This whistleblower report on serious inadequacies in the Pfizer vaccine trials is big news. The allegations are credible. The British Medical Journal has published the paper & given the huge implications, would not have done so w/out serious consideration…
The whistleblower has a long and respected career in trial quality control, and the article noted they have provided the BMJ with "dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails". The amount of such evidence for BMJ to publish must be very substantial.
Pfizer outsourced the trial to contract research organization Ventavia, who are alleged to have engaged in questionable conduct. The typical commercial conflicts apply here (Ventavia has repeat business with Pfizer) - i.e. wanting to give the client the trial outcome they wanted.
Everyone's belief in the safety and efficacy of the vaccines is based on the data from this trial, and it is now of questionable integrity and can no longer be used to justify those conclusions. This is a fairly substantial development to say the least. New trials are needed.
The fact that these irregularities have emerged significantly increases the credibility of the many scientists and doctors who have been highlighting serious problems with the vaccine & adverse events, often at serious risk to their careers and reputations.
It seems like an unlikely coincidence that such a large number of highly qualified people would raise concerns; so much "smoke" about this vaccine exists; and we now have concrete evidence that the trial data is sullied.
It is an absolute outrage that billions of doses of Pfizer's vaccine have been given, and many countries coerced their citizens into taking the vaccine under threat of losing their jobs, freedom of movement & effective ability to leave their houses, based on corrupted trial data.
Pro vaxxer Dr John Campbell walks methodically through the allegations & substance of the paper here, for those less inclined to read the original paper. He is concerned and is not able to offer any rebuttal.

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10 Nov
Great (and impressive) video by NYT on liberal hypocrisy and how it is contributing to worsening inequality (and other social problems) in blue states.

I mostly agree with it, although I think the way tax rates are presented is misleading/false. I would also argue it's not so much a case of liberals not "living their values" as it is not living their *declared* values. As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.
Humans are all fundamentally selfish with respect to themselves and their kin and there is no getting around that. Red states have less of these issues as conservatives are more realistic/honest about human nature & gear their policies accordingly.
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5 Nov
We would like to acknowledge a long list of conquering tribes that forcibly dispossessed this land's from its prior inhabitants. Except the original peoples (who dispossessed wildlife) as their descendants are all dead now so who cares.

I'm Lyall and I'm wearing a white t-shirt.
This is possibly the most cringe thing I have ever seen in corporate America. It's like (nay is) a cult - it's creepy.

No one doubts past injustices occur. But feeling the necessity to add this preamble to a corporate presentation is just totally messed up.

And clothing - WTF?
Are we going to get to the point that before you can say anything of substance relevant to the issue at hand, you need to give a 10 minute speech on all the social justice ills of the world & disadvantages minority communities merely to avoid the appearance of being racist?
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5 Nov
Been an unusual number of such events recently, as well as reports of unusual surges in hospitalizations and children suffering sudden abnormal fatal cardiac events.

It’s not proven, but reasonably probable that undiagnosed vaccine injuries are the underlying cause.
Zero Hedge recently published an article on usual surge in hospitalizations and child cardiac events. Other countries are reporting similar occurrences.

It is unfortunate no research or systematic analysis of vaccine injuries is being done/reported.…
Lot's of doctors/whistleblowers have been raising the alarm but the information has been suppressed/censored for fear it would discourage vaccination.

A whistleblower on clinical trial irregularities was also fired.

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3 Nov
Marc Andreessen made an interesting observation in a podcast a while back - covid-induced remote schooling had resulted in parents overhearing what their kids were being taught (ie extremist hard-left CRT ideology), and were shocked. This may be contributing to election outcomes.
CRT is a fundamentally racist doctrine that teaches kids to judge people by their skin colour; feel victimized & resent "oppressor" races. It's exactly the type of thinking/ideology that has lead to recurring & devastating ethnic-based civil wars in Africa over the past century.
It also teaches kids exactly the wrong values they need to succeed in life: to feel powerless/oppressed and a victim; that all their problems in life are other peoples' fault (of a certain skin colour); that personal effort is futile because the system is rigged against them.
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2 Nov
Yikes - it takes a fairly extraordinary degree of incompetence & epic failure of the business model for Zillow to expect to lose 5-7% on iBuying houses it bought to flip in a raging property bull market (1/2).…
Lessons (which should already have been obvious):

*AI cannot predict markets (& never will).
*iBuyers are competing with amateur property investors/flippers with skin in the game & who input unpriced labour (search, renovation, etc) & hence have lower costs. (2/3)
The iBuying biz model was always virtually guaranteed to blow up at some point due to asymmetry. In strong market you sell at small capped gain. In a down market, market goes no bid & you're stuck w inventory you can't sell. But they even managed to blow up in a bull market!
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2 Nov
Rivian is set to IPO at a market capitalization roughly on par with BMW. Rivian has produced a total of *56* RT1 vehicles (not a typo; no missing k), and delivered only 42 (mostly to company employees).…
BMW group produces about 2.5m vehicles a year. It also has a large captive financing company and is sitting on >10bn euro of excess net cash. It has cumulatively invested tens of billions of euro in EV tech & will have a fully electrified fleet in coming years.
Every major auto company is investing billions in EVs and will have highly competitive EV line ups with scaled manufacturing in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, billions of dollars are being raised for dozens of of EV startups, from the US to China.
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