"Dr Hilary PhD". Three simple words, easily understood. Or so some people claim. Let's unpack that a bit. 1/12
'Dr' is an abbreviated version of the title 'Doctor'. But what is a doctor? Is it a well trained medical practioner, or a philosophical thinker with a very different field? Are they any good at that? 2/12
It could be someone awarded an honorary doctorate using it to give themselves some faux authority. It could be a Gallifreyan Timelord, who uses the title as a pseudonym because his given name is shrouded in mystery. 3/12
This last one is important to grasp, because you can't make any assumption at all about The Doctor. It could be a woman or a man, he could be Scottish, Estuary English, a bit posh, less posh, & dressed in a wide variety of outfits. 4/12
How about Hilary? This is a given name. But what does it really tell us? Like 'The Doctor', the name has been used for both men and women over history. It's also sometimes a surname as well as a forename. 5/12
It's spelled here with one 'L' but that itself doesn't exclude alternate spellings like Hillary, Hilarie or Jocasta, depending on pronunciation of the silent H. 6/12
It derives from the Latin word for 'cheerful' which indicates that the bearer's parents wanted the person to either be cheerful, or make others cheerful. This is a completely subjective assessment, so can that person truly be said to be 'Hilary' in an objective sense? 7/12
Finally 'PhD'. This is a small collection of letters that sometimes indicate a person is a doctor of philosophy. But what are letters? They themselves are a symbol that we invest with meaning, and those three letters only have externally imposed context. 8/12
Ph can have a very different meaning in science, for example, measuring how acidic or basic water is. Coupled with a capital D, it's entirely possible, when we are applying the external narrative necessary to symbols, that PhD could mean the acidic content of a penis. 9/12
For some people, this might be a very significant factor in the treatment of a yeast infection. It may simply be that it's an alternate way to pronounce 'fud'.
The point is you can't be certain, because myriad factors can add or subtract contextual cues that define things. 10/12
All in all, I hope I've demonstrated that a simple clear phrase can be so tortured by someone determined to obscure reality that they'll use lots of random facts that are completely unconnected to the original phrase, that some fools might think they've made a point. 11/12
They might even suggest that anyone who doesn't attempt a rebuttal, because of the facile nature of their sh*te, has conceded the argument and is running scared, instead of those people actually laughing in hearty and enthusiastic scorn. 12/12

• • •

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13 Nov
It's that time of the week again. #Strictly thread, just in time. I've just spent ten minutes searching for the zapper.
Claudia doing the table cloth this week, and Motsi taking my eyes out with those shoulder pads and the acid yellow/green.
Tilly & Nikita to kick us off. I think she's one of the celebrities increasingly at risk. She does have ability and charm, so this will be about polish, I think.
Footwork looks scruffy at the start. But that was as charming as we know she can be. I liked it, and given her confidence knock, it was well done. Still in danger, imo. Lovely shoes. Threw in some of the charleston which seemed desperate, tbh.
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12 Nov
One of the more depressing things about Genderism, among lesbians in particular, is how susceptible we are to the rhetoric. Modern society talks a good game about accepting people, but we still abide by so many conventions on gendered fashion & behaviour. 1/9
It can't have escaped your notice how low down the social pecking order lesbians are. Publicly, openly scorned & disbelieved for talking about sexual coercion, still subject to lewdness in everyday conversations, along with all the other stuff we get just for being women. 2/9
Then, if we're visibly GNC, it takes an enormous, sustained effort to rebuff assumptions about our belief in Genderism. I guarantee I've been asked my pronouns so much more than a woman in a pretty dress by the thoughtlessly sexist people who are conditioned by Genderism. 3/9
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12 Nov
Some women have always disapproved of butch women. My mother was one. She wasn't especially feminine herself, but the acceptable behaviour/appearance was clear. The pressure I received from her & other women to conform was mainly with words or scornful looks. 1/6
As it happens, she was violently abusive, but she was quite indiscriminately motivated, & my being lesbian, or butch, was one among many reasons I got clouted. In fact, when I was very young, being a 'tomboy' was indulged as something I would 'grow out of'. 2/6
I still get double-takes in the women's loo. I get sniggering giggles from teen girls modelling themselves after Ariana Grande. I get 'sir', I get 'he'. I never mind the safety-check second looks. It's when it's obvious that I'm a woman that it's less acceptable. 3/6
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10 Nov
You may have come across this group before, very keen to promote the plight of the poor, beleaguered nonces who just get off to the thought of child abuse while not 'acting on it'.
For the sake of the children, of course. 1/6
You won't find any promotion of robust #Safeguarding from them, unsurprisingly, though Allyn there does suggest that the nonces who are finding it too tempting to be around kids remove themselves from those situations. 2/6
Then there's this, because this group are keen on kink & even think that rape victims can deal with their trauma by re-enactment. This is framed as a 'consent tip'. Another one reminds that nudes can only be from 18yos, even though sex is legal at 16. They sound disappointed. 3/6
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10 Nov
Don't know if you've seen the linked conversation here yet - it's fascinating. This is what happens when someone in a bubble starts thinking: it quickly becomes apparent that thinking about opposing views threatens the fabric of their constructed reality. 1/6
The only response they have is to splutter about extremism & the only answer to very staid statements about women's rights is to pretend this is all code for fascism. One of their own points out how unhinged this makes them look, & how the general public will reject it. 2/6
So, they just shout louder about Kathleen Stock's links with 'the fash' & turn on the guy who just thought he was being strategic for the cause. This is their only tactic, because it's a tenet of faith. 3/6
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7 Sep
Intrigued that the Guardian edited out the fascism accusation. If you strip Butler's argument of the obfuscation, the claim is that any questioning of Genderism is religiously motivated fascism with the aim of enforcing gender roles & cutting welfare costs. 1/4
If you remove the open accusation of opponents being popularist fascists in the Kinder, kuche, kirche model, the argument makes even less sense.
Of course, given that this ridiculous conclusion is built on a paranoid fantasy rather than fact and reason, this hardly matters. 2/4
The fact remains that Genderism is wedded to the performance of stereotypes, denial of material reality in service of ideology & ready to use any & all means to silence opponents, including violence, & whose big argument is to accuse opponents of fascism to distract from this.3/4
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