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14 Nov, 17 tweets, 5 min read
someone asked me today - what to do with #lauruslab?
I asked what to do as in?
If u invested by seeing something in stock and If those fundamental things haven't changed, this question seems absurd to me.
Then I got typical reply which I was anyway expecting-
"I think u haven't seen Price recently"
My response was - yes I have seen it and price has corrected well and will definitely hurt them who bought for short term + on a level which was not right as per charts.
so again I had to explain him this after so many obvious question
when u buy any stock by seeing Price movement - It means u are trying to chase Momentum and when you are trying to chase momentum - u must use BASIC Price action to get ur SL - as your view is short term and in short term price play can be ugly.
so for short term momentum chasing - U need to use TA coz that's a part of trading.

but when u bought for long term(5-8+ years view) by seeing some obvious fundamentals - u should be happy by seeing corrections (if its not coz of corporate governance issue).
to explain more
I used a chart of a stock which I have been tracking from last 9 years and have made short term investment/trading many times
please see this chart and I think u will agree - those who invested on encircled zone by seeing strong surge in price in 2 months must
be cursing stock after few months.
friend agreed and said - Mai bhi same react karta even if I entered at bottom as per this chart as price drop has wiped entire profit.
I said i agree but - those who will curse are either who invest on borrowed conviction or those who were
chasing momentum and got caught at wrong level.

I asked next -
how does this stock chart look bro
25x in 4 years.
ans was - bhai aise koi stock bata yar itne sawal mat pooch.
I said ok but usse pehle one more question -
how is this stock?
answer was obvious -- bekar and being smart guy he figured - when index moved 30-40% in one year this stock moved - 34% so its pathetic...
i said okay bro one last
how about this one - 28x in last 9 years
10 times dividend of 4-5%
he said- aur kya chahiye zindagi me....

I said -- chutiye sare ek hi stock ke chart hai
Then I said him few mistakes which most of tuchiye investor and weak nibba/nibbi do in market as well as in life
1) start comparing stock performance with Index in small time frame
start comparing their performance with others in small time frame
every stock or person has different journey
some do extraordinary well in long run and some do extraordinary well in small run - it doesnt mean u start comparing or judging them based on 1 or 2 years performance.
every lukkha these days think - warren buffet is noob as he is sitting on huge cash...
Oh really?
surviving in stock market for 6 decade after making so much wealth is beyond your imagination bro...

so dont compare someone or something in small time frame.
2) short term failure doesn't decide future of anyone be it stocks or your life.

If u understand well your stock or yourself - accept it - Its part of your long term journey and enjoy it and use this opportunity to grab more (in terms of stock)
learn more out of ur mistakes-life
Now coming back to #lauruslab --- if u think something has potential of going 50-100x(5000-10000%) - how does 30-40% correction going to matter.
yes it will matter if u r seeing thing for very small time frame.
It moved 1100% in one year without retracing its move
every tom dick and harry was going gaga over it--- so this fall was obvious to remove them as visionary people want to take more from them(stock)
there are many ways to enter a falling stock which are in uptrend --
one is to let it come to a good retracement level if u follow TA.
wait for a strong bullish candle to form
let price settle there and shake out many times as we saw in INDEX in march april may and then once again journey begins.

• • •

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5) Don’t over trade.

6) After successful and profitable campaign take a trading vacation- I should have taken vacation after April may and June profit😑😑😑

7) Take a periodic mental inventory to see how you are doing- samajh aaya? 😅
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