they’re finally getting it
Trans is technically an abbreviation of transgender, which is the actual adjective describing the type of woman I am. The idea of it being a “new development” is hilarious though considering how much I’ve seen trans people, including me, point this out over the years.
I’d like to think that every now and then a transphobe has a brain fart and realizes something criticality important like this, but I won’t lie I’m not optimistic. Oh well, not everyone can understand adjectives all the time I guess. 🤷🏼‍♀️
lol truly so hard to predict which tweets are gonna take off

• • •

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10 Nov
I’m a woman, and my sex is female.
I genuinely appreciate allies who advocate in defense of trans rights. Without y’all it would be impossible to move the needle on this, but be careful not to adopt transphobic preferences in language.

btw “sex *assigned at birth* and gender are different” is the way
The only way to arrive at the conclusion I’m male is to use Basic Biology. In reality trans women are adult human females. Not all female humans are privileged with a typical female body. My phenotype diverged in utero, so my female body is atypical. But it’s female nonetheless.
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10 Nov
the femme behind the madness Image
I still find ways everyday to workout my smiling muscles, no matter how many reasons the world gives me not to. It’s good for your cheeks, and it makes transphobes mad. So smile anyway. Life’s short no matter the outcome.
I think the world would be cooler if more people smiled everyday.
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13 Oct
Weird how estrogen doesn’t give me terrible symptoms men get from it like depression, brain fog, lethargy, and anxiety. Even weirder how testosterone started giving me those symptoms around natal puberty. 🤔
Even weirder how estrogen makes me feel…normal. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m not spending energy everyday to just…exist. An inner calm developed within just a few weeks of starting estrogen. Mind blowing. I talk about it so much because it was so profound.
Basic disclaimer:

I can only speak for me. Biology has no hard and fast rules. Self-ID is the most accurate way to know someone, and neurological research done in the past 20 yrs on trans ppl confirms that. If you want to know who someone is, just ask them. No brain scan needed.
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12 Oct
Rejecting your LGBTQ+ kid when they come out to you won’t make them not be who they are, it will just make them feel shame and contempt for themselves. Don’t make your love conditional on their compliance with who you expect them to be. Love your child for who they are no matter.
When you reject your kid who’s come out to you, you’re rejecting them at a time when they are vulnerable and need your love and support the most. A time when they’re stepping into a world full of people who reject them too.
If you can’t love your LGBTQ+ kid the same as your straight, cis kid then don’t have kids. Rejection in childhood as a tool of manipulation to force your kid into the identity you want them to be is just giving them lifelong trauma and a high potential for self-harm. Don’t do it!
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11 Oct
If the trans employees were trying to get into a Netflix meeting full of cis people sitting around deciding whether the Chappelle special was transphobic, then that’s good trouble. Trans people should not only be invited and involved in those discussions but also leading them.
If true it’s basically its own parody of a Chappelle skit except the people in the meeting are white, the employees are black, and the question is whether it’s racist. Chappelle’s transphobia has big “pick me” energy, but wait til he finds out how many transphobes are racist.
I mean, can Dave even do a comedy routine anymore without mocking trans women?!? He didn’t even really tell any trans jokes, he just went on a terf rant using terf language to spread transphobia. When he says he’s team terf, believe him. This was strategic and calculated.
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6 Oct
“HRT causes massive health problems in trans adults”

Wait til you find out what untreated gender dysphoria does to trans adults.
The folks trying to build the foundation for HRT restrictions are doing it in such a way that they’ll eliminate HRT for cis people too.

“Sex hormones are dangerous and unhealthy for our bodies” is honestly one hell of a take. Gonadectomies for all I guess?
In regards to the claim in the first tweet let me be completely clear: no it doesn’t.

HRT is safer now than it’s ever been with bioidentical hormones and monitoring to maintain endophysiological stasis, and bodies can run on either. It’s inherent to the design.
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