I’d like to share some observations about America and Covid after a dinner in Paris on my first International business trip since the Pandemic began. Tragically, Discussing Covid in America is primarily a political discussion. It is certainly not a
medical one. Overwhelmingly, that reality is the fault of three people. Trump, Murdoch and Zuckerberg. Trump is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans because of his insanity, narcissism, incompetence, malice and selfishness. Murdoch monetized
the insanity by stepping on the gas and building a community of anger fueled by conspiracy, rage, hate, racial animus, nativism, jingoism, misinformation, venal stupidity and contempt for American ideals of equality, fairness, justice and democracy. Zuckerberg built a mass
surveillance company that imprisons victims (Americans) in an information archipelago guarded by malevolent algorithms that turn Trump’s insanity and Murdoch’s nihilism into a dogma that is tearing the country apart when it should be coming together in the common cause of
defeating a terrible and shared common enemy, a disease that can take any of us or the people we love at any time. The Covid discussion in France feels profoundly different than the American one. Yes, there is resistance, anger and disapproval around Government actions and there
are plenty of loud anti vaxxers in France, but they seem to be contained on the fringe in a place that would have been recognizable to most Americans not so long ago. What seems most jarringly different is the frame of the conversations forged by the absence of two of the
people above, Trump and Murdoch. France has its Trump’s but what it doesn’t have is a Murdoch. In fact, there are only three societies that do, American, UK and Australian. He has been a pancreatic cancer on democracy, pluralism and decency in all three. In France because there
is no Murdoch, the conversation around Covid seems warped to this American, who is primed to experience it from a perspective wrought by Murdoch’s ceaseless cynicism and nihilism. Tonight there was no talk about any of the insanity we are drowning in in the States. The
conversation was about loss and death with one person sharing a story about his best friend who lost both parents within 30 days. All of humanity is sharing this moment of sadness, death and loss together. Covid has come for us all and taken many. In France, absent
a Murdoch and his empire of lies and division, that seems a little clearer and that is very refreshing to this American in Paris. @Feleaks

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16 Nov
👇 This observation seems very true to me. Two additional thoughts. 1. Elections are often covered through a prism that asserts causation of the last major event in a campaign to its result. More often, it is the first things that happen that determine the outcome and this is a
case in point. 2. I deeply believe Trump’s presidency was a national emergency. Do Democratic leaders? If he is the threat that everyone has said, how is it possible that nothing has been done to protect voting rights, harden democracy against rogue acting deputy Secs or
reform and harden ethics laws. If no action is taken, doesn’t that turn Trump from a threat to a prop? People don’t usually respond to props. The incantation of his name, even thee times in a row, won’t work without actions that acknowledge what he did, what he’s doing and
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15 Nov
The Twitter Bio for @JenniferJJacobs reads, “reporting what I know, not what I think” First, there are no “Some critics.” Zero. It’s made up. Second, @vp is speaking idiomatic English and her pronunciation is a typical use. Third, this trip was largely about French domestic
politics. It was payback for the Submarine fiasco, which came at an unfortunate time, given Macron is running against two right wing nationalists, Le Pen and Zemmour. Both are neo fascists that fit comfortably within the global autocratic movement that includes Trump,
Bolsonaro, Orban, ect… that is hostile to democracy, pluralism, NATO, EU and other multilateral institutions. @VP had a great trip in France. The American press traveling with her informed the American people it was “gaffe free” as if they were judging a dance competition.
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13 Nov
The dishonesty is appalling. You are a right wing smear merchant. 1. there are many men Weaver is alleged to have harassed. Most all of the harassment activity predated the Lincoln Project, as in before it existed. No person EVER filed a complaint against Weaver with
@ProjectLincoln. Your attack is guilt by association crap. I accused you of inciting violence. You are. Against me and my kids. You are supposed to be a journalist. You have called me a Pedophile enabler absent any facts, evidence. Ect…. Apparently, you feel license to slander
me like this because the NYT reported Weaver had email exchanges with a 14 year old boy when he worked for Kasich in 2015, 4 years before the @ProjectLincoln existed. You know full well that “Pedophile Conspiracy” attacks are core to Q ANON dogma. You know about the violence
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13 Nov
No @Cam_Cawthorne that isn’t what I’m saying. BTW, I was riding up Roger Ailes secret elevator, you know the one near his private entrance, the one he used to bring the women up, a long time ago for insane secret meetings. Are you incriminated by Ailes? O Reilly? There was an
investigation conducted by Hastings. It found no evidence of any actionable sexual harassment complaint being made against Weaver. When there was an investigation at Fox what was the finding? Weavers conduct was deplorable but NO person ever made a complaint. I only dispute one
point of fact and one characterization from the NY MAG story on this matter, including my quotes all of which are accurate. I’ll just lay it out for you and @JayCaruso an unfriendly Murdoch/Anschutz jury. The NY Mag story states the following
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12 Nov
You are extremely dishonest. More than 80 percent of monies raised by the Lincoln Project went to spending on voter contact. You should read the @costareports and @realBobWoodward book to understand the degree to which @ProjectLincoln destabilized Trump which is why you are angry
During my political career I have always attempted to run organizations with under 20 percent of gross receipts. It is not easy to do. The Trump campaign is a nine figure grift and it ran out of money. I’m curious why you haven’t ever written about that. Lol.
The @ProjectLincoln issued a report detailing its spending that is available online. Please compare the disclosures made beyond any legal requirements and compare them to any other SuperPac. There is nothing to hide and the donor money was well spent in campaign 20
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12 Nov
.@JayCaruso I asked you a question hours ago. What are the names of the men who made complaints to @ProjectLincoln? Why can’t you name them.? Why can’t you name the people who were ignored? You know why? Because it’s a smear and it’s all BS. I can name the people who made
Complaints against Trump. Why can’t you do it against @ProjectLincoln? I can name the women that made complaints about Andrew Cuomo. Why can’t you do this simple thing? Are you a journalist? For months you have made ad hominem attacks alleging a coverup. What are your facts?
Names, dates, places, people? What does your General Counsel think about that? What about your superiors? How about your colleagues?
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