The logic by which the only way to stop MPs being corrupt is to pay them obscene amounts of money is rooted in a pessimism about human nature that is fundamentally bourgeois.
Notice this logic is not applied to crime when the crime is committed by people outside the bourgeoisie. Eg they never argue that we should stop drug dealers by removing the incentive to deal drugs.
(obvo not all drug dealers are outside the bourgeoisie lol)
Apart from anything else they're properly telling on themselves aren't they. It's like when you're arguing with a right winger and you're winning, so they wheel out he old 'it's human nature to be predatory' chestnut, and it's like 'Hmm, well I can see *you* are m8, but...'.
The vast majority of people work pretty hard and aren't corrupt. The corrupt ones tend to be part of the exploiting classes, whose greatest fear is becoming like the rest of us poor saps. That fear drives them to take any motherfucker's money, as Clay Davis would say.

• • •

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10 Nov
We literally might as well have Dan Hodges leading the Labour Party
A contemptible liar, coward and racist.
Fair to say at this point that he’d be a bigger threat to civil liberties than Johnson is?
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9 Nov
‘Pay elected representatives ten times the average UK salary to ensure they represent the interests of their constituents’
I wonder how this would impact the likelihood of a higher top rate of tax? 🤔
I swear we are getting close to a ‘get rid of ‘em and let the royal family take over’ column
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9 Nov
Martin Lewis unwittingly hitting upon The Problem
‘Do you primarily represent the interests of your constituents and of the UK population, or do you represent someone else?’ Image
‘Do you primarily represent the interests of your constituents and of the UK population, or do you represent someone else?’ ImageImage
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1 Nov
Something I missed while writing this is that Le Tissier probably felt some kind of solidarity with Saints/Southampton precisely because he was part of a team, something bigger. I’d imagine his wild beliefs now are at least partly informed by a post-industrial society.
Since retiring as a player, Matty probably hasn’t really done a lot of work that’s involved the creation of anything tangible.
If you’re a builder and you’ve built a house by Friday afternoon, you know you’ve done something useful. If you’re a footballer and you and your teammates have kept your team in the top flight come the end of the season, you know you’ve done something useful.
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31 Oct
In all seriousness, socialist running, cycling and rambling clubs are all things that should be quite easily doable, would lead to real benefits for the left and would obviously be much more effective than Being A Prick On Twitter.
I mean as much as anything if we can’t get a few comrades together for a kickabout then how the fuck do we think we’re going to organise a strike?
I’ve been involved in organising strikes- it’s hard, and it involves really uncomfortable interactions, but it can lead to some really productive relationships. Having a richer left cultural architecture could help build those sorts of relationships without the hard stuff.
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14 Oct
It’s fair enough to do ‘20 points ahead’ dunks on this, but I worry that it obscures the reckless malice and self-interest that has led Labour to being ten points behind this government.
Labour has chosen to adopt a politics that’s been repeatedly rejected by almost everyone outside a tiny milieu of the political and media classes with very niche opinions, and chosen to launch a plainly spiteful revenge campaign against its own most well-meaning members.
And as a result of this, and of Starmerism’s managing-down of public expectation, there’s basically no chance of getting rid of this government no matter how many people they’ve killed. Look at the polling below:
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