in person and all still require masks, which aren't conducive to socialization and meeting new people. In Austin, they're unmasked and in-person.
19.) Conformity. Los Angeles, a city once synonymous with individualism and free thought, is now a pocket of strict, blind adherence along political party lines. I suppose when you get enough people together, many will find accidental uniformity in an attempt to be unique.
20.) Parking. One space may have 5 aluminum signs governing it, each with a different rule. Life in Los Angeles has become a parking spot. The one rule above all, like the Tuesday from 10 AM - 12 PM where they tow: Never criticize anything belonging to the Democratic Party.
It's amazing to see that my problems aren't exclusive to LA and are compelling others from large cities to make similar moves.

A couple things worth noting:

1a.) My voting behaviors have shifted significantly in the past 20 months. Don't worry about me turning Texas blue.
1b.) I am single-issue voter at this point - mandates - and there is only one party rallying against them.

2.) While I disagree with Texas Republicans on some issues, after living in California, I trust Republicans far more than I do Democrats with regards to freedom.
3.) Yes, Austin is very liberal, but Austin Democrats are California Moderates.

4.) I don't have any intentions of changing Texas or bringing sociocultural pieces of California with me. It's a new start and will be treated as such. I love and admire Texas culture.
5.) Yes, I am going to miss the weather. But palm trees and blue skies only briefly eclipse the feeling that you're being watched, monitored, analyzed for dissent.

6.) Homelessness in Austin. They recently reinstated their camping ban. It was cleaned up in my last visit.

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