While the Washington Post has been forced to take the drastic step of effectively retracting two major articles involving the Steele Dossier, don't expect this to prompt much wider reflection about the journalistic failures of Russiagate. Because that'd indict the entire industry
Incredibly, these two Washington Post journalists -- whose article has now been effectively retracted -- received a PULITZER for their Russiagate reporting from exactly the same time period (2017). Kinda makes you wonder what else they got egregiously wrong, doesn't it? ImageImage
Despite how humiliating this episode is for WaPo, it still won't occasion any kind of comprehensive re-examination of the media's complicity in Russiagate fraud. Because if that were ever done, most of the US media ecosystem would have to "retract" itself
Also note: WaPo continues to euphemistically avoid admitting what they've actually done, which is retract the phony articles in question. I guess acknowledging they had to outright *retract* articles by their Pulitzer-winning Russiagate reporters could be a bit of a PR headache Image
Not much by way of explanation lately from the WaPo journalists who wrote the bogus articles, either. I don't know, if my Pulitzer Caliber Reporting had to be retracted years later in humiliating fashion, that's something I might want to clarify ImageImage

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12 Nov
Prior to this week Canadians could go to a crowded airport and fly into the US, but couldn't drive over the land border alone in their private vehicle. Nobody in a position of policymaking authority ever explained why this was the case. And now, down the memory-hole it'll go
The next time the media berates some musician or athlete for their allegedly irrational decision-making re: vaccines, please bear in mind that the US Government's decision-making in this policy area was so irrational that they were unable to even provide an explanation for it
The individual decision-making of these musicians and athletes largely affects only themselves, while the US government's decision-making about the largest contiguous border in the world affects millions of people and billions of $$ in commerce. Which one does the media focus on?
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11 Nov
US Government Kept a Ludicrously Irrational COVID Ban in Place for Months and Months, but Media Bashes the Supposed Irrationality of Private Citizens mtracey.substack.com/p/us-governmen…
The US finally re-opened the Canadian land border this week. Brian Higgins, congressman from the Buffalo area, tried in vain for months to get an explanation for why the border had been closed so long. As did other elected officials. Turned out there *never was* any explanation!
One takeaway from this: how ridiculous it is for the media and politicians to spend so much time berating individual celebrities and athletes for their personal decision-making, while largely ignoring the demonstrably nonsensical and arbitrary decision-making of the US Government
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11 Nov
One of the prosecution's arguments to impugn Rittenhouse is that it was improper for him to have been there at all, yet citations against protesters who violated the curfew that night were dismissed, meaning the propriety of them being there was upheld
Put another way, the claim that Rittenhouse "shouldn't have been there" appears to have no legal weight based on the actions of this jurisdiction in Wisconsin, regardless of his age or beliefs. This is also reflected by the judge dismissing the curfew violation charge against him
As Freddie wrote today, the media/activist class went from insisting last year that riots were "actually good" to fuming outrage that chaotic/violent things tend to happen at riots. That's an inherent aspect of rioting, which they previously said was good
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29 Oct
When I pointed out what an obvious “mess” this whole story was back in August, the entire NY press corps pounced on me in a fit of rage. Just sayin’
Letitia "Tish" James is abusing her office right now to an astonishing degree, even by NY standards -- which is really saying something. What she's done is unprecedented. Please always remember that the NY media enabled and facilitated it
It defies explanation -- except for supremely cynical explanations centered around Letitia James' electoral ambitions. But I'm not a legal scholar: if anyone can cite a precedent for something like this happening before, I'd love to see it

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28 Oct
Something fishy going on in Albany. Last night it's leaked that Letitia James, who orchestrated the ouster of Cuomo, is running for governor. Today it's leaked that charges were filed against Cuomo, then Times Union says the charges were "erroneous," then DA expresses "surprise"
To recap: the Sheriff of Albany County apparently circumvents the Albany County DA to leak the apparent filing of criminal charges. DA appears to repudiate this filing. (Who would even prosecute, then?) And suspiciously timed with Letitia James' political leak. Incredibly sketchy
Despite this incredibly suspicious series of events, Letitia James just released a statement trumpeting that the charges "validate the findings" of her ridiculous August report. But the charges allege the incident occurred on an entirely different date than what the report cited
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28 Oct
Her transparent political hatchet job on Cuomo -- a gigantic farce on about 100 different levels -- worked masterfully, thanks in large part to an embarrassingly gullible NY media which uncritically parroted her orchestrated PR stunt
Regardless of how you feel about Cuomo (I was never a fan, to put it mildly) the orchestrated putsch to remove him from power was incredibly disturbing, not least because the lazy and gullible media turned into mindless PR agents for the putsch organizers mtracey.substack.com/p/what-the-med…
Letitia James was maneuvering to run for Governor this entire time, and Cuomo was her obstacle. So she got rid of him using unprecedented, due process-shredding methods -- radically abusing her power as AG. The entire media (left, right, and center) went along with it. Sick stuff
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