I take great pride when someone tells me my BITE model and Influence Continuum changed their life and helped them escape a harmful situation (a cult, abusive relationship, trafficking situation, etc.).

But there's ONE place I want these tools utilized the most...

The courtroom.
Right now, in this country (and sadly in most other countries), there's NO accepted models for judges and jurors to evaluate unethical influence. We have laws on the books for elder abuse, and human trafficking, but that's it.

Why is this?
Because undue influence, to an untrained judge or jury is DIFFICULT to evaluate according to either large spread scientific community or legal precedent. Unlike physical harm or property damage, the harm of undue influence is often INVISIBLE to the uneducated.
Moreover, many still think that anyone over the age of 18 is an adult & should "know better."

But of course this is ludicrous. People–even the most intelligent & educated–through deception & social influence techniques can have their minds manipulated without their realizing it.
This has been a well-established field of study for decades & it is vital that our justice system catch up.
I want the definition of undue influence to EXPAND to include all instances in which people are placed under mind control or are victims of undue influence. For this to happen, judges and juries need to have the TOOLS necessary.

Enter my doctoral dissertation:
In March 2019, I published my first peer-reviewed journal article. I surveyed 1044 former cult members with the goal of determining the efficacy of my BITE model of Authoritarian Control in identifying undue influence.
The items in the BITE model of mind control were found to have a reliability score of .98, and a Cronbach’s alpha of .93 demonstrated internal consistency and validity. This is very high and in my view shows that the BITE Model is a reliable tool our courts should use.
My work BUILDS on the work of law professor Dr. Alan Scheflin. The Scheflin Social Influence Model offers an overall framework for expert witnesses to comprehensively evaluate undue influence.
I believe his model, with my BITE model, offers the first tool to scientifically evaluate unethical influence.

For a more detailed analysis and an easy-to-watch walkthrough of my findings, here's a link to a blog where I go in to greater detail....
I know talking about "legal definitions" may sound boring and wonky but TRUST ME! This is the BULLSEYE! If our courts adequately protected and prosecuted undue influence, it would be much more difficult for cults like Scientology or MLMs like LuLaRoe to operate and ruin lives!

• • •

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11 Nov
Today on #VeteransDay, I want to post a message that will likely be a little different than most Veterans Day messages. :)

This message is both for veterans and friends and families of veterans....
First off, THANK YOU to everyone who's served. Your sacrifice should never be minimized. My hope is that all veterans get the care & attention they deserve. 🙏

Veteran suicide is still a big problem and many vets deal with persistent healthcare challenges from the VA.
We need to remedy these issues and understand the TRAUMA that veterans deal with. Whether it be the trauma of war, the trauma of losing a friend, or the trauma of dealing with recurring injury, veterans go through a lot.

Veterans are also susceptible to undue influence.
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Transcendental Meditation, also known as "TM," has become quite popular in recent years. Celebrities like David Lynch, Jerry Seinfeld, Paul McCartney, & Russell Brand have been VOCAL proponents of TM.

But TM has a dark legacy with some striking cult-like aspects. Let discuss:🧵
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Many came to know about Maharishi through the band The Beatles. The group spent some time "studying" with Maharishi in India. In 1968, the remaining 2, John Lennon & George Harrison left after realizing Maharishi was taking sexual advantage of women, including Mia Farrow.
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9 Nov
It's been announced that @LeoDiCaprio will portray cult leader Jim Jones in a future feature film written by @ScottyRosenberg. I genuinely hope this movie takes the study of undue influence seriously. Too often, in movies and news reports, the topic ISN'T covered properly.
I've watched in frustration for 45+ years as cult members are treated as gullible or even stupid. Writers need to show that INTELLIGENT educated people can have their mind manipulated and taken over. Writers need to show HOW this is done.
Undue influence is a very REAL phenomenon and a well-written movie or documentary could do untold GOOD in the world. Education like this essentially INOCULATES one from cults, manipulative relationships, pyramid schemes and more.
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Want to HELP a friend or family member OUT of a cult or conspiracy theory?

Want to understand the Trump phenomenon or the anti-vax movement or QAnon?

My books will give you answers. Here's a synopsis & the proper order to read my books if you really want to learn this subject:
"Combating Cult Mind Control" should be read FIRST and is the FOUNDATION for the study of undue influence. This book sets the frame and is widely regarded as the BEST book for protection, rescue and recovery from destructive cults. amazon.com/Combating-Cult…
"Freedom of Mind" should be read SECOND and builds on my first book. This book focusses on my Strategic Interactive Approach (my method to get someone out of a cult) and shows you HOW to do this with someone you care about.
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Want to guess what U.S. Senator gets money from multi-level marketing cults?

Kyrsten Sinema

As was reported in @politico today, Sinema has taken money from the parent company of Amway (cult), the executive chair of Mary Kay (cult) and Herbalife (cult).
But this just scratches the surface. Sinema has taken money from countless other "nutrition" and "beauty" MLM's. Every one of these entities is associated with the controversial Direct Selling Association, the trade group that promotes multilevel marketing.
Though these groups may appear harmless (if not a little annoying), a great percentage of MLM's are actually authoritarian commercial cults.

(For a deep dive on MLMs, and WHY I label them "cults," read the thread below. It will catch you up 👍):
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4 Nov
Drug and alcohol treatment programs can often be LIFE-SAVING.

But it's important to stringently investigate WHO these groups are.


Because there's a long legacy of CULT behavior inside these groups. Obviously I'm not talking about ALL programs, but many.

Let's discuss..🧵
One of the FIRST drug treatment programs in existence was a group called "Synanon." This group was founded in 1958 by a man named Charles Dederich.

Dederich pioneered using ex-addicts as “counselors.” He promoted a “tough love” approach and established a “culture of recovery.”
Synanon “Treatment” centered on something called “The Game.” In essence, this was a “hot seat” tactic (used by many other cults) where members sit in a circle, and the target is psychologically attacked by the group. The goal is to “break" them. People regularly felt humiliated.
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