Vriti वृति of four Ashrams:

1.Savitra सावित्र: 3 days Bramhavharya after Upnayan

2. Prajapatya प्रजापत्य : Brahmcharya for a year.

3. Bramh ब्राम्ह: Bramhacharya that continues till completion of Ved Adhyyan

4. Vrihat बृहत: Bramhacharya that continue life long.
Grihasth ashram गृहस्थ
1.Varta वार्ता: knows Agriculture

2. Sanchay संचय: storing necessary things

3. Shaleen शालीन: ayachit अयाचित्त , remain unsolicited.

4. Shilochh शिलोछ: living on grains left in fields after reaping the crop and collecting the surplus from Mandi.
Vanprath वानप्रस्थ
1. Vaikhanas वैखानस: living on food grown by unplaughed land

2. Valkhilya वालखिल्य:donating the stored food on receiving new

3. Audumbar औदुम्बर :collecting fruits from the direction facing on waking up

4. Fenup फेनप: collecting the fruits fell on the ground
Sanyasi सन्यासी
1. Kutichak कुटीचक: living in Ashram at one a single place.

2. Bahudhak बहुधक : becoming gyan pradhan not कर्म.

3. Hans हंस: practicing the gyan and sharing it.

4. Paramhans परमहंस: becoming liberal after attaining gyan.
From Bhagwat Puran

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More from @Hindu_Eternity

7 Nov
Baan Stambh (Arrow Pillar), Somnath Mandir, Gujarat.

If you start travelling from Somnath Mandir towards South, you will not meet any land until you reach the South Pole (Antarctica).

The nearest land towards South Pole is 9936 KM away. Image
It is estimated that this pillar was erected sometime in the 6th century.
Sanskrit quote written on this Baan stambh is: "आसमुद्रान्त दक्षिण ध्रुव पर्यंत अबाधित ज्योतिर्मार्ग",means,There is no hindrance or no piece of land till South Pole on this path.
Google map shows details Image
Assuming that the southern hemisphere was known to our ancestors, how did they know that if someone travels from Somnath temple right up to the South Pole, they would not come across any land anywhere?
Who did this mapping and what type of technology and apparatus did they use? Image
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11 Oct
Origin of the word "Hindu":

The perception has been created that there is no such word called Hindu.

Parsis could not pronunciate S , so they called Sindhu as Hindu.

But that is totally wrong .

The word Hindu is as old as Sanatan.

Look at few references:
Brihaspati Agam: Himalaya till Kanyakumari I called "Hindusthan" created by Devta.

Vridh Smriti: worshiper of Ved, Cows and Bhagwan are Hindus.
Kalika Puran: due to vicious cycle of Kaal, Hindus took shelter at Vindhyachal.
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5 Sep
Adhrarmic deeds that cause human suffer nark:
पाप कर्म जो नर्क की ओर ले जाते हैं:

1. Doesn't observe vrat

2. Kills Brahmin

3. Consumes alcohol

4. Eyeing wife of Guru

5. Snatching money of Brahmin

6. Terminating from job given by the king

7. Abandoning refugee
8. Killing a Yachak

9. Setting house on fire

10. Killing a cow

11. Indulged in condemning others

12. Hostility towards Brahmin

13. Intimacy during last rites/shraadh

14. Hiding Jati (जाति)

15. Usurping someone's legal rights

16. Breaking promise
17. Fighting (war) against an impotent

18. Keeping company of low level people

19. Who doesn't believe in Ishwar and Parlok

20. Not serving Agni, Mata and Pita

21. Smashing crops in fields by feet

22. Defeacting or passing urine facing towards son.

From Mahabharat.
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13 Aug
Importance of "Commander (Senapati)" in the war (from Mahabharat)!

Once upon a time Brhamans along with Vaishya and Shudras attacked Kshtriye of "Haihay Vansh".

The Army of Brahmins Vaishya and Shudras were huge in number and other side Kshtriye were less comparatively. Image
Still Haihaiy Vanshis inflicted great defeat on them and made them flee away.

After tasting such a great defeat,few intellectuals went to Haihaiy and asked secret of the victory.

Haihaiys being Dhramagya revealed intellectuals that we choose a skilled,wise man as our Senapati. Image
and follow his orders without any bit of doubts.

We don't randomly apply our minds to make decisions during the war, this made us win.

Hearing this intellectuals came back and chose a wise, war-skilled Brahmin as their commander and won over Haihaiyes Image
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