Watching conservatives on my feed parsing how Kyle Rittenhouse was "obviously" acting in "self-defense" when he shot three people, killing two of them, I am thinking about similar rationalizations I saw of George Zimmerman…
"it's easy to imagine that Zimmerman confronted Martin, attacked him, escalated the fight, then shot Martin when things didn't go the way he wanted — and thought that he was entirely justified in the eyes of the law"…
"... whether or not Zimmerman is the person I described, that guy does exist out there. And we have just demonstrated vividly that the criminal justice system will support him."…
"... there's one other thing I now about that guy: conservatives are dead suckers for him. [...] His earnest self-righteousness gave me the heebie-jeebies but conservatives lapped it up. They always do, when it's a member of their tribe."…
More on conservatives’ dangerous confidence in their ability to discern good character
They have said for decades that “the only thing which stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” … and in Rittenhouse we see that what they meant is that the essential goodness of people like them makes it right for Good Guys to shoot whomever they please
“When do we get to use the guns?”

Get to.
In case you don’t recognize “when do we get to use the guns?”
It is even worse than this.

Rittenhouse had ALREADY shot someone! His defenders assert that the people who tried to disarm him should have discerned that he was a good guy who therefore had a good reason for killing someone, and thus left him alone.
This right here, from an illuminating thread of clips from the trial, is the heart of the logic of Rittenhouse’s defenders.

Rittenhouse — after killing one person and shooting at others — is not a threat. Because he’s a good guy, see?

He’s being threatened. How dare they?
It is worth reflecting on why conservatives are so invested in Rittenhouse as "obviously justified" and "heroic".

What values does that represent?

via @mcclure111

The Gun Nut logic of celebrating citizenship though capacity for violence, combined with white supremacy which embraces or cannot see that it has a double standard for whose violence is justified, landing at white nationalism

via @mcclure111

Thread expanding the math on Gun Nut logic
It is who they always were, but this is bringing it to the surface

This whole thread.

And this point reminds me of a story …
… about the rationalization of fascism as “self-defense”, and how certain Americans still talk about defending against “Northern Aggression”
Not my position, but one I can respect

• • •

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26 Oct
I cannot resist addressing a different question — the distinctions between UI, IxD, IA, and UX, as revealed in this control panel

This offers a bad design example with many KINDS of improvements possible, so we can talk about the different kinds of design involved and how they relate

2/ A complicated, confusing control panel for a washing machine
Perhaps most obviously, there are weak affordances: we cannot tell what many of these buttons will do or what the lights indicate.

It presents a confusing face.

So we can improve this simply at that USER INTERFACE level, providing more clear labels.

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25 Oct
It is frustrating that the TV adaptation of ‘Foundation’ is trying to do the right things and it just does not seem to be working
Characters come and go too quickly in the ‘Foundation’ novels, so the show gives us a succession of clone Emperors, an immortal robot, and Hari Seldon on tape for continuity, and folds in character stories to hang off of the backbone story.

These are really good ideas.
A contemporary reader of the ‘Foundation’ novel wonders where the heck the computers are, so the TV adaptation gives us a robot to give us a tantalizing early glimpse of how Asimov tied the Foundation stories and Robot stories together.

This is a good idea.
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8 Sep
As a longtime hater of Andrew Sullivan, this is a pleasure to see
This thread is really all the takedown of Andrew Sullivan that you need

The Andrew Sullivan takedown I used to rely on was this one from Mark Ames, which is weird considering how the two of them now occupy the same Bullshit Bro space…
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7 Sep
“Gender then becomes a negotiation, a struggle, a way of dealing with historical constraints and making new realities. […] We don’t just choose it. And it is not just imposed on us.”
The deuce.

Shortly after I read it, the Guardian snipped out the bit of their interview in which Judith Butler was scathingly critical of TERFs. It is very appalling and so...
A screenshot which shows the Guardian’s question about Wi Spa, transphobes, and Proud Boys which prompted Judith Butler to the reply which they scrubbed.

Offered to me by an opponent of trans liberation who imagines that this somehow discredits Butler. (It doesn’t.) Image
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2 Sep
OK, I want to spend a minute with this, because I expect to need it for future reference.

This story about a journalist attacked in Portland by black bloc antifascists is misreported.

This thread has a bunch of relevant context omitted from the WWeek article.

It elides the attack by far right demonstrators. And journalist Staab went out of her way to antagonize the militant antifascists.


It was the far right demonstrators who sprayed journalist Staab with mace. The WWeek article does not bother to describe this.


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9 Jul
… if we rightly recognize the psychological trauma of the marginalized as consequences of systemic injustice, and we recognize that a lot of white guys badly need therapy, that should take us to a nuanced version of how Toxic Masculinity Hurts Us All …
… where we can recognize that the routine traumas which men experience are both bad on the merits AND part of the engine of injustice which harms women even more …

… with some parallel-but-different analysis of the traumas of whiteness, heteronormativity, et cetera …
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