Hey, great news, Google Chromium just started a war and I'm going to enjoy this one

I mean, do it - just.... try and do it, fellas. The skies will blacken with a million screaming tweets

Mhoye captures the true horror, however: How they did this terrifically bad idea with zero discussion.

The implementor, Eric Lawrence, has apparently made it a mission to make the Web a little less.... good. Was happy to get right to the business of ripping FTP support out of Chrome, as well.

Hey, these blue underline things.... are they going out the window next, Eric?
Oh, no. This one's going to get attention too, isn't it.

OK, then.

Folks, spare me your justifications. Please spare me. Spare all of us. Just lie back and focus on the new streaming TV shows and explain to your cat why "machine owner-level admin applied to the browser" is good
Here. Eric dropped his justifications here, you can read them.


"I was just implementing orders more accurately and with less bugs" is the new "I was just following orders".

• • •

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10 Nov
Had a lovely catch-up chat with @jasonshiga - an artist who people will still be discovering in a century. I interviewed him for GET LAMP (although my intended feature documentary on his work didn't get in), so I've watched his works with amazement over the years.
Among his most stunning achievements are his interactive comic books, including MEANWHILE... amazon.com/Meanwhile-Path… - a comic book that takes you on massively wild journeys in the life of a character that just wants to have an ice cream cone. Highest recommendation.
All his works are great, so just look up his efforts, including BOOKHUNTER, a personal favorite.

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10 Nov
One of my most precious lexicographical collections is the words that groups who are either intentionally or unintentionally isolated use to describe people not in the tribe/community/group. They all do it. It's sometimes sinister, sometimes shorthand, always hilarious.
Obviously, a lot of group use some version of "normals", "normies", i.e. those folks who have not kissed the sky of enlightenment the group has achieved. I've also seen "Norms", "Bogans" (AU/NZ).
To this I now add the terms "NOCOINER" and "RIGHT-CLICKERS", terms used by crypto enthusiasts, for people who don't get it.
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8 Nov
Oh No
Look, when Tim O'Reilly first coined "Web 2.0", it was a way of saying, roughly, that static HTML files on sites were going to be augmented, maybe replaced, by dynamic HTML that would update frequently.

By this approach, "Web 3.0" or "WEB3" would be the (already here) Web Apps.
But it's quite clear that this new thing with all these opportunistic scammers is something else

So, I know it won't catch on, but maybe instead when we see them go "WEB3", we go "Oh, the Scumbag Web"
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7 Nov
Ooo, Dr. Foone brings up a memory of a prediction I made almost 8 years ago while eating BBQ at the Facebook campus (getting a tour from a pal, he's long quit because morals)
My speculation was that at some point, nostalgic and musing about his legacy, Zuck would just drop a half-billion into a Zuckerberg Institute whose job was (on paper) to study the history of the Internet and function like a real think tank/archive/library with screens.
And people with real pedigrees will work there because who turns down $200k+ salaries against an academic hellscape, especially if they were denied tenure

Anyway, it'll be really pretty, and somewhere that won't get flooded by climate change
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11 Oct
Reminder that Jblow deletes his tweets after a short amount of time by his own policy, so people don't look at stuff months old and complain about them
🎶Who's been wacky since Braid came out 🎶
🎶 It was Jonathan all along 🎶
🎶 Who put cults the in Witness game 🎶
🎶 It was Jonathan all along 🎶
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