When I was still single, I had this boyfriend. The relationship was still young, and he knows how to play drums. So, he decided to visit our church and help us out with a program we were organizing. I was the youth leader then. This young man was in church when a guest minister
came, he walked towards me during ministration, put his hands on my head, and said that I would get married to a very great man. After the service, my then-boyfriend was very sad. Oga, what is the matter, he said that he wouldn't be my husband because he wasn't a great man. I was
dumbstruck for a few seconds, then I responded; 'why would you look down on yourself like that? This is a prophecy saying I will marry a great man, I am already a great woman and I am a kingmaker. Automatically, any man that gets married to me will be great. I don't need a
prophecy to know that. Greatness is a potential we all have inside of us, the only difference is our willingness and drive to harness it'. I tried to make him see himself in a different light that day, although we broke up not quite long after that for compatibility issues.
I always say this, money and sex are not values you bring to the table. A lot of values you bring might not be physical. When I married my husband, I spent time telling him how great and talented he is. I don't use any discouraging words. I would encourage him with positive
confessions, worship him with my mouth. Be his biggest fan and push him to achieve that thing he is aiming at. I will wait at home for results when he gets back, and no matter the outcomes, I never allow any negativity spew from my mouth. He does the same for me, at times I feel
that he overhypes me. Some of these are unique values you bring to the table. Our union has built me in areas I can't imagine and we are still building each other. You can do much more for that man than you give yourself credit for, you can be a backbone to that woman,
not just giving her money all the time. Make yourself important, be a shoulder, an ear, etc. Don't just fill your lives with sex and money while you cant hold up conversations without looking for topics in 10mins. These are silent killers, be intentional!

• • •

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9 Nov
There was this couple, the wife was a very successful lawyer and he was also successful in his job, working in an oil company. They looked like a power couple but the lady came to the marriage with a mindset that she can't have her rights trampled, she must always point it out
she was a very intelligent woman, he was also very intelligent, so, they would argue about everything, nobody backs down. Every thing down to roles in the house were shared, it then boiled down to responsibilities. In the process of claiming right, the love was lost and the drive
to go home to his wife was gone. It got so bad that he finally filed for divorce. That union had several problems:
That woman had a notion that nobody should take advantage of her even if nobody had taken advantage of her and she let her guards up.
-they both knew too much to the
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9 Nov
A lot of people going through depression are great people with great destinies. Some people are going through a depressing state of mind because they feel inadequate, not because they are not doing well enough but the greatness in them is pushing to be let out, and at that peak
when they don't understand any of it, the negative whispers keep coming in, telling them that they are not good enough, they are not adequate, they don't deserve the stress they are going through, it is too overwhelming for them and they start listening to these voices speak
They start giving in to those voices in their head and gradually their mind starts to close to opportunities, knowledge, and positive outcomes. This further confirms what they are hearing and they start believing those voices pushing them to a deep pit, then finally they snap and
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9 Nov
Sometimes we get hurt and heartbroken not because men are scum or women are evil, but we haven't taken time to build ourselves in fellowship with God. We just wake up, look at our age and tell ourselves that we are old enough to be in a relationship, then we go ahead and start
We don't take time to understand the essence of a relationship. When I was still young and single, I had to end several relationships at the early stages but my friends were looking at me as if I am possessed; 'this man loves you so much and wants to marry you but you are saying
you don't want him, what do you want in this life?' I would tell them that I just know in my Spirit that this man is not my husband and I don't want to waste my time settling for someone I am not compatible with. Marriage is for life and relationships are there to cultivate your
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8 Nov
I used to be like some ladies here when we first got married. He doesn't talk fast but my mouth can run 10 things in a second. Immediately he starts talking, you will see me trying to immediately explain why I am right and he is wrong. I might even raise my voice a bit higher but
he would just ask; 'are you raising your voice at me?' I will start explaining how that's how I talk and he would just keep quiet and walk away. Since I am very observant, I will notice how sad he would be for the rest of the day until I go back and apologize, then immediately
we would sit down and finalize that argument. I began to gradually work on myself so that I don't have to keep raising my voice or claiming right when my partner is airing his grievance and it started working. The next thing he complained about was me creating excuses for issues
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8 Nov
Let's talk about dating;
I noticed that in Nigeria, we find it difficult to end relationships especially when it is not helping us. We love to endure too much and this is one of the factors that have led to cheating and some failed marriages.
- this lady and man don't have common
goals, you don't have any common interests, you don't like the same things, you can't sit down and discuss randomly for even 30 mins because there is nothing to talk about. Just sex and responsibilities. Apart from those things, nothing brings you both together. But because she
is a good girl and he is caring, you people have decided to manage the relationship like that. No drive to do better, and sometimes no love sef. Even the sex at times will now be mechanical because you people are strangers. Sometimes, when one party decides to leave the
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7 Nov
You know, 'the devil' can be very useful at times, he prepares you for the worst-case scenario if you look at it from my angle. What are the reasons why people with wonderful homes tend to shy away from countering the evil narratives out there? This is because they are afraid of
losing their homes in a bid to testify to other families. Before I came all out to start using my personal experience to explain lots of life issues, all the possible negative narratives have gone through my head but it doesn't matter how many years we have been together, I have
experienced enough love to last me more than two lifetimes, if there are any issues along the way, I won't feel any bit of regret and I have already forgiven in advance. We have grown beyond hurt and negativity, we have grown beyond fear of failure, we have grown beyond material
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