Remember this "epic own" by Seth? Countless likes and retweets of a screencap "haha new university bad"?

False narrative. Adams had access & used the texts - fragments; the tweet focuses on making it seem unlikely - and yet it happened.
Several people responded with corrections, this one is particularly well put together:

Others also chimed in with corrections:
Some tried to dunk "ha ha Rome fell much later on".

Note the importance of fall of the *republic*, the system as it was in Cicero's time:
A bad dunk from a woke professor, relied on convincing through associations. Was disproved by source texts: Adams quoted at length from Cicero.

However the dunk on the new university got enshrined by an MSNBC journalist and countless pilers-on.

Media manufacterd ur-reality.
A nicely put together thread from the OG responder:

• • •

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7 Nov
You've heard of "labor theory of value".
Get ready for "dollar theory of value" - invented to dunk on cryptocurrencies: Image
IDK if this guy sells gold,
or perhaps it was him who spent 20,000 BTC to buy pizza early on in Bitcoin's history ImageImage
He pays dues ImageImage
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5 Nov
"Steele Dossier" revelations, Danchenko and connection to Clinton. Some journalists are finally taking note, like Jonathan here.

The activists on the left came up with interesting counter-narrative. Let's investigate.
Lefty activists' counter-narrative, part 1:
"the information was accurate, it was just passed through unexpected channels".

Wow, a barefaced assertion of "nothing to see here". Of course the information was bogus.
"Trump did worse by sharing *muh confidential data*". It's a weird one; as far as I can tell it hinges on The Guardian (lol) reporting.
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1 Nov
rise of experts as symptom of breakdown of societal structures.

for subjects too large, or too long running for one person to reasonably observe, we used to have societal structures to hold memory and form opinions.

now that's offloaded onto experts for hire.
we end up nonsense such as certain draconian measures in the pandemic, varying climate change predictions that always point to one and same solution, and topsy-turvy energy sector policy.

and we are told "only experts can form opinions on those".
note that forcing whole society to act, expeditiously and laboriously, on plans that the society is not convinced to, is immoral and evil.

both directly, and also as creating structures & cultural norms for further such evils.
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1 Nov
thanks go to @gunpolicy for bringing attention to this NYTimes article.

this particularly bad NYTimes article. let's read.
multiple lies in the opening paragraph.
also contradicts later in the article.

truth: guns are growing in popularity in US; millions of new gun owners in recent years, due to disastrous cultural & cime problems.
>more violent crime
both research and practice shows time and time again that armed society is polite society

>judicial hostility
the constitution of the union. doesn't get any more blatant than that.

>growing movement
astroturfed propaganda. gun ownership shows clear tend.
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1 Nov
in XVII century then-modern medicine made childbirth a medical procedure, performed at hospital in standardized manner.

this made systematic one of the risks to the mother - death from "puerperal fever", a bacterial infection that thrived in the serially performed procedure.
the form of the procedure & other hospital work, and the risks to the mother were back then broadly accepted by the medical community.

the risk to the mother was very high by today's standards:
a hungarian doctor proposed in 1847 *washing hands* of the practitioners with an early form of antiseptic as practical way of reducing the risks of mortality to below 1%.

this was supported by his subsequent scientific work, and by observation of the results in the hospital. physician and scientist Ignaz Semmelweis
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15 Oct
we were told of dystopian future "corporations will oppress you in myriad ways". we were baited into giving governments extraordinary powers over corporations

every single thing came to pass - and it's the governments & their NGOs doing it. le pikachu shock face. and no neons
don't miss this tidbit:

>mandatory carbon offsetting

a travel tax.
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